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  • 8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions



    Creating a Sock Puppet Rhyme Rap Animation


    After completing the Alphabet & Intro to Phonics Unit we willcreate a Rhyme Rap animation using iPad/iPhone Application called

    Sock Puppets. Kids will be working in groups of 3 (4 teams in caseof my classroom).

    The alphabet rhyme we use for this project was earlier introducedin the classroom and all the children should be familiar with it.

    To enhance students involvement, each student will randomly drawtwo letters from the box. The extra remaining 2 letters will begiven as bonuses to students, who exemplary completed previoustasks from the unit.

    Students are required to memorize their rhymes. Additionally,each student will receive a flashcard with a letter and acorresponding picture. We will practice rhythmic speech with thesoundtrack (I mixed Mc Hammers U Cant Touch This).

    Before we start the recordings I familiarize the students with theSock Puppets application. I introduce them to the 6 characters,show them the voice and set options. At this point we decide whatkind of set we are going to build. We choose from 11 sets and 16props. I model how to speak and what distance to keep from theiPad. I demonstrate how it works by making a quick samplerecording.

  • 8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions



  • 8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions



    A teacher will be working with one group at the time, while therest of the class stays on task (another activity, preferably onethat requires silence) and is supervised by *another teacher. (*inpreschool I work with a Korean co-teacher).

    With each group of (3) kids, I repeat the following steps:

    We choose a character for each student (out of 6 choices). We set up the voice (from a very high pitch to low) for each

    character. Instruct them to speak in a normal voice (preschoolers tend

    to scream) Show them where the microphone on the iPad is. Make sure they know their lines. Establish order in which theyll speak. Give them a cue andrecord! Play the recording and repeat it if necessary. Save the approved animation to YouTube.

    Once all groups created their short bits, I edit them in iMovie tomake one movie.

    The following objectives will be evaluated for each student:

    1. Ability to memorize their rhyme.2.Paying attention to the correct order.3.Speaking in a natural voice.4.Speaking clearly and rhythmically

  • 8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions



    Alphabet RhymesA is for Apple

    B is for Ball,

    C is for Cat,

    D is for Doll,

    E is for Egg,

    F is for Feet,

    G is for Girl,

    and H is for Heat.

    I is for Igloo,

    and J is for Jump,

    K is for Kangaroo,

    L is for Lump.

    M is for Mammy,

    N is for Nest,

    O is for Octopus,

    P is for Pest.

    Q is for Queen,

    and R is for Rail,

    S is for Sitting,

    and T is for Tail.

    U is for Uncle,

    Umbrella and Use,

    V is for Vacation, Valentine

    and Views,W is for Window, Whistle andWay,

    X is for Xylophone that I liketo play.

    Y is for Yellow and Yelling andYou.

    Z is for Zero and Zipper andZoo.