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Advomatic had the opportunity to present its Click-to-Call tool at the 2009 IPDI Politics Online Conference in Washington, DC. This presentation explains how the tool works, our results thus far and some of what's to come next. For more info contact using info on last slide or visit


  • 1. Click-to-Call: Why and How? Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 12:30pm Geek Lab @ IPDI Politics Online Conference Presented By: Julie Blitzer, New Projects Coordinator
  • 2. Hi! Im Julie Blitzer. I work for Advomatic. Advomatic is a (Drupal!) web development and strategy consulting firm based in New York City. We were founded by two Dean for America alums. And Im Globey!
  • 3. What does Advomatic do? Site Planning & Web Information Architecture Development Online Communications Hosting Strategy Web Design Click-to-Call Tool Drupal Maintenance
  • 4. This is Amy.* She works for Rep. Nadler (NY-08). *Amy does not actually work for Rep. Nadler, photo for demonstration only.
  • 5. Amys job is to track constituent opinion in Rep. Nadlers district. Each day she follows: Amy Snail Mail E-Mail Phone Calls
  • 6. This is Mark. He lives at 29 Broadway* in New York, NY. *This is Advomatics office, not a residential address.
  • 7. Mark and a friend discuss government funding of healthcare over drinks one night when talking about the recession.
  • 8. Without Click-to-Call, Part 1 An organization emails its members, asking them to make phone calls to Congress. The email may include the direct phone number for his or her representatives offices on The Hill.
  • 9. Without Click-to-Call, Part 2 Whats wrong with this method? No metrics Limited Reach No Reporting Call Cost
  • 10. With Click-to-Call, Part 1 Health Care for America NOW! emails its supporters, asking them to make a phone call in support of Obamas budget using its exciting new tool. There is no phone number in the email, just a button/link to click on.
  • 11. With Click-to-Call, Part 2 Advomatic makes an embeddable widget for the Support Obamas Budget! campaign.* HCAN sends this widget and link to its list of bloggers and contacts, who then post the widget on their own blogs, reaching millions of readers, who are all potential callers. Click-to-Call Widget for BlueAmerica PAC posted to DailyKos, November 2008 *This campaign did not use widgets.
  • 12. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Mark 1. Mark opens the email from Health Care for America NOW! and clicks on the Call button.
  • 13. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Mark 2. The link takes Mark to a webform where he is asked to enter his address, zip code and callback number.
  • 14. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Mark Call Instructions Rep. Nadler 3. The next page displays call instructions and Marks representatives in congress: Nadler, Gillibrand and Schumer. Mark chooses to call Rep. Nadler. He clicks Call Now!
  • 15. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Mark Response Form Call Script 4. The next page Mark reads a call script. He also sees a response form where he can report Rep. Nadlers position on Obamas budget. He clicks the Place Call button.
  • 16. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Mark 5. Marks phone rings, its the Executive Director of Health Care for America NOW! thanking him for calling and giving instructions on what to do after the office of his representative answers.
  • 17. With Click-to-Call, Part 3 Amy Mark Click-to-Call Tool 6. He is then patched through to Rep. Nadlers office. Mark tells the staffer (Amy) that Rep. Nadler should vote in favor of President Obamas budget because of its dedication to healthcare reform.
  • 18. Back toAmy, the staffer for Rep. Nadler (NY-08) Over 100 of Rep. Nadlers constituents, like Mark, use HCANs Click-to- Call tool in one afternoon alone.
  • 19. Problems: Solved! No metrics: # of calls placed and call times Limited Reach: Widgets and a unique URL No Reporting: Representatives positions Call Cost: No outgoing call fee for supporter
  • 20. A By-Product: Orgs