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Automated mobile testing with Cucumber and Calabash


  • 1. Cucumber & Calabash Onur Takn Elif zdemir

2. Layers of TestingPessimistic case 3. TestroidPessimistic case 4. TestroidPessimistic case 5. Calabash Enables you to write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps. Cross-platform, supporting Android and iOS native apps. Open source and free. Libraries that enable test-code to interact with native + hybrid apps. Pessimistic case A number of end-user actions, like: Gestures Touches or gestures (e.g., tap, swipe and rotate). Assertions e.g.: there should be a "Login" button or the web view should contain an "" element with the text "Hello. Screenshots screendump the current view on the current device model 6. Cucumber Express the behavior of our app using natural language understood by business experts: Feature: Rating a stand Scenario: Find and rate a stand from the list Given I am on the foodstand list Then I should see a "rating" button Pessimistic case And I should not see "Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup" When I touch the "rating" button Then I should see "Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup" When I touch "Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup" Then I should see details for "Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup" When I touch the "rate_it" button Then I should see the rating panel When I touch "star5" And I touch "rate" Then "Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup" should be rated 5 stars 7. CucumberPessimistic case 8. User Story to Cucumber Test As a valid user I want to log into my app So that I can start using my app Acceptance Criteria: Pessimistic case GIVEN Im on the login page WHEN I enter a valid uname + password combination AND I press login button THEN I should navigate to home page 9. Cucumber For Android Cucumber Steps Scenario: As a valid user I can log into my app Then I enter text "" into field with id "loginEmailET" Then I enter text "123qwe" into field with id "loginPassET" Given I press the "Giri Yap" button Then I wait to see Home Page" Pessimistic case