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Application & Media surveyYou dont have to complete this survey to apply, but if you dont please make sure you answer the general and application questions one way or another in your application to us about Who you are.Please mark/ highlight all the boxes that apply to you

GENERAL QUESTIONSAge Below 16 yrs 16-18 yrs 18-21 yrs 21-25 yrs Above 25 yrs

Are you in employment (full-time) in employment (part-time)

unemployed self-employed

in education (full-time) in education (part-time) Other: ________

When was the last time you attended a course? This year

Last year


Over 3 years ago

What area do you live in? Tulse Hill

Dulwich Brixton

Herne Hill

Streatham Other: ________ Norwood


Who are you?[Write as much as you like, or video it, send us a picture etc.]

Why do you want to be on the course?

[Write as much as you like, or video it, send us a picture etc.]

What is the biggest challenge your local community is facing?[Write as much as you like, or video it, send us a picture etc.]


What kind of mobile do you use? Samsung Nokia Motorola Blackberry

LG iPhone SonyEricsson Other: ________

Do you use the internet on your mobile phone? Never Very rarely Twice a month Every week

Every day Every hour Other: ________

I use the internet on my phone to check Email Facebook Download music IM

Shopping Directions Other: ________

How did you find out about Apps for Good?

Friends Flyer Youth centre Youth Worker

School/College Connexions Facebook Other: ________

What printed magazines and newspapers do you read? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________How often do you read them? Daily Weekly Every other week Monthly

What websites or online news sites do you read? How often?______________________________________________________________________________________________________Which blogs, chat rooms or forums do you read and comment on?______________________________________________________________________________________________________How often do you use the different networks?Several times a dayOnce a daySeveral times a weekOnce a weekEvery other week







If you wanted to spread the word about Apps For Good, how would you do it?______________________________________________________________________________________________________About YouName______________________ Email Address_______________________ Phone number ________________