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  • New American Dream Meet the Next Generation J & M Burke Enterprises offers the greatest career training in network marketing Jim & Mary Jo Burke Presidential Master Coordinators Our success has been acclaimed and rewarded by reaching the top rank of Presidential Master Coordinators. 1
  • The job world was created to give people something that they could do that did not work and offer them a small percentage and keep them in a box for life. 2
  • If a human being finds something they can do that does not work they will do it again and again until it becomes obsolete. 3
  • Goldfish can grow to 1 5 inches when released into the wild
  • If a human being learns the skill of creativity he can expand his life beyond all barriers. CREATIVITY 4
  • Creativity is going to evolve into a new vast opportunity to open new doors for each individual to find and create new potential for their life. Open the door to your future 5
  • With Creativity Comes a Vision and Learning to move towards the target. It's one thing to visualize and another to have clarity. The clearer the vision the more real it is. If a vision is cloudy and not in focus you will not move toward it. The clearer the vision the more belief and determination you will have. 6
  • The Power of Focus, Belief & Vision Michael Jordan Julia Roberts Bonnie Blair 7
  • Roger has a great vision and dedication in making a difference and changing the world and offering you a partnership in his dream. You can unlock your creativity and build a new future. The new world of marketing is going to help you do it. Roger & Sloan Barnett & Family 8 NEW AMERICAN DREAM Meet the Next Generation
  • Roger Barnett Shaklee Chairman & CEO Dan Rajczak President North America COO Bruce Daggy Senior Vice President, Research & Development and Chief Science Officer Partnership with Roger Barnett and Team THIS IS A PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS You build the network and Roger does all the rest Roger provides Car, Trip, Lifetime Income As a partner you get back 50 of every $1 your network produces. This builds into the value of your network. 9
  • 10 The Powerful Potential of the $599 Gold Ambassador Program Roger Barnett Starting a partnership program with Roger Barnett and company Gold Bonuses Power Bonuses Infinity Bonuses Director Bonuses FastTrack Bonuses Leadership Bonuses World Trip Program Monthly Car Allowance WOW International Sponsoring Rights
  • BE SMART CREATE A NETWORK Napoleon Hill one of my favorite authors devoted 20 years of his life to studying what made people successful. What Napoleon Hill discovered is that all individuals realize the importance of surrounding themselves with people smarter than they were. All of us together are a lot smarter than anyone of us alone, which leads us to the most important things for your career advice that I can give you. Networking is a skill you must develop. A network replaces the weakness of the individual with the strengths of the network You will become obsolete, but your organization will never become obsolete because you can continue to add new talent. If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all truly successful people I would say the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts. You don't have to know everything as long as you know the people who do. A network can enrich your life, it can help you develop others. A network can improve your job security. If you build a network you will have a bridge to where ever you want to go. Just remember the more you exercise the networking muscle the stronger you will get and the easier networking becomes. 11
  • A Company Program with a Perfect Partnership! This career can be done from anywhere! 12
  • Facebook is a social networking service with over 955 million active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device. Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service with 500 million registered users. LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. The world's largest professional network: 225 million strong. These networking tools help you discover inside connections by tapping into any of the social marketing services. Looking At The Future of Social Marketing 13
  • Your Road to Director & Your Foundation in a Leadership Position You are paid 20% on your personal group 14
  • Step up to a Lifetime of Director Driven Benefits You can now reap the rewards of becoming a Director! Car Program Right of Survivorship World Travel Leadership & Infinity Bonuses Control the value of this network for LIFE Retirement Plan 20% paid on all personal group business 15
  • FastTRACK Rewards 2000 PV (could be 3 personal) DIRECTOR = 2 Free Registrations 1 Director SR DIRECTOR = $ 1,000 2 Directors COORDINATOR = $ 3,000 2 Directors & 10,000 PV SR COORDINATOR* = $ 5,000 3 Directors & 20,000 PV EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR* = $25,000 $ 34,000 FastTRACK Bonus* FastTRACK Your entry into a career in the new world of mobile marketing PositionRequirement Developing a world wide income opportunity 16
  • Earn $100,000 or More by Leveraging Training Bonuses $17,000 $17,000 $17,000 = $51,000 $51,000 + $34,000 = $85,000 $85,000 FastTrack + over $15,000 in Director Team commissions and overrides = $100,000+ *Matching Bonuses from Sr. Coordinators and Executive Coordinators on FastTRACK will be paid over 2 months on Sr. Coordinators and 4 months on Executive Coordinators after the FastTRACK achiever's maintenance period is achieved. See rules for full details. Develop Directors that complete FastTrack 17
  • INFINITY Rank of Presidential Master 6% + 3% = 9% 6% + 8% 6% + 3% = 9% 6% + 8% 4% + 3% = 7% 4% + 8% 3% 4% + 8% 3% 3% + 8% 3% 3% + 8% 3% 8% 3% 8% 8% Powerful Bonus Structure with Incredible Income Opportunity INFINITY Bonuses Paying 3% into infinity Unlimited Wealth Creation from the Growth of your Network 18Paying 8% into infinity
  • GEN SRDIR EXEC KEY MC PM 1ST 6% 6% + 3% 6% + 5% 6% + 7% 6% + 8% 2N D 3% 6% + 3% 6% + 5% 6% +7% 6% + 8% 3R D 4% + 3% 4% + 5% 4% +7% 4% + 8% 4T H +3% 4% + 5% 4% + 7% 4% + 8% 5T H +5% 3% + 7% 3% + 8% 6T H +7% 3% + 8% LEADERSHIP Bonuses Powerful Bonus Structure with Incredible Income Opportunity 19
  • I learned a long time ago, you either have to have people or money working for you. If you dont have any money why would you not want people. So why not get in a people development business and begin to train and develop people. The new world of social marketing 20
  • Introducing a Transforming World Think GloballyThe opening of these foreign markets will have an effect on your Dream Plan career. US Canada Mexico Japan Malaysia Taiwan China Indonesia India - 2014 Building a Worldwide Network 21
  • The social marketing concept has evolved due to the vast changes in new technology that will continue to change our culture and our way of life. 22
  • Social marketing has changed all of this to teach the powerful potential of creativity and the ability to grow to new levels and never become obsolete. 23
  • Presidential Master Coordinators Jim & Mary Jo Burke Office in Rapid City, SD New Villa in Rapid City, SD Rapid City, SD Shaklee Car - Mercedes Mustang Home in Mesa, AZ 24