a trip to africalasia

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Some animals discover freedom after scaping from a zoo


  • A trip to Africalasia

    By Sofa & Dinamite

    IES San Fernando

  • The giraffe Palomita lived in the zoo with more

    animal friends. She is young, smart and friendly.

    The panda Bamb is very funny. She is Palomitas

    best friend. She is lazy and crazy.

  • The elephant, Burbuja, is very big. He is shy and

    quiet but very sensitive and caring.

    The zoo is in New York. The city is very noisy and


  • One day, Palomita hears the guard talking about an

    unexpected change of zoo. The zoo is in Beijing, even

    worse than the zoo in New York.

    The giraffe has a good occasion to run away from the

    zoo with some friends. She decides to take a taxi and

    go to the airport.

  • They took a plane to Africalasia, the place where they

    wanted to live.

    The plane landed onto a meadow where some zebras

    were eating. The zebras were very friendly and invited

    them to eat.

  • Then, they took a hot air balloon and flew away

    towards the jungle!

    When they landed, they saw a big tiger. Burbuja and

    the tiger became friends and the elephant satyed with


  • Bamb met another pandas and she had a baby panda

    with one of them, Now she is happy.

    Palomita also found a family who lived together with

    a noisy monkey. Palomita joined the family and lived

    happy with them.