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alicia writes about her experience in Matera



2. Sunday morning we took the bus at 7.00 pm. We travelled to Barajas airport. At 11.30 we took the first plane, it was a great travel, we had time to speak, listen to music, and even sleep. After two hours and a half, we arrived in Rome! 3. In Rome, we went for a walk, and we met our Dutch partners! It was great to know each other, and meet Erik again, their teacher, who we met in Turkey. All together, it was time to take the other plane, the one from Rome to Bari. It didnt take us long time, less than an hour. Having a snak on the plane 4. When we arrived in Bari, we went by bus to Matera, there we finally met our Italian partners. My partner is called Martina, after introducing ourselves, we went for a walk to Sassi, the old part of Matera. It was really nice to see the city at night 5. MONDAY 17thMONDAY 17th We went to the high school, called Liceo Classico Duni. There, we met the Polish, French, Greek, Dutch and Romanian friends and the rest of Italian partners. It was time to present our logos, all of them were very original, but one had to be the winner Italy! 6. It was time to eat! We ate all together in a restaurant, when we finished we were ready to go to the next activity, a Treasure Hunt in Sassi. During the walk along the city, we saw different churches, caves, casa Grotta, and lots of amazing views. Geometrical figures in Sassi 7. It was a really nice activity, we visited the old part of the city, and we worked with maths! Here we are working on it! 8. TUESDAY 18thTUESDAY 18th On Tuesday, we visited the Ionian coast, based on the place where Phytagoras lived. We dont know if he is buried there or not, it will be always a mistery to know 9. Ather that, we visited the Archeological National Museum of Metaponto. In the evening, it was time to rehearse our sketches. Both of us Romanianss and Spanish agreed on everything, we were ready for the final theatre play. 10. WEDNESDAY 19thWEDNESDAY 19th 11. There, we learnt about the brain, the different functions it has and its system. We did some interactive activities like the one of visual effects. Working on the activities 12. After the museum, we went to see a performance. Its tittle was Frankestein, and it was really funny and interesting We were very hungry, so we went to have lunch, we had a big pizza, but although I was too hungry, I coudnt finish it 13. We had a walk in Napoles, it is a really nice city, but I had already visited it so it is not the same as if you go for the first time. 14. THRUSDAY 18thTHRUSDAY 18th 15. In the evening, we went to the Liceo. It was time to show everyone that we can also do theatre, or something similar ;) To say good bye to this great experience, we had a big buffet with all kinds of cakes, sweets They were delicious! And after this, a party. 16. We took our last photos together, and then It was time to say good bye to everbody, a new experience had finished. But.. We had to leave, very sad because of the great friends we had made and because of this fantastic trip to Matera. DEPARTUREDEPARTURE 17. I really enjoyed it, I think it was very well organised, but quite sad, because then we had to come back to Avila. 18. In the airport, we had something to eat, and we took off again. In our stop in Rome, we remembered all the fantastic things we had learnt during the week. I will never forget the Comenius project, it is going to be something to remember.