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Our sister agency, Jam, provides an overview of Facebook's App Center for marketers.


FACEBOOK APP CENTRE. MAY 2012. CONTENTS.1. Introducing the App Centre. 2. App Centre Features. 3. App Guidelines. 4. App Detail Page. 5. App Centre Analysis.

INTRODUCING THE APP CENTRE:The Facebook App Centre is a new, centralised place for people to nd great social mobile apps. Users access the App Centre via the web, or through the ofcial iOS and Android Facebook Apps. All canvas, mobile and web apps that t Facebooks clear guidelines are eligible to be featured in the App Centre. Having an app listed and featured in the Facebook App Centre is a simple and clear process. The benets for listing an app in the App Centre include: - A wider audience for native apps that exist in other stores - Increased awareness of HTML5 mobile web apps - Highlights apps that utilise Facebook Connect - New revenue generation opportunities Fdgfdxhfgj Fjghjgh Fgjhgjghjm Ghjnghjkhg


APP GUIDELINES:APP ELIGIBILITY: Any app on in a canvas page Any mobile app built for the web, iOS or Android that uses Facebook Login Any website that uses Facebook Login and has an immediately logged-in, personalized experience Any App for Pages built to manage or enhance other companies Facebook Pages APP DETAIL PAGE SUBMISSION: All Apps must have an accompanying App Detail Page. These Pages must contain the name of the app, both short and long descriptions of the app, what category it belongs in, relevant icons, a cover image, small and large banners and screenshots. These Pages must meet Facebooks high quality standards. APP QUALITY: Apps must have an easy-to-use interface, clear content, value to users, and no signicant bugs. Apps must show a clear distinction between ads and content, without excessive advertising. Apps must have high app ratings and a low negative feedback rate. Apps must set clear expectations about what user activity it shares on Facebook, and when. Apps must not mimic Facebook UI elements in a way that's misleading or unintuitive. THE REVIEW PROCESS: Facebook reviews all App Detail Pages before listing in the App Centre. Facebook reserves the right to remove any apps from the App centre that don't meet a high quality bar.


FACEBOOK APP CENTRE ANALYSIS: This announcement from Facebook should be no surprise to anybody who has been paying attention to their exponential growth in mobile usage over the last 12 months. During the recent IPO documentation, Facebook publically admitted that the growth of mobile has a serious potential to impact their future revenue: We do not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven. We believe this increased usage of Facebook on mobile devices has contributed to the recent trend of our daily active users (DAUs) increasing more rapidly than the increase in the number of ads delivered. If users increasingly access Facebook mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers, and if we are unable to successfully implement monetization strategies for our mobile users, or if we incur excessive expenses in this effort, our nancial performance and ability to grow revenue would be negatively affected With the above in mind, Facebook very quickly have to nd routes to successfully monetize this growth. The App Centre is an immediate answer to that problem. One of the many clever points of this announcement is that Facebook are unlikely to have annoyed either Apple or Google as this is simply going to help them and their users discover the many applications that have social at heart. This move will arguably make Facebook the biggest cross-platform application aggregator in the world. For developers and brands alike, the benets are there for all to see: increased awareness of your applications, the opportunity to develop HTML5 mobile web apps that can quickly nd an audience (Facebook now has over 450m+ active mobile users globally) and further revenue generation. A Facebook App has to use Facebook Connect for it to be featured within the store. This on their part is an excellent move to encourage developers and brands to really think about unique and different ways that they can plug Facebook functionality in to their apps. This in turn will increase users social amplication opportunities. We should remember though that there is no guarantee that this will work for Facebook, but its an excellent step in the right direction to embrace the huge growth that were seeing in social mobile and it presents us with some very exciting opportunities to innovate.