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  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    ‘‘Anthem for DoomedAnthem for Doomed Youth’ Youth’

    This is one of Owen’s best known poems. Its plan issimple. With bitter irony, the first stanza translates

    the pandemonium of battle into funeral rites for the

    fallen. The second stanza continues the metaphor in

    the quiet of a stricken Enlish !illae.

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    "#nthem for$oomed %outh’

     An anthem is usually a hymnto praise or celebrate but in

    this bitterly ironic title,Owen is criticising the

    praising of War.

     You wouldn’t usually associate the youth withbeing doomed, but these men were being sent

    to their deaths. Owen uses the association of

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    ““ What passing-bells for What passing-bells for

    these who die as cattlethese who die as cattle??

     When a person died, their body would be ta"en to a church for

    the funeral. #hese rights werenot gi$en to the those who died inthe war. #hese men died for their

    country, yet what funeral right

     were they gi$en?

    “passingbells” arethe bells

    used toannounce a


     What image is Owen creating here? #he sa$ageryand brutality of war is re%ected on in this image of

    death. &sing the word 'cattle’ is a graphic way ofshowin how the men had no control o$er their

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    ““Only the monstrous angerOnly the monstrous anger

    of the guns.of the guns.

    Owen as"s a rhetorical )uestion

    before pro$iding the answer. *eallows the reader to re%ect on the

    reality of how young men die at warand what sounds after their death is

    not bells , but..

    +nstead of an honourable death, with afuneral and people mourning them,

    they will ust die on the battleeld. oone will come and no one will try and

    nd them.

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    ““Only the stuttering ri%es/Only the stuttering ri%es/

    rapid rattlerapid rattle0an patter out their hasty0an patter out their hasty


    #he imagery Owen uses hereappeals to our hearing and sight.Owen recreates the sounds of thebattleeld , showing the anger of

     war with constant “stuttering ofguns "illing innocent li$es. 

    #heir 'funeral prayers’need to be completed)uic"ly as there are so

    many to be said. #hisempathises the $ast

    Owen uses both

    alliteration andonomatopoeia to furtherempathise the ring of

    the guns. The

    alliteration mimics thesound of the gun re.

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    o moc"eries now for them1 noo moc"eries now for them1 no

    prayers nor bells1prayers nor bells1or any $oice of mourning sa$e theor any $oice of mourning sa$e the

    choirs, 2choirs, 2

    #here is no dignity or pleasantries in dying at war.o one mourns for our men who ha$e been sent to

    be slaughtered. #here are simply too many forthem to be accounted for indi$iduality and for themto all recei$e the burial they deser$e for ma"ing the

    ultimate sacrice.

    3espite Owen’s orthodo4 0hristian

    upbringing, how his faith actuallyde$eloped during the last years isfar from clear, and it is hard not to

    thin" that he was notremembering in this poem those

    members of the clergy, and they

    #he glorious

    dead will ha$enothing. o

     $oices mourning

    them. #here will

    howe$er be

    choirs. 5ut will

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    ““#he shrill, demented choirs of#he shrill, demented choirs of

     wailing shells1 wailing shells1 And bugles calling for them from And bugles calling for them from

    sad shires.sad shires. 

    #he only choirs that will be present at

    these men’s funerals will be the horricsounds of shells and warfare. Owen is

    emphasising the tragedy and pity of war.

    6a$ing mad- thishighlights the sensethat the shells and

    bombs arecompletely out of

    control. 7erhaps

    8any men came from the 9nglishcounties and countryside. 5ugles were sounded, calling them andencouraging them to go to war, to

    their deaths. #here is solemntone here hei htenin the sense

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    The juxtaposition of "choirs"The juxtaposition of "choirs"

    and "wailing shells" is aand "wailing shells" is a

    startling metaphor, od!sstartling metaphor, od!sworld and the e#il!s both asworld and the e#il!s both as

    one$ after which line % leadsone$ after which line % leads

    into the sestet with theinto the sestet with thecontrasted, muted sound ofcontrasted, muted sound of

    the &ast 'ost.the &ast 'ost. 

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    ““ What candles may be held to speed What candles may be held to speed

    them all?them all?

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    ““ot in the hands of boys but inot in the hands of boys but in

    their eyestheir eyes:hall shine the holy glimmers of:hall shine the holy glimmers of



    doesOwenuse theword


    The last sights these men would e#ersee would be the horrors and pity ofwar. The image here is of the tearful

    eyes of the soldiers, glittering li*ecandles as they go towards their

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    #he pallor of girls/ brows shall be their#he pallor of girls/ brows shall be their

    pall1pall1#heir %owers the tenderness of patient#heir %owers the tenderness of patient


    +lowers suggestbeauty and


    paleness o-in cloth

    They patientlywait for their

    men to return.

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


     And each slow dus" a drawing- And each slow dus" a drawing-

    down of blinds.down of blinds.

     Aptly, dus" is falling in the last line and spea"s of

    nality. #he dus" is slow, for that is how timepasses for those who mourn, and with the drawing

    down of blinds and the attendant sadness.

     We may thin" of a house in :hrewsbury where atthe ele$enth hour of the ele$enth day of the

    ele$enth month a telegram was deli$ered thatinformed Wilfred Owen’s parents of his death ust a

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1


    +n 'Anthem for 3oomed Youth’ we see the mainimage is the funeral ser$ice that was not gi$en to

    soldiers for their bra$ery and help to the country,instead Owen compares a burial to what happened

    out on the battleeld. #he rst $erse was li$ely withgunre1 the imagery appeals to hearing and sight.

    #he second $erse we see that there are no auralimages. +t is a much more silent and )uiet $erse,

    trying to show the sadness of war. Owen was trying

    to show the sadness of war.

     Anthem for 3oomed Youth is mainly about young,

    bra$e soldiers not getting a proper funeral ser$ice.#here are images of death, sounds of gunre and

  • 8/18/2019 Anthem for Doomed Youth Powerpoint1