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Download ActionAid schools | September 2013 | 1 Children in Conflict Lesson plan and activity sheets Israa, 13, northern Jordan PHOTO: JENNY MATTHEWS/ACTIONAID

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Children in ConflictLesson plan and activity sheetsIsraa, 13, northern JordanPHOTO: JENNY MATTHEWS/ACTIONAIDActionAid schools | September 2013 | #Children in Conflict/Lesson plan ActivityResourcesCurriculum linksStarterWho do you see in the photo? Pupils share their ideas of who the girl is in the photo, using suggested prompts if appropriate. Introduce Israa and her story using notes on PowerPoint.Where is Israa and what is she doing? Pupils share their ideas. Explain what has happened to Israa and her family following the outbreak of civil war in Syria using notes on PowerPoint.Pupils complete Activity Sheet 1 by filling in what their day is like in the left hand circle, what Israas day is like in the right hand circle and then writing similarities in the circle overlap.Children in Conflict PowerPointActivity Sheet 1 - A day in the lifeSuggested websites for more information:BBCUNHCRNASAPSHE/Citizenship: KS24b. to think about the lives of people living in other places and times, and people with different values and customs.4f. that differences and similarities between people arise from a number of factors, including cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity, gender and disabilityMainSplit pupils into three groups. Each group answers a question from the PowerPoint, using Think Pair Share technique. Pupils can use the Information Sheet to help with their answers. Pupils can use Activity Sheet 2 to write down their answers.Summarise ideas on whiteboard for pupils to refer to for the plenary.Children in Conflict PowerPoint

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Activity sheet 2 How would you feel if..? (optional)PSHE/Citizenship: KS24b. to think about the lives of people living in other places and times, and people with different values and customs English: KS2En1 2a. identify the gist of an account or key points in a discussion and evaluate what they hearPlenary Pupils write a post for a school blog (including title, tags/keywords) or an article for the school newspaper (including headline) to explain Israas story to other children at their school. They should compare and contrast their lives with Israas in the article.Newspaper template (optional)

English: KS2En3 9a. to imagine and explore feelings and ideas, focusing on creative uses of language and how to interest the readerEn3 11. The range of readers for writing should include teachers, the class, other children, adults, the wider community and imagined readers.Introduction:Since civil war broke out in Syria in March 2011, more than two million Syrians have fled Syria and are now living as refugees in neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. The UN estimates that 80% of refugees are women and children. This lesson explores the life of Israa, a 13-year-old refugee. To find out more about ActionAids work with Syrian refugees, please go to compare and contrast childrens lives in the UK and in a country affected by conflictOutcome: To write a post for a school blog or article for a school newspaper

ActionAid schools | September 2013 | #My dayIsraas dayChildren in Conflict/Activity Sheet 1 A day in the life

ActionAid schools | September 2013 | #It is very dusty and sandy in the camp.The toilets in the camp are bad, the water is horrible.

We didnt bring any toys, just one change of clothes and one pair of shoes each.We left everything else behind and my mums told me that everythings gone its been destroyed. Children in Conflict/Information sheet Israas storyI wish I could have brought a rose from our garden with me.

ActionAid schools | September 2013 | #Children in Conflict/Activity Sheet 2 How would you feel if..?

ActionAid schools | September 2013 | #