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  • Australian Capital Territory Ultimate Association trading as Canberra Ultimate

    Annual General Meeting Wednesday 4 December 2013


    Attendance: Anthony Perry, Liz de Hoog, Simon Ratcliffe, Paul Keighley, Sam Smith, Heather Bozza, Jason de Rooy, Craig Johnson, Tim Gillett, Sarah McAlpin, Jamie Bozza, Matt Walkington, Hayley Burke, James OReilly, Tom Walcott, Jesse Wallace, Ariel Ivanovici, Christopher McFarlane, Luke Horne, Roland Kashula, Michaela Field, Rob Black, Craig Treglown, James Feltrin, Brendan Palazzi, Ellie Seckold, Karl Adamson, Jeremy Chou.

    1. Open and Welcome

    Heather Bozza opened the meeting at 8.45pm and invited Jason de Rooy to act as Chair. Jason performed the welcome to country and welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting.

    2. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

    Jason summarised the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, and moved That the Minutes of the May 2013 Annual General Meeting be approved. Seconded by Jamie Bozza and approved.

    3. Presentation of 2013 Annual Report and Financial Statement

    Jason indicated a more ambitious annual report/yearbook was being drafted and would be circulated to the membership in the next two weeks. Heather and Anthony Perry summarised Canberra Ultimates activities since the previous Annual General Meeting.

    Jason moved That the Presidents Report for 2013 and Treasurers Financial Statement for 2012-13 be approved. Seconded by Sam Smith and approved.

    4. Appointment of Electoral Officer

    Jason moved That Paul Keighley be appointed Electoral Officer for this Annual General Meeting. Seconded by Thomas Walcott and approved.

    5. Election of Board

    Paul thanked the members of the Board for their work since the last Annual General Meeting, and declared all positions vacant.

    Paul invited nominations for President. No nominations were received.

    Paul invited nominations for Treasurer. Anthony Perry was nominated by Heather Bozza and seconded by Jason de Rooy. Anthony was elected unopposed.

    Paul invited nominations for Secretary. Jason de Rooy was nominated by Heather Bozza and seconded by Thomas Walcott. Jason was elected unopposed.

    Paul invited nominations for up to four Committee Members. Heather Bozza was nominated by Jamie Bozza and seconded by Jason de Rooy. Liz de Hoog was nominated by Jason de Rooy and seconded by Anthony Perry. Thomas Walcott was nominated by Hayley Burke and seconded by

  • Jamie Bozza. Jesse Wallace was nominated by James Feltrin and seconded by Jason de Rooy. All four were elected unopposed.

    6. General Business

    The meeting endorsed Leon Smith continuing as Public Officer for the Association.

    Jason invited the membership to raise any items of general business.

    Karl Adamson noted an opportunity for Canberra Ultimate to purchase a second hand golf cart. Jason suggested and Karl agreed that the new Board discuss after the meeting.

    Jason invited the membership to say thanks to the staff of the Woden Tradies on their way out, as theyd been such good hosts.

    7. Close

    Jason and the new Board thanked everyone for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 9.11pm