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Genres and Sub-Genres Research By Michael Scotney

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Genres and Sub-GenresResearch

By Michael Scotney

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Demon Hunter Demon Hunter are a band within the

metal genre Throughout their discography, their

sub-genre can be described as heavy metal, Christian metal, metalcore, groove metal or alternative metal

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Metal Genre Metal music is characterised traditionally by loud

distorted guitars, emphatic vocals (harsh and clean), dense bass and drum sound and heavy rhythms.

The fans of metal are stereotypically largely younger, white and male. Long black hair and ripped jeans, with often black t-shirts is the stereotypical uniform.

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Christian Metal Subgenre Christian metal is an overarching form of

metal that can be portrayed through any style of metal (deathcore, metalcore etc).

It is defined by solely its lyrics referring to Christian matters or beliefs. Famous bands include Norma Jean, August Burns Red, Stryper and Demon Hunter.

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Metalcore Subgenre Metalcore is a very broad genre that can

be said to consist of a fusion between extreme metal and hardcore punk.

It is noted for breakdowns, is a fairly recent subgenre and contains popular bands such as All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria.

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Groove Metal Subgenre Groove metal has the intensity and sound

of thrash metal, but is played mainly at a mid-tempo with growled or screamed vocals and down tuned riffs.

Pantera founded the genre in 1990, and famous bands such as Machine Head, Gojira and Lamb of God are groove metal.

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Alternative Metal Subgenre Alternative metal mixes heavy metal with

influences from a range of subgenres not normally associated with metal. They are often characterised by melodic vocals, heavy riffs and unconventional structures.

Bands who have been called alternative metal are Korn, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Papa Roach and Deftones.

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‘The Last One Alive’ Subgenre

In my opinion, ‘the last one alive’ belongs to the alternative metal subgenre. It has elements of heavy metal and elements of hard rock, and so is alternative metal.

It’s verses have melodic vocals and calm riffs, whilst it has a long solo, forceful vocals in the chorus alongside heavy riffs and dense drum and bass.

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How we will use this in our video (subverting/conforming to conventions)

From this information I have collected based on the band, song, genre and subgenre, I have found many things useful for my project.

Firstly, I think from this, we will plan to use dynamic shots of energetic performance of the ‘metal’ heavy choruses and calmer, more emotional performances with static or small movement shots for the ‘rock’ melodic verses. This will emphasise the alternative metal sound and therefore make the song and video more appealing to the target audience segment.

Page 10: A2 Media - Genres and Sub Genres

How we will use this in our video (subverting/conforming to

conventions) (cont.) I also think we will subvert, however, the metal genre

convention of uniform and personal appearance because we will be performing as the band members, and we do not have the appearance/costume.

Another part I have learned through this secondary research that I will conform to is the metal genre desire to focus on the technical ability of the members to perform the song. Therefore, we will include shots of the actors performing their parts with main emphasis in close ups on the instruments themselves, which is what the metal genre audience wants to see.