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  • 1. Greece wins! Now what? Working together in the Persian Wars reminded the Greek city-states how much they have in common! They started to refer to themselves more collectively as Greeks , than they had done in the past. New found confidence led to the development of stunning cultural achievements. None more so than in Athens.

2. The Athenians were determined to rebuild their city and make it the most spectacular in the ancient world! the achievements of the Athenians - in theater, philosophy, sculpture, architecture, and government - were so numerous that many have referred to the period as the "Golden Age" of Athens! 3. Layout of Athens 4. Overview of Athens! Settled 2000BCE Named after Athena, goddess of wisdom Became democratic c. 510 BCE Became the center of Greek culture and economy 5. Athens Golden Age 460 BCE-429 BCE AKA: Age of Pericles 6. Acropolis High hill above city Provided protection Built religious temples to Athena Rebuilt after the Persian Wars 7. Parthenon White marble temple built in honor of Athena Finest of the Greek architecture famous statue of Athena inside Columns: 3 types (orders) Doric, Ionian, Corinthian 8. Greek Columnsmake a sketch each type of column in your notesDoricIonicCorinthian 9. Agora Marketplace Built around the acropolis Rebuilt after Persian War Center of Athenian social life Temples, government buildings, marketplace, recreation, and socialization 10. Pericles Military and political leader Rebuilds Athens after the Persian Wars Made Athens more democratic: Paid for being on the Council of 500 Allowed poor people to participate in government Sometime the Golden Age of Athens is known as the Age of Pericles 11. Historians Herodotus 1st Historian of the Western world Traveled- wrote about people and their countries Wrote about the Persian Wars Identified if he heard about it OR if he saw it first hand Father of History Thucydides Wrote History of the Peloponnesian War Worked to make history accurate and fair 12. Art Glorified human beings Pride in city-state Combines beauty and usefulness Show mythological and everyday events Paintings Most are lost or damaged Best on pottery (Red and Black figure painting) 13. Sculptures Myron Created the Discus Thrower Phidias Statue of Athena Zeus at the temple of Olympia Acropolis and the Parthenon 14. Theater Drama= plays containing actions or dialogue, involving conflict or emotion Tragedies= main character struggles against fate or events, main character suffers Comedies= makes fun of ideas and people Men played all parts and wore masks 15. Theater- famous playwrights Sophocles Defended traditional Greek values Perfect examples of tragedy Oedipus Rex- kills dad, marries mom, stabs own eyes ownEuripides Realist, questions old beliefs and ideas Medea- tragedy of revenge, Medea seeks revenge on cheating husband 16. Theater- famous playwrights Aeschylus Writes over 80 plays! Father of Greek Tragedy Plays have a strong moral and religious emphasis Aristophanes Finest writer of the Greek Comedy Makes fun of ideas and people Clouds: makes fun of Socrates 17. Philosophers Philosophy- study of basic human questions and existence Socrates Education was the key to personal growth Question everything! Trained students to think for themselves (Socratic method) Accused of corrupting young minds and is sentenced to death Drinks Hemlock to die 18. Philosophy Plato (Student of Socrates) Wealthy aristocrat The Republic which descrives his idea of the perfect society and government- people should be ruled by a small group of intelligent people 19. Philosophy Aristotle Student of Plato, teacher to Alexander the Great Studied a variety of subjects Collected facts, organized and categorized plants and animals Believed every type of government could be good Value of the leader 20. Other Greek Superstars Pythagoras: Philosopher Explained everything with Math! Pythagorean Theorem Euclid: Father of Geometry Write Elements: basis for many of todays geometry textbooks 21. Hippocrates Father of Medical Science Observation, experiment, experience Hippocratic Oath: code of ethic for doctors Archimedes: Calculates Pi Used math a physics for practical uses