ArcticNet: What can we learn from a successful NCE

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Post on 25-Jul-2016




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by Greg Henry, UBC Geography


PowerPoint PresentationExperiences in ArcticNet - NCEGreg HenryGeographyUBCBrief History2001-02 linked to CFI for research ice breakerInvitations to polar researchers across CanadaPre-proposal meetings and workshopsRationale and objectivesThemes + projects identified2003 LOI and proposal2004 funded - renewed 2011, end March Theme and project leaders responsible for writing proposals within each, then sent onto centre at Laval for collating and synthesis.Funding: 2Governance and administration key to successLeadership (Scientific Director Louis Fortier)Board of Directors governing bodyResearch Management CommitteeDecisions on projects and fundingAdministrative Centre - @ U LavalUnified rationale and objectives: impacts of CC, industrialization and modernizationInvolvement of local people knowledge generation and usersProducts: publications, Integrated Regional Impact Statement (IRIS) reports, data, HQP includes northern students Network successAnnual Science Meeting largest in CanadaInvolvement of northern communitiesStudent organizationLinks to international networksIntegration + working across disciplinesOutreach and education5IssuesReporting annual Data Polar Data Catalogue + metadataProjects + budgets relatively fixedIntegration + multidisciplinary = difficultBut good model to consider for new, geographically focused Mountain NCENumbers90 CVs with original proposal150 NIs, 1000 grad + postdocs, ~300 northern students34 universities20 government & territorial departments? Private sectors partners> 100% NCE funding leveraged