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  • 1. Presenter Name Event Name Create apps to change your world Apps for Good Iris Lapinski & Eleanor Murphy VISIR Seminar 25-26 March 2014

2. Why? To grow the next generation of problem-solvers and tech entrepreneurs Technology education 31,000 students since 2010 (50-50 boys & girls; exponential growth) Coding with a purpose not just for its own sake Founder: failed female engineer :) 3. Some history Inspired by CDI in Brazil (1995); 2010 start in UK Dell as founding corporate sponsor 2010-13 Pivot from community centers into schools into governments Listen to your most passionate early customers Build great tech platform fast (we miserably failed at the 1st attempt and this cost us a year of growth) Students pick their own problems -> pedagogy inspired by Paulo Freire 4. Big hairy ambitious goal Internationalising to several countries Reaching 2 million students per year Scale: finding passionate partners (regional governments, corporate partners, education non-profits) to give our content and platform reach