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<ul><li><p>7 killer reasons why you should quit your /7-killer-reasons-why-you-should-quit-your-job/</p><p>Have you ever wanted to quit your job for an opportunity where you can build your dream instead ofsomeone elses?</p><p>There are many reasons why quitting your job could be the best decision youve ever made and heres 7killer reasons why:</p><p>1. DREAM CRUSHER</p><p>More than likely your slaving away every day helping fund your company owners dreams.</p><p>Sounds a little harsh?</p><p>In most cases this is the cold hard truth.</p><p>The owner or your boss is the person whose vision is being brought to fruition and your one of the peoplethats helping him or her get there.</p><p>Your wage is not substantial enough for you to build a lifestyle of freedom for you and your family.</p><p>Youre too busy paying the bills, the rent, the mortgage and the credit cards with barely anything left overfor groceries, let alone that vacation youve always wanted to take.</p>;blogbanner022415</li><li><p>2. TRADING TIME FOR MONEY</p><p>Essentially a job entitles you to trade your time for money.</p><p>You put a value on the price you are worth for one hour of your hard work.</p><p>The pure problem with this is that you need to understand that you are priceless in value.</p><p>Minimum wage is called minimum wage for a reason.</p><p>Its minimum.</p><p>The minimum amount is what you will be getting paid for your efforts day in day out.</p><p>3. MODERN DAY SLAVERY</p></li><li><p>Every morning you get towake up to an alarm clock and you spend the rest of your day being told:</p><p>What to do</p><p>When to do it</p><p>Who to do it with</p><p>When you can take a break</p><p>In some cases when you can even go to the bathroom.</p><p>4. PASSION?</p></li><li><p>Do you love what you do?</p><p>If you do then that is awesome.</p><p>If not you might want to seriously consider the alternatives which Ill get to in a moment.</p><p>They say if you love what you do youll never work a day in your life.</p><p>To some extent I believe this is true, as long as its building your future.</p><p>5. WHO CARES?</p></li><li><p>At your job youre more than likely just a number.</p><p>I know many people who have given years and years worth of service to corporations who then turnedaround and fired them at a moments notice.</p><p>Your best interests are in in anybodys heart except your own.</p><p>6. JOB SECURITY, YEAH RIGHT!</p></li><li><p>Jobs provide an extremely false sense of security.</p><p>As mentioned in killer reason number 5, it can be taken away from you without a moments notice.</p><p>And then what?</p><p>Get another job where the same thing can happen again?</p><p>Slaving day in and day out doing something you dont like to funds someone elses big vision?</p><p>7. THE REAL PYRAMID SCHEME</p><p>Often people will refer to network online/offline marketing opportunities as pyramids.</p><p>What these people dont realize is that the real pyramid scheme is their job.</p><p>Take a look at the infograph below provided by, that illustrates this point using Walmart as anexample:</p></li><li><p>Eye opening isnt it?</p><p>Social programming doesnt allow our minds to realize and understand what the real pyramid schemeactually is.</p><p>Youre voluntarily incarcerating yourself in your own self made prison.</p><p>Becoming a aware of this is the very first step you need to take in realizing the alternative possibilities.</p><p>Possibilities where you can build your dream instead of someone elses.</p><p>Where you are in charge of you and you decide how your business will operate on a day to day basis.</p><p>Creating your own vision and freedom lifestyle for you and your family.</p><p>By now youre probably asking well, what can I do?</p><p>I am by no means telling you to quit your job immediately and dive into the entrepreneurial lifestyle.</p><p>The aim here is to start building your own business part time, which will eventually bring in profits that willovertake your job income and that point you will be in a position to quit.</p></li><li><p>An online business is the smartest choice to begin your entrepreneurial journey.</p><p>Leveraging systems and the power of the internet to connect with people and help transform their lives.</p><p>Growing and challenging yourself through online/offline marketing educational and personal development.</p><p>Essentially having money work for you instead of you working for your money.</p><p>Results are not typical, visit our average earnings HERE</p><p>A business where you can literally make money while your sleeping on a global stand point.</p><p>I am not going to tell you that any of this will be easy but I am telling you its worth it.</p><p>Everything is hard the first time we do it, things get easier over time with consistent daily action towardsthe result that we want.</p><p>RELATED VIDEO: The power of consistency</p><p>I would like to invite you to check out our latest episode of Truth Or Hype HERE where youll learn howregular people are making 5 to 6 figures per month working from home.</p><p>A voluntary army.</p><p>Results are not typical, visit our average earnings HERE</p>http://income.maverixlifestyles.com;blogurl022415http://income.maverixlifestyles.com7 killer reasons why you should quit your job1. DREAM CRUSHER2. TRADING TIME FOR MONEY3. MODERN DAY SLAVERY4. PASSION?5. WHO CARES?6. JOB SECURITY, YEAH RIGHT!7. THE REAL PYRAMID SCHEME</li></ul>