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Help your workforce elevate their well-being ASURIS MOTIVATE WELL-BEING PACKAGES TM

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  • Help your workforce elevate their well-being

    A S U R I S M O T I VAT E W E L L - B E I N G PA C K A G E S


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    Healthy employees tend to be more engaged and productive, and perform at a higher level. That’s why Asuris MotivateTM offers a variety of packages to meet your company’s unique health and well-being goals—at work and beyond. Whether you’d like to motivate employees to be proactive about their health with preventive care, reward them for health-focused activities or fully customize a targeted experience for your workforce, we have a solution for you.



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    A S U R I S M O T I VAT E W E L L - B E I N G PA C K A G E S

    Health assessment: It only takes 10 minutes to complete and the results will customize your employees’ well-being journey.

    Mobile app: With our mobile app, employees have a convenient way to engage in their well-being—anytime, anywhere.

    Device sync: Works with over 100 popular fitness devices and apps— so employees can easily track their progress on healthy activities.

    Personal well-being report: Employees get a unique snapshot of their health and recommendations on how to increase their life expectancy through lifestyle changes.

    Asuris Motivate CoreAsuris Motivate guides employees step by step through their health and well-being goals. This new, more personalized experience is easily accessed via single sign-on at’s a look at the highlights of our core offering:

    Self-guided programs: Employees can work on stress reduction, weight goals, building resiliency and much more—on their terms and at their own pace.

    Personal challenges: Choose from over 40 challenges on topics like preventive health, walking, clean nutrition and more.

    Helpful resources: Boost health knowledge with a library of educational materials and a personalized care checklist that employees can share with their doctor.

    Rewards: Employees can earn a $25 gift card for completing a health assessment plus two additional activities.


  • Enhanced packages

    Move the dial on employee engagement with strategic consulting and reporting. When you choose an Asuris Motivate enhanced package, you’ll have a client success manager in your corner—helping you design, implement and evolve a well-being program based on your unique goals.

    Evaluating metrics around employee activity, demographics, health assessment results and risk mitigation, they then report back to you with actionable recommendations for improvement. Even better, they help you get the backing and support from your company leadership that’s critical for the long-term success of your program.

    Reach your goals with the support of a client success manager

    K E Y F E AT U R E S

    Client success manager for strategic consultingAsuris-funded $25 incentive for completing health-related activities Employer-funded $100 additional incentive administered by Asuris Motivate Offline activity trackingProgram engagement reportingLifestyle coaching packageBiometric screening coordination

    PlusH I G H L I G H T S

    Choose the package that’s right for you

    O V E RV I E W

    When it comes to engaging employees in their personal well-being journey, research has made one thing clear: incentives work. And healthy, active employees are more likely to have a positive impact on business outcomes. Do you want a program focused on year-long preset incentives? Asuris Motivate Plus is a fully integrated and preset turnkey solution that drives meaningful engagement all year long by rewarding employees for completing activities like taking a health assessment, meeting personal challenges, hitting step goals on a fitness device or participating in a self-guided digital program.

    Client success manager

    Extra incentives


  • O V E RV I E W

    Has your organization begun building a culture of health and well-being? Have you established clear goals for measuring outcomes? Would you like a fully customized well-being program for your employee population? Have you created a customized name or brand for your well-being program? Do you want to cross-promote other well-being or benefit programs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Asuris Motivate Custom may be right for you. This package gives you a total population health solution that integrates into your existing programs and services.

    K E Y F E AT U R E S

    Client success manager for strategic consultingAsuris-funded $25 incentive for completing health-related activitiesCustomized well-being experience based on company goals and strategyAbility to custom-brand the platform and programCustom coaching package Tailored engagement incentivesOffline activity tracking and reportingProgram engagement reportingTarget specific employee populations with tailored programs and contentCross-promote other well-being and benefit programs with custom Explore TilesBiometric screening coordination

    CustomH I G H L I G H T S

    Enhanced customization

    O V E RV I E W

    Encouraging employees to take advantage of preventive health benefits is top of mind for many employers. That’s why we created Asuris Motivate Prevent, another turnkey package focused on activities that motivate employees to be proactive about their health and well-being.

    PreventH I G H L I G H T SK E Y F E AT U R E S

    Client success manager for strategic consultingAsuris-funded $25 gift card for completing a health assessment Badges for completing preventive wellness exam or a biometric screening Expanded reporting to support targeted engagement strategies (premium discount, payroll credit, etc.) Enhanced self-guided programsOffline activity tracking Lifestyle coaching packageBiometric screening coordination

    Preventive care incentives

    Client success manager

    Client success manager

    K E Y F E AT U R E S

    Client success manager for strategic consultingAsuris-funded $25 incentive for completing health-related activitiesIncentive amount and incentive activities tailored by employer Custom coaching package Offline activity tracking Program engagement reportingBiometric screening coordination

    IncentO V E RV I E W

    Want to create a customized incentive strategy with custom activities and incentive amounts? Consider Asuris Motivate Incent. This package gives you the flexibility to work with your client success manager to design a custom incentive program that rewards employees for their participation in healthy activities.

    H I G H L I G H T S

    Flexible incentive amount and activities

    Client success manager


  • Get your employees on the path to well with Asuris Motivate.

    To find the best package for your company’s well-being needs, contact your Asuris account

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