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<ul><li><p>Page 2Message from our Co-foundersWhite House Conference on </p><p>the Americas</p><p>Page 3International Student </p><p>Leadership ConferenceOperation Smile South Africa</p><p>Conducts Program inNeighboring Country</p><p>Page 4Message from our CMOInternational Mission Report</p><p>Page 5New Partner InstitutionPartnership with U.S. Navy</p><p>Pages 6 &amp; 7Smile Ambassadors Participate </p><p>on Medical Mission to PeruOperation Smile Colombia Opens</p><p>Comprehensive Care CenterNew Program Trains Nurses</p><p>Around the Globe</p><p>Pages 8 &amp; 9Fund-raising News</p><p>Pages 10 &amp; 11Events Help Children Around </p><p>the World</p><p>Back CoverWorld Care Program Helps </p><p>Child from Iraq</p><p>Annual Physicians Training ProgramLargest Ever</p><p>Nearly 70 physicians and nursesfrom 25 countries traveled toNorfolk, Va., to participate in Operation Smile's annualPhysicians' Training Program(PTP) from May 28-June 8. Since1987, this conference has been acritical component of OperationSmile's training and educationinitiatives. To date, more than 700medical professionals have beenbrought to Norfolk to participate inthis program. PTP gives physiciansfrom Operation Smile missioncountries the opportunity to learnnew techniques and to expandtheir knowledge through lectures,lab rotations, and operating roomobservation. PTP includes plastic</p><p>surgeons, anesthesiologists and pediatricians, and this year expanded to include dentists andnurses. Anesthesiologists, pediatricians, dentists and nurses participated in a variety of AmericanHeart Association training programs, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), PediatricAdvanced Life Support (PALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS), organized by Tidewater Center forLife Support and Operation Smile. The goal of PTP is to train medical professionals to care forchildren in their own countries, furthering Operation Smile's mission of helping its partnercountries attain self-sufficiency.</p><p>Part of PTP includes specialty training atOperation Smile partner institutions. Nursestrained at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,dental participants trained at the University ofMaryland Dental School in Baltimore, Md.,anesthesia participants were in Washington,D.C. at George Washington University, pediatric participants trained in Philadelphia,Penn. at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia,and plastic surgery participants traveled toDuke University in Durham, N.C.</p><p>SEPTEMBER 2007</p><p>IN THIS ISSUE:</p><p>CHRI</p><p>S ST</p><p>UMP</p><p>Thank you fo</p><p>r making my</p><p>someday toda</p><p>y.</p><p>Physicians Training Program participants andOperation Smile staff at the Virginia headquarters </p><p>BRAD</p><p>LEY </p><p>SMIT</p><p>H</p><p>During the nursing training program at Old DominionUniversity, (from left) Operation Smile medical volunteersDebbie Wimmer and Ann Campbell train nurses Maria Paradafrom Bolivia and others from Cambodia, Ecuador, Nicaraguaand Venezuela to listen for breath sounds on a simulator baby </p><p>OPERATION SMILE | 1</p><p>5424 OpSmile 9/19/07 10:48 AM Page 1</p></li><li><p>COUR</p><p>TESY</p><p> OF </p><p>OPER</p><p>ATIO</p><p>N S</p><p>MIL</p><p>E CA</p><p>MBO</p><p>DIA</p><p>2 | OPERATION SMILE</p><p>MISSION STATEMENT</p><p>Throughout the world, OperationSmile volunteers repair childhoodfacial deformities while buildingpublic and private partnerships that advocate for sustainablehealthcare systems for children and families. Together, we createsmiles, change lives, heal humanity. Operation Smile Invited to White House</p><p>Conference on the AmericasIn Arlington, Va., on July 9, President and Mrs. Bush hosted A Conference on the Americas.With the theme of "Advancing the Cause of Social Justice in the Americas," the conferenceincluded representatives of approximately 150 regional-based organizations and 100 UnitedStates-based groups. Operation Smile Co-founder and CEO Dr. Bill Magee and OperationSmile Regional Vice President of Latin America Ellen Agler attended the all-day conference.Dr. Magee addressed the audience and discussed Operation Smiles work in the region and itsrecent partnership with the USNS Comfort to help children in Nicaragua, Peru and Colombia.The conference focused on sharing lessons learned on how to promote education, healthcare,and economic opportunity at the grassroots level, and public-private partnerships throughoutthe hemisphere.</p><p>First Lady Laura Bush spoke to participants andacknowledged Operation Smiles volunteers whowork to repair cleft lips and cleft palates in theregion. President Bush said, It's in our interests,in the interests of the United States that ourneighborhood be healthy and educated. And sothis conference is an attempt to bring togetherkey people of my administration and faith-basedgroups and private sector groups from theUnited States, as well as our neighborhood, todiscuss how we can work together to promotesocial justice, to help people realize a better lifethrough good education and good health care.</p><p>6435 Tidewater DriveNorfolk, Virginia 23509</p><p>Tel: 757.321.SMILE (7645)Fax: 757.321.7660</p><p>Check out our</p><p>Editors:Lisa Jones</p><p>Leila HemaidanLisa JardanhazyKatherine Taylor</p><p>Thanks to the professionalphotographers who donatedtheir time and talent and</p><p>traveled to Operation Smilepartner countries:</p><p>Marc Ascher (Vietnam)Rohanna Mertens (Colombia)</p><p>OPERATION SMILE IS AUNITED NATIONS</p><p>AFFILIATED ORGANIZATION</p><p>WHI</p><p>TE H</p><p>OUSE</p><p> PHO</p><p>TO B</p><p>Y SH</p><p>EALA</p><p>H CR</p><p>AIGH</p><p>EAD</p><p>First Lady Laura Bush</p><p>In Cambodia on June 22, Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee received goldmedals from Cambodias Minister of Health. (from left) Mr. Chan KokChoy, Chairman of Operation Smile Cambodia; Mrs. Sharon Mussomeli,Board of Directors of Operation Smile Cambodia and the wife of U.S.Ambassador, H.E. Joseph Mussomeli; Kathy Magee and Dr. Bill Magee;H.E. Le Samorl, Director of Cabinet, Ministry of Health; Okhna KhaouPhallaboth, Board of Directors of Operation Smile Cambodia</p><p>Message from our Co-foundersAs we approach Novembers World Journey of Smiles, there is muchanticipation and excitement within the organization. After several yearsof planning and preparing for this initiative, it is now around the corner.We are back from trips throughout Asia and Latin America and will betraveling to Europe, the Middle East and Africa soon, meeting with ourboards, volunteers and staff in our partner countries who are gearing upfor this milestone. </p><p>The World Journey of Smiles is an event unlike any other, a unique initiative,with 1,500 skilled volunteers in 40 sites in 25 countries dedicating November7-16 to change the lives of approximately 5,000 children. The World Journeyof Smiles is possible because of our accomplishments over the last 25 years.We hope our volunteers take a step back and realize what their effortsthrough the years have made possible. The World Journey of Smiles willenable us to get more people involved and bring attention to our cause that every child has access to health care. Our focus and message remainsthe same 25 years after Operation Smile began. </p><p>We know not everyone can serve as a medical volunteer, but we ask you tojoin us for the World Journey of Smiles. Be a part of changing the lives of5,000 children worldwide who may never know your name, but will neverforget your kindness. When we as individuals join together and share ourtalents for a common cause, we have an incredible power to create change.</p><p>- Bill and Kathy Magee</p><p>5424 OpSmile 9/19/07 10:48 AM Page 2</p></li><li><p>Operation Smile South Africa ConductsFirst Program in Neighboring Country</p><p>OPERATION SMILE | 3</p><p>Students from Around the World Gatherfor Conference in IrelandHundreds of students from high schools and colleges around the world metat the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland for Operations Smiles 15thannual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC). This conferencehas two distinct programs, the Mission Training Workshop, from July 27-29,and the International Student Leadership Conference, from July 30-August 3,both of which encourage students to embrace a lifetime of volunteerism athome and in the global community. </p><p>Forty-two students from 11 United States, Ireland, Paraguay and SouthAfrica participated in the Mission Training Workshop, which trains studentsto effectively teach basic health care presentations to families and patientsduring Operation Smile international medical missions. The majority of thestudents trained will participate on international medical missions takingplace in November 2007 during Operation Smiles World Journey of Smiles.</p><p>Nearly 400 students from 20 United States and 15 other countries participatedin the ISLC. The conference offers students an overview of Operation Smileswork around the world and teaches them how to be leaders, learningconfidence, public speaking, fund-raising, and club organization. Highlightsincluded hearing from Paul Gleeson, who was voted Limerick Man of theYear for paddling a canoe across the Atlantic and former Irish Ambassadorto Thailand Dan Mulhall who served during the tsunami disaster in Asia.Additionally, participants were inspired by renowned motivational speakersRobert Pruitt and Dan Clark.</p><p>During the ISLC Opening Ceremonies, participants carry flags representingOperation Smile partner and resource countries</p><p>BRIA</p><p>N A</p><p>RTHU</p><p>R/PR</p><p>ESS </p><p>22</p><p>Shanghai International PlasticSurgery Conference ProvidesEducational Exchange andPromotes Volunteerism</p><p>The Second Shanghai International Plastic Surgery Conference,co-sponsored by Operation Smile and the Shanghai NinthPeoples Hospital, was held in Shanghai, China, from April18-20. Operation Smile Co-founder and CEO Dr. Bill Magee and Dr. Yilin Cao of the Ninth Peoples Hospital co-chaired theconference, and the scientific committee was headed by Dr. LiuWei of the Ninth Peoples Hospital and Dr. W.P. Andy Lee of theUniversity of Pittsburgh.</p><p>More than 300 medical professionals, most from China, attendedthe conference. World famous plastic surgeons from Australia,China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore and the United Statesgave instructional lectures on the latest advancements in cleftlip and cleft palate surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery,reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. </p><p>From July 24-27, Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA) held its inaugural program in neighboring Swaziland. Basic Life Support (BLS) trainingwas provided to doctors and nurses across the country, 117 participants completed the course. The BLS Healthcare Provider Course is designed toprovide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide cardio-pulimary resuscitation(CPR), use an automated external defibrillator (AED), and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. SharpMinds trainers ElaineAbraham and Wynand Coreejes, led by director Corrie Botha, faculty member of the Resuscitation Council of South Africa, donated their timeconducting the training at four Swaziland hospitals. </p><p>OSSA has a long-term partnership with SharpMinds, a South African Training Academy that specializes in Emergency Care Programs and emergencycare equipment. The U.S. Embassy in Swaziland played an integral role in the program, spearheaded by Annalize Schouten from their Health Unitand a registered BLS trainer. Swazi Trails provided free transportation for the trainers around Swaziland, and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pty)Ltd., a corporate partner of OSSA, transported the BLS equipment to and from Johannesburg at no cost.</p><p>OSSA and the Kingdom of Swazilands Minister of Health and Social WelfareDepartment are currently working together on an awareness campaignthroughout the country in preparation for a medical mission next year.</p><p>CHRI</p><p>S ST</p><p>UMP</p><p>INTERNATIONAL NEWS</p><p>Doctors and nurses from Mbabane GovernmentHospital participate in Basic Life Support training </p><p>CORR</p><p>IE B</p><p>OTHA</p><p>5424 OpSmile 9/19/07 10:48 AM Page 3</p></li><li><p>Message from our Chief Medical Officer</p><p>Throughout our first 25 years, Operation Smile has dedicated itself to providing the highest standards of medical care possible to our patients when performing reconstructive surgical services throughout the world,always keeping safety and quality at the forefront. To celebrate our Silver Anniversary, we are moving forwardto formalize and implement a Global Standard of Care, an eleven point program which will strive to insure thatno matter where an Operation Smile medical mission takes place, every patient treated will benefit from thesame sophisticated equipment, procedures, and highly trained and credentialed medical staff. This auspiciousgoal has been made possible by the overwhelming dedication of our extraordinary volunteers and headquarterssupport staff. No one has been more emblematic in that regard than our previous Chief Medical Officer, RobRubin. During his recently completed tenure, starting in 2002, Rob instilled a comprehensive sense of professionalism over all aspects of our mission, educational and research programs. He was a skilled </p><p>anesthesiologist, an insightful administrator and inspirational leader. When he assumed the CMO role five years ago, Dr. Rubin said,Our volunteers are our heart and soul. For nearly 10 years, I have felt privileged and honored to be among them. Now, as CMO, Imcommitted to holding our policies and procedures to the very highest standards and to providing the best equipment and safestguidelines to our mission countries.</p><p>Under Dr. Rubins leadership, Operation Smile and its medical programs have advanced forward significantly and he has set the stage for embarking on our next 25 years. So, with great thanks andmuch sadness, we want to recognize and honor him as he has made the decision to complete his tenure.Co-founder and CEO Dr. Bill Magee acknowledged Robs contributions in saying, Thanks to Rob, ourmedical programs now reflect a strong Global Standard of Care in everything from the credentialingprocess to standardization of medical equipment and supplies. Rob has laid the groundwork for so many things to build upon and we thank him for his dedication, commitment and service.</p><p>I am deeply honored and have gladly accepted the opportunity to contribute to an organization whichhas given so much to me over the last two decades. Our success will depend on a continued commitmentto restoring hope in all of those that we care for, communicating openly with each other, and cherishingthe extraordinary gift that we have been given to participate in such a noble enterprise. I cant think of a more wonderful family to be part of than Operation Smile. I look forward to working with you all.</p><p>In my new position as your chief medical officer, I have come to realize the importance of developing leadership and decision makingcloser to our fields of operation. As we continue to grow and evolve to increasing autonomy and sustainability by our membernations, we must encourage growth in the local, national and regional leaders to drive the process forward in ways that we cannotfully appreciate from afar. In this regard, we have decided to increase our medical oversight administrators according to regional focus. Our new Regional Medical Officers (RMOs) include: Dr. Willie Go in Asia, Dr. Lucio Auler in Latin America, and Dr. MarinaSammartino in the Central Region. These RMOs will take charg...</p></li></ul>