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  • 1. i Neelima Karodia Vice-President iGIP (CR) 2014-15

2. TARGETS? 3. 30 Exchanges 4. Ra Ma Re50 37 30 5. QUARTER WISE RMR 6. MONTHLY RMR 7. Monthly RMR 8. RAISING Clarity in contract transparency, specific and precise Using standardized contract, proposals and presentations provided by AIESEC India Reviving old clients Capitalising on newer markets A GIP based event Q2 in synergy with Marketing NEP Raising in synery with BD 9. MATCHING Synergy with CIM for matching Client newsletters, Client Feedback, Matching newsletter LC-LC partnership EP search tools 10. REALIZATIONS Pre-expectations - clear and detailed Get case study while they are here video and experience (to use in promotion) Include all the EPs in all AIESEC Indore forums 11. POINTS TO BE NOTED Getting feedback (TN) and case studies (EP), & its Promotion through CIM Collect and showcase client stories Focus on NPS and quality experience Feed backing current clients to utilize their networks 12. Orgaizational Structure VP CR TL Raising (1)TL Matching (1)3 Members3 Members*Subject to Change 13. DEPARTMENT & MEMBERS BASED