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I am thankful for the gift of life. I am thankful for all those around me. I am happy to sharethese moments in time with each and every one of you. It is a pleasure to know you to sharein our energy. The poems that follow are an attempt to capture the spark that makes lifeworth living the good and the bad, the beautiful and the not so beautiful moments that weall experience. Some are quite recent while others were written many years ago. I hope youenjoy them.


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I am thankful for the gift of life. I am thankful for all those around me. I am happy to share these moments in time with each and every one of you. It is a pleasure to know you to share in our energy. The poems that follow are an attempt to capture the spark that makes life worth living the good and the bad, the beautiful and the not so beautiful moments that we all experience. Some are quite recent while others were written many years ago. I hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas! Alan

2006, eternal kin poetry composed by alan curtis

a dream of us togetherif we should dream together and you could hold me in your arms forever then, i would know my search for you was complete the lilt of your voice the sound of your laughter the mischief in your eyes i love to look upon you to feel you close beside me your presence so pleasing both to the heart and mind if we should dream together and you could hold me in your arms forever then, i would know my circle was complete and so, it would be done we would join as one i'd become your father your brother, your son and you in turn would be my mother my sister, my daughter we would care for one another for all time in good times and in bad times for better or for worse this life we would leadpage 1 of 38 pages

a dream of us together (continued) like a dragon furling its long tail with love within our hearts and in our minds successful in this life where others might fall, falter, fail these lips that kiss you they cannot communicate my love these eyes that adore you they cannot communicate my love these hands that caress you they cannot communicate my love these words that reach to you they cannot communicate my love only the soul within this heart of mine only here can my love for you be felt, heard, understood dream with me and you will see

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a fool's gamehere it is the rose you wanted i cast it upon the ground upon the casket which now separates us for in death there is liberation and in liberation there is at last peace free from want free from need free from all the pulls the pangs of life so, do you know now where you find your folly? it is in the stuff of magic, of course believing in dreams that will never be feeling things we were never meant to feel it is all just nonsense, now a trick of the mind a sense of something that is not there oh, do you really have a soul? will your gods ever find you? is there really something so terribly different about you? will you ever find the one? the one who knows you the one who will always truly love you? i think not there is no such thing as true love break this trust? don't you see? i cannot trustpage 3 of 38 pages

a fool's game (continued)trust is a fool's game trust only brings the dagger closer to my heart

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a momentary distractionin a darkened hallway i once cast a light to see if you were there cannot see you now only a momentary distraction an escape from the past already forgotten in this place where lovers meet when it has no meaning as we found out this was not a beginning it was a quick end

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as if by magicin the distance a rather tenuous connection a voice is calling (perhaps coming closer.) never to tremble at the thought i can only wait here watching meanwhile, your smile no more precisely your lips entice me speaking words, novels, libraries stores of information that speech can never render no doubt i could not be more obvious the secret was always out as if by magic i am drawn to you (and your ambition)

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a song neverendinglong after our days they will walk amongst the tombstones to read the inscriptions written there with no way of knowing the person whom we had grown to be the beauty found in our experience the passions that once burned so brightly within us no memory of our birth, our life, our death the cycle of life continuing on without us as if we had never been that tired, old piano playing a song neverending as the fall leaves settle upon the ground we are forgotten

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crossthere is a young girl whose eyes i adore and whose careless charms imprison me and will not let me go she comes to me, smiling she comes to me with words of love upon her lips her arms outstretched with nails piercing her hands and feet bound to timbers which form a cross crucified by my love

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dancewhen the wind is calm when the ocean is at rest in the night when the city sleeps i awake from dreams of you i can still see you somehow happily dancing to the music smiling as you move to the rhythm caught in time like a photograph in my mind if my soul was a song would you dance to it as well?

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emotional needneed emotional need a need for love i give it all to you but i must ask myself what is it that your searching eyes have found in me what is it that i offer you said you could listen to me forever and that was a good start i want to talk to you about dreams that become reality about bonds that can never break about a reason to live about the magic that lives in and around you about the future i know nothing about

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epitaphi lie here amongst the ancient ruins and rest with eyes upturned toward the sky knowing confidently that never a fleeting moment shall pass with thoughts of life to wake me from this deep sleep no matter how frequently the winds of time may pass over this sanctuary my slumber shall remain eternal

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eternali will meld with the earth and i shall fleet across the sky and my ashes shall be strewn upon the sea i shall sleep boundlessly and eternally deep within the confines of the sun my death will be a quiet one like the twinkling of a star or the shooting of a comet such simple sorrow with such simple grace remorseless hopeless this paradise is infinite

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ever againever again, although knowing the landscape of love and the small churchyard, with its complaining names and the abyss where the others end, where dread silence reigns--ever again we set forth, two together, under the ancient trees, ever again we rest among flowers, facing the sky. ever again, with understanding and love within our hearts and within our dark souls with their burning eyes and within our minds where emotions fly, where confusion reigns--ever again we set forth, two together, across the timeworn desert, ever again we rest under the ground, facing the sky.

* the first stanza of this poem was written by rainer maria rilke

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filmlike a dream, you came into my life your heart needing me as much as i needed you so we made ourselves a sanctuary and dreamed a new start a heavenly place held close to the heart but then somehow this place became a cage with furtive hands and arms shaking and harsh words like dark stones you hid these feelings deep inside but i could see it in your eyes calling out to me for love and understanding from where did these feelings arise? was there something in your past? something that hurt you deep inside? no matter youve convinced yourself its time to run again

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flower heartin your eyes i recognize your pain the need to run to find something or someone to escape the pain that returns again i know you know no one can fill that space the warm memory the not forgotten place i can only try to make you laugh be there for you in this aftermath but i truly dont know if ill hear from you again dont know if ill ever feel you again not about some physical thing i know you know just about being hearing your words flow the sound of this tempo like sunshinepage 15 of 38 pages

flower heart (continued)on a warm, summer day so the song goes your flower heart unfolds hearing words where nothing is told in time the words speak in time the words proclaim but you must understand what in fact is my aim rushing you trapping you this is not my game id only like for this to transcend be there for you when you need a friend cause i know you must learn i know you must grow this is your time, now you should know i know i would only ask that when you see my shaken tree, boo the memories that run like rain inside you, too that perhaps thenpage 16 of 38 pages

flower heart (continued)you come to see why im fond of you

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hearts & mindsif we look upon life as a series of doors each one a path that lead us in varying directions we can see it is the heart and mind which chooses the path for us the heart is our passion an instinctive flame which kisses and caresses and then sets us aloft amongst the moon and stars to live what once were dreams of fantasy of paradise our mind then is our knowledge a pack rat of intuition the pragmatic voice always understanding always knowing the right thing to do it must be said then that judgement cannot be made by using the heart alone nor can it made with only the mind because if the heart and mindpage 18 of 38 pages

hearts & minds (continued)are not in agreement the soul, it becomes conflicted it feels then like we are obscured by clouds our thoughts then become heavy our bodies become drugged we no longer trust the heart and mind and so question everything we think or feel in time, you should know our thoughts will become clear again our bodies will return to us when the heart and mind have once again come to agreement

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inclusionall the bodies are beautiful whatever their composition for somewhere in their recesses there lives the consciousness, the mind, the soul and if they are unaware of their creation unable to communicate their beauty creation will communicate their beauty if these lips are unable to form these truthful words creation