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My talk from the 2010 Cannes Lions.For you startup geeks out there I guess you can say I’m giving advertising the “lean startup” treatment. For those of you with real jobs, I’ll be talking about how we can reduce risk, eliminate waste and increase the impact in campaigns where media fragmentization and hyper competition are significant factors.



2. GUSTAV VON SYDOW @vonsydow on Twitter. 3. I used to be one of you... my last gig was as a Planner at Daddy and for a short time at CP+B,after they acquired Daddy last year. 4. But I decided to give up what was essentially my dream job to go work on another dream. 5. Im now the CEO and founder of Burt, a software company helping marketers to do amazing work. 6. Gustav Martner Gustav von SydowI founded to Burt with Gustav Martner (currently Exec. Creative Director at CP+B Europe) to adress challenges we faced together on a daily basis. 7. Mid nineties. Fifteen years later.Big bang launchIterative improvements Static content Rich applicationsArchived Real-timeOne size PersonalizedOne way Social The founding idea was that we had seen the webchange drastically in the last 15 years... 8. Mid nineties.Fifteen years later. Big bang launch Same, same.Static content Archived One size One wayBut online advertising - at least on a large scale - remained pretty much the same. 9. Sure there were promising technologies, but they were complex to use so the tools and processesthat were used on large scale were antiquated. 10. Copybox Meme Machine Rich The writing tool for Dead simpleCampaign metricsdigital marketers. ad personalization. that matters. www.mememachine.comwww.richmetrics.comSo we set out to create a set of tools that wouldmake it easy for marketers to update how they made and measured their marketing activities. 11. TODAY ISNOT ABOUT TECH/TOOLS. 12. Its about the process enabled by technology. 13. TODAY IS NOT ABOUT DIGITAL. 14. 101001010010100101010010 101001101010101010101010 101010101010101010101010 101010101010101010010100EVERYTHING WILL BE 010100101010011010100101 DIGITIZED. EVENTUALLY. 010010101010101010100101 001010010101001010100110 101010101010101010101010 But Ill be using digital as an example. 101010101010101010101010 15. BANNERS & VIDEOMOBILE RICH MEDIA Or more specically, online display advertising. 16. TODAY ISNOT A CASE STUDY. Case studies are often outliers. What makes themgripping often also makes them irrelevant. 17. YES. BUT DOES IT SCALE? Evaluating new opportunities in advertising, oneshould always ask - does it scale? 18. SCALE ACROSS AGENCIES. You should be able to apply new technology/ methods across all types of agencies. 19. TECHNOLOGY IS RAW MATERIAL, NOT AN IDEA.And beware of when technology in itself is the idea... great advertising technologies that scale include color, movement etc. 20. REACH. REACH. REACH.And dont forget. It has to reach alot of people. 21. MECHANIZED SALES Unless we have reach, our trade is irrelevant, since there are better ways to deploy small scale marketing efforts. 22. TODAY ISNOT ABOUT INSPIRATION. 23. To be unique, focus your sources of inspirationcollection on other forms of expression. 24. TODAY ISNOT ABOUT THE FUTURE. 25. We love talking about the future. Everyones aFRAMTIDENfuturist/expert these days. 26. Its very much a dont-miss-the-train kind of mentality. All the time. Everywhere. 27. FIRST MOVERADVANTAGEWHO CREATED THE FIRST BANNER?The concept of rst mover advantage has been largely discredited in general business, why are we still believing it in advertising. 28. AT&T, 1994 Besides the amazing viral effect ;) of being part ofthis deck, what have AT&T gotten in return forpioneering the banner format? 29. TODAY IS ABOUT...WELL. TODAY. Advertising is about getting massive reach today.Not about predicting the future. 30. In this talk, were going to focus on improving what we have and tweak how already do things inalready big channels. Solve existing problems. 31. NOT LIKE THEOTHERS.To sum up: this is not the average advertising festival speech. When I arrived I got to looking into the conference magazine... 32. Apparently the $500B industry that is advertising is going down in ames. 33. Dont miss the train... 34. In the future blablabla.... 35. And more doomsday advice. 36. Blablabla... 37. HOW TO MARKET A MARKETER: 1. WIN A BUNCH OF AWARDS.AND/OR2. ANNOUNCE THE END OF THE WORLD. 38. Cannes Lions combines both, which might explain why its the premier event to land new business ;) 39. What Im saying is that you can take it easy. Dont worry too much about the future. 40. OPTIMIZE FOR NOW. Great advertising connects with the now. Advertising is tactics - dont be fooled even if the word strategy gets thrown around a lot ;) 41. THATS WHAT WEGET PAID TO DO. We get paid to get results now. Or at least in the next quarter. Very few good advertising activities dont achieve tangible result within 90 days. 42. YOU CANDO IT.What Im talking about applies to everyone. Creatives, planners, account, devs, clients etc. And you can start using the ideas on monday. 43. TODAY: 1. LEARNING FROM HISTORY.2. LEARNING FROM OTHERS.3. LEARNING FROM YOURSELF. 44. TODAY: 1. LEARNING FROM HISTORY.2. LEARNING FROM OTHERS.3. LEARNING FROM YOURSELF. 45. THE CREATIVE PROCESS:IDEAPRODUCE Though the name implies something super dynamic and exciting, the creative process is a very linear process. 46. ME = BIG FAN BTW. FINAL DELIVERY Even the best practices (I recommend checkingthem out btw) emphasize the nal delivery. 47. Traditional Product Development Unit of Progress: Advance to Next Stage WaterfallRequirementsSpecificationDesign Problem: knownSolution: known Implementation Verification Maintenance Though every agency use different words to descibe their unique, amazing process, theyre all based on the same classic manufacturing model. 48. ITS MANUFACTURING, NOT CREATIVITY. 49. LEAN PRODUCTION Doing more with less. But manufacturing has actually moved on to a model for creating more value using less work, and so should we. 50. Lean production originated from Toyota, emphasizing to eliminate waste by removing allactivities that does not create value. 51. Create continuous process ow tobring problems to the surface. 52. Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand thesituation (Genchi Genbutsu,) 53. Become a learning organization through relentless re ection(Hansei, ) and continuous improvement (Kaizen,). 54. BUILT TO LEARN.A process for learning is the key to eliminate waste in any kind of workow. 55. BUILDLEARNMEASURE The process for learning is easy. Trial and error. 56. LESS WASTE. REDUCED RISK. INCREASED OUTPUT. 57. 1. $150B IS WASTED EVERY YEAR.2. 19% OF ALL ADVERTISING FAILS OUTRIGHT.3. 67% COULD GET SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTWITHOUT ADDITIONAL SPEND. And theres a lot of waste, risk and potential forimprovement in online advertising. Source: What Sticks 58. LEAN ADVERTISING? The ideas have been successful in everything from cars to software startups (respect to Eric Ries and Steve Blank!!!). How do they apply to advertising? 59. IDEA PRODUCEMEASURE Well, the rst step is to add a measurement component to the creative process. 60. IDEA PRODUCEMEASURECAMPAIGN 1 LEARN IDEA PRODUCE MECAMPAIGN 2And then use this to learn for use in your nextcampaign. 61. BASIC MATHS:10%, 10%, 10%, 10% = +45%Consistent campaign drives compounded increases in quality. 62. Which is not a new idea of course. In advertising,it was pioneered by David Ogilvy in the 50s. 63. I never skate to where the puck is, I always skate to where to puck is going to be. 64. The problem is that the Ogilvy way of doing thingsassumes a rather static media landscape, but its now changing faster and faster. BLABLABLABLA... COMPETITION, CHANGE ETC. 65. 30 sec.0 sec? 2 sec? 13 sec? From start to nish, full screen. And no idea when it starts... The level of predictability makes it exponentiallymore complex to predict what will work. 66. Most ads arent visible long enough to make an impact +10 ads share thesame page30% of all ads are placedwhere users cant seeTheres just no such thing as average anymore. 67. WHOS RESPONSIBLE?MEDIA? CREATIVE? DIGITAL? PRODUCTION? RESEARCH? PUBLISHER? AD NETWORK?THE AD NETWORKS AD NETWORKS AD NETWORK?AND WHICH PERSON? 68. BLABLABLABLA...ROI.... MEGA DEEPINSIGHTS OF INTRINSIC HABITS... SPECULATION...GUESSWORK...BLABLABLA.... EXPERTThe way we usually solve challenges in advertisingis to appoint experts. But experts doesnt scale. 69. EVERYONES RESPONSIBLE. Everyone has to be committed to improving. Thatis one of the key principles of the Toyota Way. 70. WANTED: A WORKFLOW OPTIMIZED FOR ADAPTING TO CHANGE, NOT FOLLOWING PLAN. 71. AGILE ADVERTISINGThe process of being quicklearn, adapt and improve.So Lean advertising doesnt quite describe the high velocity dimension of what Im getting at. So agile advertising seems like a better phrase. 72. BUILD LEARN MEASURE Its the same loop. 73. IDEAPRODUCE MEASURE IDEA 2LEARNIDEA 3IDEA 4IDEA 5But instead of waiting to measure and apply theIDEA 6 learnings on the next campaigns, we change andIDEA 7 campaigns.optimize the existingIDEA 8 74. ALL ON BOARD? 75. TODAY: 1. LEARNING FROM HISTORY.2. LEARNING FROM OTHERS.3. LEARNING FROM YOURSELF. 76. WHAT?IDEA PRODUCE MEASURE IDEA 2LEARNIDEA 3IDEA 4IDEA 5The rst question is naturally:IDEA 6 What do we7IDEA measure?IDEA 8 77. Metrics is the number one pain fordisplay advertisers. Lack of proper metrics Ad quality is too low OtherSource: Forrester 78. IS ROI THE PROBLEM? There is usually a big focus on ROI when metricscomes up. But is that really what hands-onmarketers should focus on? 79. INVESTMENT PROFIT$ $$$ { KPIs Our job is to understand the underlying metrics driving prot, rather than auditing the ROI. 80. INVESTMENTRETURN FOCUS ON KPIs, $$$$ NOT ROI. {KPIs 81. EXAMPLES OF GOOD KPIs: AUDIENCE REACH AND RELEVANCE - PEOPLESOFT METRICS - BRANDINGDIRECT USER BEHAVIOR - CLICK STREAMSALES - NOT THE SAME AS PROFIT 82. THE THREE AS OF METRICS: 1. ACCESSIBLE - THINK YOU TUBE VIEWS2. ACTIONABLE - OTHERWISE SKIP IT3. AUDITABLE - METRICS ARE PEOPLE TOO 83. BENCHMARK. The rst step is to benchmark what youre up to, to get a decent idea