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Artists Paint Self-Portraits. First Grade Art Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Artists Paint Self-Portraits

First GradeArt Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School

Page 2: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Max Beckmann[1884 - 1950]was born in Germany. He moved to America in 1947. He taught at Washington University, St. Louis, then moved to New York.

He painted himself in many different costumes, in different moods & at different angles.

Max Beckmann

Do you think that he stares out at us very intently?

Does his arm remind you of a letter?

He was 60 years old when he painted this self-portrait.

What colors do you see?

Page 3: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Albrecht Durer[1471 - 1528]Do you remember last year’s painting of a rabbit? This is a self-portrait of the artist who painted that bunny. He painted this portrait of himself more than 500 years ago when he was 27 years old, just after Columbus came to America.

Albrecht Durer

Do you see his initial?

Can you describe what he is wearing on his head?

Do you think that he was a prince or a wealthy person?

Can you describe his hair?

This painting is a three-quarter view, which means we see both eyes & where one ear would be if it wasn’t covered with hair.

Do you think he seems pleased & proud?

Page 4: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Vincent van Gogh[1853 - 1890]Do you remember his paintings from Kindergarten’s art docent classes?

He was 36 years old when he painted this portrait of himself. He painted about 100 portraits over 3 years.

Vincent van Gogh

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What colors are his beard & clothing?

Does he look happy here?

If you could actually touch the original painting, you would feel the thick swirls of the oil paint.

Page 5: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Rembrandt van Rijn[1606 - 1669]This famous Dutch artist painted himself 90 times during his life.

Rembrandt van Rijn

This one was painted when he was 53 years old. By painting his portraits over & over again, he hoped to understand himself & others better because he tried to show his personality & character.

Does he look a little sad & worried?

What do you see in this painting right away?

Page 6: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Frida Kahlo[1910 - 1954]She painted her own picture many times. She was born in Mexico City. She often combined elements from Mexican folk art & traditional Christian symbolism to make her own very personal style.

Frida Kahlo

What do you see right away on her face?

How would you describe the expression on her face?

She was in pain much of her life due to an accident.

What else do you see here?

Page 7: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

Henri Rousseau[1844- 1910]has been called a naïve or primitive painter because he had no formal training but taught himself how to paint.

Henri Rousseau

He painted a full figure of himself rather than just from the waist up. He also painted the names of his first & second wives, Josephine & Clementine. Can you find them?

Does he almost seem to be floating off the ground?

Can you find the Eiffel Tower? What city was he standing in front of?

Do you see the bridge behind him?

What else do you see?

What was he holding? Why did he paint himself holding those two things?

Page 8: Artists Paint Self-Portraits

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Portrait Live Demo by Zimou Tan

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