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A brief introduction to the various types of artistic mediums that are usually put into the "Crafts" category, including ceramics, metalwork, glass, and wood. Based on the "Gateways to Art" textbook (Thames & Hudson: 2012).


  • 1. T, R, 9:30AM-10:50AMArt AppreciationProfessor Paige Prater

2. Art vs. Craft After 1400, Renaissance: drawing, painting, sculpture =ART Utilitarian objects = CRAFT (Western culture) 3. Ceramics/Pottery Stoneware, earthenware, porcelain Wheel-throwing Wet clay dries Fired in a kiln 2,000-3,000F Glaze (slip) applied Fired in kiln; glaze fuses with clay Coil method Slab methodPeter Voulkos, Gallas Rock,1960. Stoneware, slip, &glaze, 84 x 37 x 26 UCLA. 4. Ceramics: Function & Form 5. Glass 3500BCE-Present Intense heat melts silica(sand) + lead Slow cooling is critical! Stained Glass Glassblowing (since 1stcentury CE) 2100F in the furnaceRose window, Chartres Cathedral, 13thcentury (43 diameter!) 6. Glass: Dale Chihuly 100 artists and craftsmen work with him! 7. Metalwork Bronze Age (5,000+ years ago) Iron Age (3,000+ years ago)She-Wolf, 500BCE (Etruscan);15-16th century, twins added ;33 8. Metalwork: Jewelry Royal earrings, India, 1stcentury BCE 9. Fiber Fiber and threads:animal, vegetable,syntheticRosemary DesPlas, Keep Your FingersCrossed, 2006. Hand-sewn human hair. 10. Fiber: Thread like pencil:Dutch artist TillekeSchwartz, Count YourBlessings, 2003 mixture ofcontemporaryinfluences, graffiti,icons, texts, andtraditional images fromsamplers. 11. Fiber: Cayce Zavaglia Yarn Portraits:, Hand Embroidery: One-Ply Cotton and Silk Thread on Raw BelgianLinen, 10.5 x 26 inches 12. Wood Deterioratesover time Cutting,carving,sanding,polishing Intarsia:woodmosaicDetail of studiolo from Ducal Palace in Gubbio, Italy.Giuliano da Maiano, after a design by Francesco diGiorgio Martini, c. 1480. Walnut, beech, rosewood, oak,and fruit woods. 13. Wood Native American(Heiltsuk)Captain RichardCarpenter(Du klwayella),Bent-cornerchest, c. 1860.Yellow cedar, red cedar,and paint, 21 x 35 x20 Plank smoothed,bent, joined,carved, andpainted. KERFS