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  • 1. HELLOWE ARE ENGAGE The UKs leading specialist in employee engagementWe are forty people:We are researchers, consultants,communicators and leadership experts.Each of us is an engagement expert.We work across sectors, withnational and international brands:Our clients range from leading FTSE100, 250 and Fortune 500 companiesthrough to innovative challenger brands. PEOPLE PERFORMANCE

2. ABOUT USOUR AMBITIONTO BE THE NATURAL CHOICE FOR ENGAGEMENTFOR CLIENTS FOR TALENTFOR PARTNERS 3. ABOUT USOUR PROPOSITIONPERFORMANCETHROUGHENGAGEMENT We help clients to perform more effectively by engaging their people. 4. ABOUT USOUR MISSIONWe engage people withtheir work to enhanceperformance from frontline to Board level.Enhancing performanceEngaging people 5. ABOUT USTHE PRINCIPLES THAT GUIDE USSimpleBespokeCommercial We operate in a We tailor our approach Our solutions are designed straightforward, straight to clients needs to solve business challengestalking mannerand objectives Measurable SustainableWe use data to constructWe share best practiceand measure the ROI of ourwith your team so they engagement programmes can keep improving 6. ABOUT USTHE WAY WE THINK We begin by understanding your strategic business objectives. We then define what employee engagement needs to look like in your organisation in order to deliver those objectives. Lastly, we help you to identify and improve what drives employee engagement in your organisation.Hard Engagement EngagementOrganisational Drivers OutcomesOutcomesKey Question #3Key Question #2Key Question #1What are the key drivers How can employees help toWhat are your strategic objectives?of employee attitudesachieve these objectives?and behaviours? 7. ABOUT USHOW WE HELP OUR CLIENTSWe help organisations on their entire engagement journey,or sometimes for just a part of it. Whether thats to: Using research to show how people factors drive Measure performance, and to assess Engagement how engaged your people are and what drives them. Develop business-focusedThinkPerformance engagement strategies to achieve better performance EngagementThrough outcomes across theEngagement organisation. Implement engagement Deliver solutions and provide support across our fourEngagement practice areas. 8. ABOUT USRESULTS WE DELIVER FINANCIALS Increased growth, profitability and EPSCUSTOMER/CLIENTSIncreased customer/clientsatisfaction, increased loyalty,advocacy and spendPEOPLEIncreased productivity,talent attractionand retention 9. OUR OFFERMEASURE THINKDELIVER 10. OUR OFFERLINKING ENGAGEMENT TO THE BOTTOM LINEENGAGENOMICSActionsEngagement Businessoutcomesoutcomes Initiative DriverMetrics Initiative Driver Engaged Definition for your businessMetrics Initiative DriverStrategicBusinessPriority 11. OUR OFFERWE WORK ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE ENGAGEMENT UNIVERSEYOUR ENGAGEMENT UNIVERSEEngaging leaders & managersDELIVER Culture & employer brandEffective communicationsCollaboration & social business SUSTAIN CUSTOMERS THIINKLEADERS MANAGERS EMPLOYEES MEMBERS ALUMNIMEASUREMENTResearch Analytics 12. OUR OFFERPRACTICE AREAS ENGAGINGCULTURE & EMPLOYEE COLLABORATION & LEADERSHIPEMPLOYER BRANDCOMMUNICATIONS SOCIAL BUSINESS We use research toWe assess how yourWe assess theWe identify your desired measure the leadershipexisting culture supports effectiveness of youroutcomes and assess behaviours, capabilitiesthe vision and strategy,existing communication the drivers, culture, Measure and attitudes in your and what employeesstrategies and plans:capability and framework businessfeel about your employeracross audiences,for collaboration in your brand messaging and channels company Our game-changing We formulate strategicWe design evidence We create a strategy that strategies help develop advice and supportbased strategies towill maximise ROI from your leaders and achievearound your culturalenhance your channelsyour existing platform(s),Thinkyour strategic business frameworks andand ensure messagesor recommend new ones objectives for the future employer branding make a connection strategies Our bespoke leadershipWe create tangible, We help you to deliver We drive your desired solutions help you to measurable tools foryour messages with collaborative culture and deliver your leadership achieving your desiredmaximum impact,behaviours to deliver the Deliver ambitions. Our analyticsoutcomesthrough story telling, agreed outcomes help to prove ROI and strong visuals and a connect leadership to selection of media. hard business KPIs 13. OUR OFFERLEADERSHIP Linkage analytics to Smart research and analytics to measure help prove ROI and leadership behaviours, capabilities and connect leadership to Measureattitudes and assess the current state hard business KPIs of leadership in your business LEADER MANAGER ORGANISATION DeliverThink Bespoke leadership solutionsEffective, game-changing to help deliver on your strategies to help develop leadership ambitionsyour leaders and achieve your strategic business objectives 14. OUR OFFERCULTURE AND EMPLOYER BRAND Understanding whereDetermining the right your organisationcultural framework wants to gofor success VISION CULTURE PEOPLE BEHAVIOUR Identifying theUnderstanding which skills and talentbehaviours will needed to succeedcontribute to success 15. OUR OFFEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSUnderstanding Engaging peopleyour audiencewith your storyPEOPLE STORYINSIGHTS CHANNELSInvesting time Simplifying accessand effort in theto information andright things knowledge sharing 16. OUR OFFERCOLLABORATION AND SOCIAL BUSINESS 1. LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS5. ANALYSE, FOCUS Outcome mapping, culture, AND DEVELOP tools, existing researchData analysis, modelling, ROI, advice,building capability, governance Technology agnosticSupported by all Engage2. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENTpractices and teams Collaborate to deliver collaboration,4. EMBED probably with IC, HR, IS, Culture, BrandRoll-out further leadership andProven modelstakeholder engagement, adoptioncampaigns, localisation, culture3. IMPLEMENT Adoption strategy, communications,community management, leadership, culture, content, measurement 17. WHYENGAGE? We only do Engagement, and we do all of it Our solutions solve business challenges We tailor our approach to clients needs and objectives We measure everything we do, including the ROI of our Engagement programmes We are straight talking and we wont confuse you with jargon We apply research and science using our registered tools Were fanatical about clients 18. WHY ENGAGE?OUR CLIENTS