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DESCRIPTION brings you the latest Automotive Press Releases about Automotive News, Automotive Industry, OEM News, Car Dealer News and empowers you with unlimited Press Release posting privileges. Contact us today!


<ul><li> 1. Dealer NewswireAn Inexpensive and Successful ToolIn such a competitive industry, every detail counts. brings you this easy-to-use site that compiles and presents your articles along with an informative section about your dealer-ship or store. Post your articles on and set up your account to automaticallyshow these on your Facebook Fan Page.Our dedicated team of experts will also include your articles, along with mentions on Twitter account. Our main focus as a service is providing your articles with consistent andrelevant exposure to those searching for a particular vehicle, service center, extended warranty, etc.It has been a long and dedicated task to fill-in the gaps when thinking about Google relevance anduser friendly exposure. experts have taken it back to the roots and used onlywhat really works and avoided using the ever-changing marketing gimmicks that would just deviateus from our main goal... YOU. Powerful and Affordable Press Releases Keeping it simple and affordable, Press Release a day (including call-to-action Join Today!!! there is no disadvantages when using images and three to four links back to your main sites inner pages or even ads), these will cost only $3.30 a piece in the Month to Sign Up On a weekly basis, car dealerships are add- Month Agreement. Or $1.95 for each post ing valuable new information to their main when signed up for the One-Time Yearly site to inform their audience about their Fee! current updates. As powerful and hassle-free asDNW Membership Benefits helps car deal- is, we believe that it Unlimited PR posting on a highly ranked site. erships expose only those most recent should be an efficient tool to benefit from updates (which include inbound links to your and not a complicated site that takes up Links Back to your main URL and/or internal pages such as new cars, specials, season incentives, etc. stores inner pages) to thousands of auto- your time and effort. Month to Month Contracts No long term agreements - Only $99 a Month or a One-Time Yearly Fee of $695 for unlimited PR posting a 42% savings! motive enthusiasts searching for the right FREE Board - Pin your articles and news. is directed only for vehicle or deal. Get fast indexing results and the automotive enthusiast. immediate exposure to 1000s If Car dealerships post a 400 to 700 words of viewers in minutes! </li> <li> 2. SALES &amp; SUPPORT: (732) 654-9032 Register Today! </li> <li> 3. Fast ConnectivityAs an active member, have your articles automatically posted on your Facebook Fan Page di-rectly from every time one is completed. This is an easy step that can becarried out directly from your settings options.Youll find an easy-to-use dashboard where you can upload your article, image, tags, links and anadded feature for expiration capability that is available for every article. Our goal is to make post-ing your news updates the easiest of tasks on Articles on DNW as long as You Want Do you have a 15 day event that needs exposure and instant visibility for just that time period? DealerNews- makes it easier since you wont have to worry about going back and deleting it once the event is over! Well do it for you automatically! For those tent sales, Black Friday events, Christmas and more, you can go ahead and set these articles up to go live on a given date and last as long as you need.An Intelligent Footer on your Articles Once you have joined, you will provide a brief and detailed description about your car dealership, which will be shared with others in a form of an intelligent footer that will be included on every article you post. The intelligent footer adds a sense of exclusivity and a more personal approach, since each post bares a brief description of your car dealership, the author, time it was posted, visits and more call-to-action information. </li> <li> 4. ...Is That Easy!Unlimited PRs Fast Google IndexingNo Contracts Google FriendlyInstant Visibility Google Relevance onth / m US 99 LL 032 $ A -9 C )654 (732 </li> </ul>