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  • Lost By

    Josh I, Transizio U, Jack L-H, Nathan T, and Deven G

  • Who: People that are having apps that dont work and when you have been shopping and get lost in the car park. What: We are addressing the problem of not knowing what time your bus is coming and train times or if you

    are lost in a car park. When: If you are going to school wanting to know when

    the bus/train comes. Where: at you local car park, bus stop, train station or a

    map of the world. Why: so we can help people know when their bus or train

    is coming.

  • This app is for people that face the problem of being late for work and the bus

    stop app on your phone does not work, or train station times dont work at the station lost in a shopping car park. The app is simple use so that you can easily navigate around, without

    losing any time reading some complicated

  • The Question

    Have you ever waited ten minutes for a bus,

    20 minutes or even thirty minutes. Have you ever missed the train by a mere two minutes or one minute. Or ever gone on a

    hike and not known where you are and been without Wi-Fi or mobile network?

  • We use maps of local areas to find the bus stop times that the person

    wants and give them the time, we do the same thing for train stations and

    the car locator.

  • My team is M8 Apps, is developing Lost to help Teenagers and adults know where the

    closest train station, when the bus comes, where your car is and a map of the area. Our app stands out because not many good apps

    have multiple apps in one. Also to make our app more unique we have a special function where you set how long it takes you to get to your

    station and the app will alarm you of when to leave. For example if it takes you 10 minutes to

    get to your station, the app will alert you to leave 15 minutes beforehand to make sure you

    get what you need.

  • Other apps on the market dont solve the problem that our app does, it takes up less space because it saves having to

    look at multiple apps, also it is cheap compared to some of the other app that

    do not perform the same quality of service to their paying customers

  • Our app is able to show the times when the bus stop you are looking for is going to come and does the same for the train station, we also have a car locator which helps you find

    your car if you have forgotten where it is in a car park, we also have a map just for getting

    around when trying to find a nice restaurant or trying to find a shopping centre. We also have a

    main page for clicking on what one you want.

  • Description: A great app for all those that enjoy travelling and sometimes find themselves in a sticky situation. Great for checking the time of your train or bus. Can locate your car if you can't find it in a large car park. Doesnt need Wi-Fi or mobile network. Works by satellite communication.

  • This is our homepage. We have onscreen buttons on the bottom to simplify the navigation of our app. From our homepage you have access to move to our bus stop page, train station page, car locator and a map.

  • This is our train station page. At the bottom of the page is your search results and it is in a table so that it is simple and easy on the eye. We have drop down menus to help you move from one page to another as quickly and smoothly as possible. Also in the middle of the screen we have a map showing where your nearest train station is.

  • This is our map and this is where you can locate a shop near your or just find out where you are if you are lost in the woods. Also if you are lost in the big city this can locate the nearest restaurant or the nearest public toilet.

  • This is our bus stop part/page of our app where you can find your bus stop and what times it is due also it shows a map so if you need to find somewhere you can use this but its recommended to use the map on our app.

  • Our app uses a data connection to check the bus

    times, train times and maybe to locate yourself on the map. It does have an offline mode which you can use if you use the map or the car locator. If you are

    in offline mode you will not use any data and the pages of our app that requires data will not work as

    well. If you disconnect from the network it will automatically add you on to offline mode.

  • We would be able to reduce the price off the app if some people are long term users of our app to boost the amount of long term users.

    We had a survey and most people were happy to pay the 69p and had some exclusive months free. Also the main reason they were happy to pay it was that most aspects of our app did not need Wi-Fi so you can use it anywhere.

  • The best time to launch this app would be the spring /summer time as this is the time that many people go on hikes and holidays meaning are likely to get lost and buy our app.

    I used to always miss the bus in the morning and my stop does not have the bus times there, so sometimes I have almost been late for school. This app would really help as it does not even need Wi-Fi, so I can use this app whenever and wherever. Harvey Overton

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