August: The Month in Music History

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Travel back in time with us for a music history lesson ranging from John Lennon's controversial Beatles quote to an unlikely Bach discovery. A lot can happen to a musician in a month, but we're breaking down the greatest hits for you.



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O8.08.I923AT THE RIPE AGE OF I4. BENNY GOODMAN TAKES A JOB AS A CLARINET PLAYER ON A CHICAGO-BASED EXCURSION BOAT ON LAKE MICHIGAN. 10. gL. | f ,_.26' J. I. .Am. ,~ I AT TONIGHT'S ROLLING STONES SHOW IN MANCHESTER.AN UNRULY CROWD PROVES DIFFICULT TO CONTROL.THEYACCIDENTALLY BREAK THE RIBS OF ONE POLCEMAN AND / ' ' " iCAUSE ANOTHER TWO OFFCERS TO FAINT IN THE CRUSH. J _ 11. want to play more Stevie Wonder? download Chromatikfor free sheet music of Superstition,Isn't She Lovely,and other Steviehits. 12. JOHH LEFIIIOH APOLOGIZES FOR REIHARHS THAT TEEH IIIAGAZIHE. DATEBOOK PUBLISHED II!WHICH LEHHOH STATES THATA CHRISTIANITY IS III DECL| I*IE, AIID TBEATLES IA'EREIEORE I POPULAR THAII JESUS.AFTER ASTRIHG OF AIITI-BEATLES DEHOHSTRATIOHS.THE REMARKWILL EHD THE BEATLIESeTOIURII1 1 . v 1 5.-. 14. O8.I3.l938ROBERT JOHNSON PLAYS HIS LAST GIG AT A DANCE AT THE THREE FORKS MERCANTILE STORE THAT STOOD AT THE INTERSECTION OF HIGHWAYS 82 AND 49E.A JEALOUS HUSBAND POISONS JOHNSON AND HE BECOMES SERIOUSLY ILL.JOHNSON REFUSES TREATMENT AND DIES OF PNEUMONIA THREE DAYS LATER. 15. O8.I4.I97OSTEPHEN STILLS IS ARRESTED FOR POSSESSING COCAINE AND BARBITURATES AFTER HE'S FOUND CRAWLING ALONG A MOTEL HALLWAY IN LA JOLLA.CALIFORNIA. 16. REFER GABRIEL AIIIIOLIIICES HIS RERARELIRE EROIIIOEEIESIS.AEEER THE GROUP ALIDIEIOIIS MORE EHAII AOO ROEEIIEIAL IIIUSICIAIIS "IO BE ELIE IIEIAI SIIIGER.E IS RECIDEO EIIAE PHIL COLLINS WILL BE 'I'I-IE IIELII SIIEGER. 17. / g . -:3-5 Mom!HOLLY ARD TI-IE - i CRICKETS PERFORRI ATI THE APOLLO THEATER III ARE BOOED. 18. 08.17.1995MICROSOFT BUYS 111: RIGHTS A 10 111: ROLLING s1o111s 1931 F 1111 SINGLE START ME up 10 5 us:As THE THEME 1012PROMOTING 1111112 wmnows95 SOFTWARE.isSlmlml In 19. . I1 .vw . _. 7.n /2ya 19:. .. I 1___-___ 20. A 03.19.1969. C-.I.1}!CREWS BULLDOZE THE TRASH LEFT OVER FROM WOODSTOCK AND BULLDOZE ACRES OF TRASH INTO A PIT AND BURN IT.THE TOTAL COST OF CLEANING UP THE SITE COST $IO0.000. 21. A DOCTOR FILES A $35 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE SOUTHWEST PHONE COMPANY.CLAIMING THAT HIS WIFE DIED BECAUSE SHE COULD NOT REACH 9II SINCE THE PHONE LINES WERE JAMMED BY DEMAND OF GARTH BROOKS CONCERT TICKETS. 22. play as much as possible. with Chromatik,you can: - access a full catalog of free sheet music - mark time with our metronome- annotate your music- record your ovvn video- save 1u| i recordingsso you can start playingvvithout vvorrying aboutyour tools or your tunes. 23. O8.2I. I968JERRY LEE LEWIS PLAYS IAGO IN A ROCK-OPERA VERSION OF OTHELLO TITLED CATCH MY SOUL. THE PLAY DEBUTS IN LONDON AND PERFORMS EXACTLY HOW YOUD EXPECT AN OTHELLO ROCK-OPERA TO PERFORM.HORRIBLY. 24. O8.22.I998 25. 08.23.2007 OUEENS BRIAN MAY g RECEIVES A PHD IN 26. 08.25.I970ELTON JOHN STARTS A I7- NIGHT RESIDENCY AT THETROUBADOUR IN WEST HOLLYWOOD.THIS WILLLAUNCH THE SINGER INTOPOP STARDOM AFTER HE IS INTRODUCED TO LABEL MATENEIL DIAMOND.OTHER ATTENDEES AT HIS FIRST UNITED STATES SHOW:QUINCY JONES.LEON RUSSELL.AND DON HENLEY. 27. LL-.III V. f.. !->1 ,5 V A/ ; 3. TIL VI an..;;-i*-;1 .1if .,1 . _ .4,-1 1. J 7 I A &. 'r}'.vv -1 1 ~ Crs u .g, Vr, 1- 4 A %.3: ? [Inll I I 1 ,$513 -. ., ,liiiiilfliI I :1! '. MI I I I I T. I,5_LlIijL1LiLiI. IJI, lIII: ;; lIiLIE, 28. I O71!a Ii Q.5 i L. g A V H "_ , ,_, ",@514 . _,_ . . ,3*= .3~; ;iyzr. 4': ;:, !/ :g*= 'L1 ,I l'IIfI'1I1"1IIIA'Il I 9 miiI I-'A "'lI~= ~.I', ;/3;, :41}.. . /2// /:/ ;/r ; //. J./ I./1-1.H1 II/ X)-ij/ E/4;I34(irf; (./ I ll ' .1. 29. . I- E .. ._p BOBAND JOAN BAEZ I116:I.9GE1HILn A1 111,1; 12c11b11 WAA : Il_. E;. ,_. f'wERE 113 1111ocALLv su1>1=o1111v1o1=111 ~ RIGHTS MOVEMENT.. I.1, 30. AFTER PRESIDEIITIAL CAIIDIDATE BOB DOLE TURIIS SOUL IIIAII IIITO A II1IAD0LEI1IAiI FORHISCAIIPAIGII SOIIG.ISAACI ' HAYES 511103 A 912011191 2 1111112 1210111511110 0011 I 10 5109 us111G 1115 90110. 31. all-.1 1-.L ,1 TL., 1 N -5 L :1IV C T.F I 1I. l | !3.. F., V_/1% 32. A. A SECURITY GUARD IS STABBED TCONCERT IN FOREST HILLS.NEW YORK. . ' . rI .. .)= _ . 33. life is more music. At Chromatik,we believe in playing music as often as possible. Learning music is hard.Getting digital access to your tunes shouldn't be.With reference tracl