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Ms. Petersen's 1st grade class shares pictures and stories about aliens they created.


  • 1. My spaceship is green and red.My planet is Outer Space Family.My alien is riding my rocket.He traveled to Mars.By Kegan Sutton

2. My aliens names are Zod and Clod and Zoodube.A meteor hit Zods spaceship.A star scratched Clods spaceship.But Zoodube fixed his friends spaceships.The three friends are from the planet BYG (which means BLUEYELLOWGREEN). By Connor Main 3. My aliens name is Zodor.She came from Spain.Its antennae looks like a unicorns horn.Its mother said good-bye because she was going to the museum.Its baby was thinking about their mommy. By Melanie Zook 4. I have an alien in the museum and he is attacking some people.My aliens name is CooCoo.His fathers name is BooBoo.My alien is going to space.My alien has a big family.My alien cries a lot.He thinks outer space is awesome! By Adriana Warrner 5. My alien is named D.D.He is taking his family to the planet museum.His wife is name MeMe and his daughter is named Lavaboo because she is red.His son is named Fluffy because he is fluffy.His family is magical because when they are on Pizza Planet, they have invisible powers!I love my aliens.By Emily Hood 6. My aliens are a big family.They live on a planet called Polka Dot Planet.My aliens names are Pizza Crazzzzy and Carmen!Today my aliens are going to the planet with the museum because they like to go on adventures.Pizza and Crazzzzy like to play Plants and Zombies.At the museum, the aliens are celebrating Crazzzzys birthday and he is 11. By Anneliese Kerchenfaut 7. His name is Booboo.His mothers name is Crystal.His fathers name is Bret.My aliens live in outer space.Aliens are green.Aliens have a big family.Aliens do not like to sleep.My aliens do not like to go to Earth.My aliens do not make music. By Olivia Johnson 8. My alien is Eric James Luparell because I want it to be because the name is awesome.My alien has 3 eyes.It has a green face.It likes to travel.His ship is colorful.Maybe he will take me for a ride.His wings on his rocket ship are orange, red, and gray.The back of his ship is blue, red, and yellow.The front is brown.He has a great ship. By Eric James Luparell 9. A baby girl got up from her naptime.Her mom looked for her and fed her.She has three eyes and she has different colors.Her family drives her friends to play.Their names are May and March.Her name is April.She lives in a hole.She is happy.She is 8.Her birthday is March 14. Rylee Dawson-Howard 10. My alien is from the planet Darbutto.When they close their eyes, they can see throw their eyes.They are taking an adventure to the museum to look at bones!My aliens name is Zoopo.Then they are going to celebrate with pizza. By Austin Elliott 11. My astronaut comes from Earth and he is visiting planet Neutron!In the background you can see the moon and the United States of Americas flag and Earth.My astronaut is driving all around planet Neutron and is just about to get out and jump on planet Neutron.My astronaut is friends with my friends because it is my dad!By Kellen DeSchepper 12. My aliens are green.One of the aliens has kids.The kids names are Boon and Soon.The mommys name is Moon.The daddy is at work and his name is Doon.No one came to their planet.The person who almost came to their planet was named Lexi.By Lexi Darbutt 13. My aliens name is Name.He can scare the pants off you.He came from the Name planet.He has special powers.He can shoot missiles off his arm. Hey, your ship is leaving!Yes! It is man! So are you going to get on man?Maybe.Maybe not. Okay, you better go. By Connor Engel 14. I have a blue rocket and my alien is called Zoso.He can shoot fire out of his eyes and he can explode on his friends.One day Mars exploded, but all of the aliens escaped and Zoso did too. By Daniel Henderson 15. My alien has a buggy.My aliens name is Klien.My alien friend is Klien.I love my alien.My alien is nice to me and my friends.My alien is good to me and to my friends.My alien family is good.My alien can shoot lasers.My alien helps people in Gibson City. By Lani Morgan 16. My alien is named Anneliese.Some of the aliens have a spaceship but not all of the aliens have spaceships.Some have cars.My alien is nice to me and my friends.I love my alien.He helps people in Gibson City.My alien is nice to everybody. By Carmen Pondel 17. A boy was playing but then an alien ship transported him.Rescue astronauts came to get him but could not find him.So they went back to Earth.When they go back again, the astronauts chased the aliens.They distracted them and took the boy back to Earth.The aliens never came back. By Aidan Laughery 18. My aliens name is Nefloec.He comes from the planet Pezzy.He is very cool.My alien is getting chased.He has a very, very fast rocket.He can shoot lasers.His plants are his pets.They are still trying to find him.The astronaut just found him on Wednesday.When they found him they were amazed. By Mikey Lindy