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ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 1 ActionAid Schools l October 2014 Slide 2 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 2 Fact or Myth? 1. Once youve got Ebola youre definitely going to die. MYTH Ebola is certainly very dangerous but it does not necessarily mean people die. People who are poor are more likely to suffer because they are not healthy enough to fight the disease and do not have access to hospitals and doctors like we do. Slide 3 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 3 Fact or Myth? 2. Ebola is much more contagious than diseases like measles. MYTH One person with Ebola currently gives the disease to two other people. The disease could be passed to less people but often they dont know the ways to avoid getting the disease. Measles is very contagious and one person can infect 16 to 18 people. Slide 4 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 4 Fact or Myth? 3. In areas affected by Ebola, washing your hands with soap and water regularly can help stop the spread. FACT Slide 5 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 5 Fact or Myth? 4. Ebola is spread just by touching someone with the disease. MYTH Its not as simple as that. You can only catch the disease through contact with bodily fluids like blood, saliva or urine. Slide 6 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 6 Fact or Myth? 5. People in West Africa are more vulnerable to Ebola than people in the UK. FACT The number of people with Ebola currently dying in West Africa is 7 in 10, but thats because of poverty, poor health services and few doctors. Slide 7 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 7 Fact or Myth? 6. Letters sent from West Africa to the UK could carry Ebola. MYTH No they wont. Ebola has been described as a "wimpy" virus. It doesn't live long enough outside the body to be a threat. Slide 8 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 8 Fact or Myth? 7. Ebola has killed more than 4,000 people across West Africa, with thousands more affected. FACT Slide 9 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 9 Fact or Myth? 8. Ebola is everywhere! MYTH Only a small area of West Africa is affected. There have only been a handful of cases in Europe and America. Slide 10 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 10 Slide 11 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 11 Fact or Myth? 10. Everyone in the UK could die from Ebola. MYTH There is no danger of this happening. We have some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world and they prepare for emergencies like this. Slide 12 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 12 Fact or Myth? Drug companies are also working hard to find a vaccine. Its early days but some trials of drugs have been successful. At the moment the best cure for Ebola is preventing it from spreading in West Africa. People need to know the facts - simple things like washing hands with soap and water can avoid spreading the disease. Slide 13 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 13 People living in poverty are more likely to be affected by the disease as they do not have access to treatment or information. Hospitals are not well equipped, and in Liberia and Sierra Leone there are thousands of patients per doctor. Fact or Myth? Slide 14 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 14 Ebola prevention / Activity sheet / Action Cards Regularly clean and disinfect the home Why? Wash hands Why? Wear appropriate, protective clothing when looking after the sick Why? Limit contact with the sick and dead Why? Seek help immediately if showing the symptoms of Ebola Why? Think of your own prevention Why? Think of your own prevention Why? Discuss and share preventative measures within communities Why? Think of your own prevention Why? Slide 15 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 15 What could you do to help fight Ebola? Slide 16 ActionAid schools | October 2014 | 16 ActionAid Schools l October 2014 Thank you