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[Student City]By [Saif & Kashif]

A title slide describing the name of the app, the team name and the names of team members and possibly a logo, if you have one already Who new studentsWhat an app to show relevant places to new studentsWhen - throughout the academic year, every yearWhere ManchesterWhy to give students help in getting to know the area and places of use or interest

What is the background situation you are addressing? Describe the context users are experiencing.

Example: Buzzer Buddiez: Who? Students What? Students are studying for exams When? 7am Where? Student dorm Why? Late night cramming, student likely to oversleep

2 Problem new students are unfamiliar with the areas surrounding their unis or colleges if they are from out of town

What specific problem do people encounter in that situation? Use the results from your user research

Examples: Buzzer Buddiez: your alarm does not work and you are thus late for: school, work, exams, doctor etc Transit: Many parents dont speak English and their children have to translate the feedback that a teacher provides. When the feedback is negative students mistranslate. Oyster on the Go: You dont remember how much money you have left on your pay-as-you-go Oyster card and run out of credit when you urgently need to get on a train Cattle Manager: You need to run backwards and forwards between the office and your cows, taking notes on paper and wasting time or loosing notes

3 Question what are the places of interest or importance that students may need local to their university or college?

What core question are you addressing with the app?

Examples: Buzzer Buddiez: how can you avoid oversleeping? Transit: how can negative teacher feedback be translated accurately? Oyster on the Go: how can you be more aware of how much credit you still have on your Oyster card? Cattle Manager: how can you keep track of injections for your cows while you are out and about looking after them?

4When your new to a town or city its hard to find your way about and get to know where to go to pass time or for certain events. Asking people isnt the same as finding your own way and sometimes there are communication barriers such as language.

Use your key insights statements from your findings during Scoping to provide evidence that your app is solving a genuine problem in a different way for users.

Examples: Buzzer Buddiez: you wake up to hit snooze/ switch off the alarm, but dont get up. Friends and family i.e. social pressure can help to push you to actually get out of bed. Transit: parent- teacher conferences are not open-ended conversations. You can map the key areas of negative feedback around attendance, behaviour, results etc. to bridge the conversation between parents and teachers. Oyster on the Go: Oyster travel data can already be accessed online, the key trick is to make it easily accessible on the go. Cattle Manager: You can keep a simple record of your actions on your phone

[Mini Elevator Pitch]

My team, Saif and Kashif, are developing a mobile app to help new students become familiar with the local area and recognise where places of interest are located

To introduce the judges to your team and the product, include your final min elevator pitch here.

Example: - Buzzer Buddiez: Our team, [Buzzer Buddiez], is developing [a mobile app] to help [students] [who have studied late and are likely to oversleep because they hit snooze on their alarm clock] [to wake up on time with the help from friends and family]

6 This app is used for students in Greater Manchester who are starting their new years at college or uni and are unfamiliar with the local area and where relevant places or places of interest may be.

Summarise what you have learnt about your users. Remember, these profiles must be based on the real users you interviewed during scoping. Currently there are websites which offer similar features but few apps and none have been specifically designed for students interests.

Summarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they dont fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.8 Our app will start off with a welcome page and then have a list of all local places which have been recommended by students and which we feel are important. There will also be a search bar if students know the name of their desired location. Once a destination is selected then a map will appear using gps satellites and will guide them to their chosen location in the same manner as a sat nav.

Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of flow and if/ how you have already integrated any user feedback.

9 Our app relies heavily on inputted data and technology as Student Life uses satellites to display map and navigate users around Manchester. Also popular local shops and businesses are listed and displayed.

Summarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well.10 [Business Case & Customer pledges]New students find it hard to familiarise themselves with a new area when they move to study. They may struggle because of the size of the new city and maybe struggle to communicate with other people. Student Life offers each student the chance to browse through local places to eat, have fun, or go to in case of any health or medical reasons. Or say they are unsure where to go they can read feedback from other students seeing which place is highly rated. Once a place is selected they are given a map and route to follow via satellite. We have talked to current and future students and they have said this app would be useful and would greatly benefit them. The app is free to download and that is a huge bonus for gaining downloads. Profit will be made by sponsorship from each company advertised providing they are will to participate and the number we have spoken to find this app will help them generate new customers.

Explain what business model you have chosen and why. How many customer pledges did you get? Did you have to change your plans to find customers that are willing to pay? [Marketing Strategy]Three ways we plan on advertising our app are to hand out leaflets or post them so that students are aware of our app before hand. We will place posters on buses or in shop windows so that attention is always drawn to our app. Finally we will place online ads on social networking sites so it can be viewed by a vast audience and can be shared.

Outline the three core marketing activities you planned and how you are going to reach your specific users in a targeted, simple, social, scarce and cheap way.