A Quick Guide to Effective Google Adwords Campaign Management

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This presentation discusses tips and tricks for effective Google Adwords Campaign management.


  • 1. six essential steps to cut costs and increase CTR
    A Quick Guide to Effective Google Adwords Campaign
  • 2. Research your keywords
    There is no substitute to detailed keyword research
    Get more keywords than you think you need
    Differentiate between research and buy keywords in your market
  • 3. Logical organization of Campaigns & Groups
    Campaigns contain Ad Groups which contain your keywords
    Groups clustered in very tight matches between phrases and ads
    If a keyword does not sit well, create a new Ad Group
    Any further difference and that means a new Campaign
    Ad for Coffee Machine keywords has Coffee Machine in the headline
  • 4. Specific Landing Pages
    Take visitors to highly specifically optimized landing pages, usually not your home page
    http://www.adnanali.org/adnan-ali-bio and not http://www.adnanali.org
  • 5. Rotate & Test ads
    Create two ads, always run two ads
    Always split test these ads
    Create a control ad and test if it works against your second ad
    Pick the winner (CTR & Conversion) and create another test ad
    Change one thing at a time and wait till at least 30 clicks before choosing winner
  • 6. Win through ctr not high bids
    You can easily divide prescribed bid rates by two to start bidding.
    Check for performance and ad position. Change bid conservatively if required
    Delete non-converting keywords and cut your costs by 40%
  • 7. Learn how Google adwords auction works
    The key point is that Quality Score is made up of three components:
    Click Through Rate (CTR)
    Relevancy of the Ad to the User Searched Keyword
    Landing Page Quality
  • 8. Bonus: Quality score is essential
    An ad is only useful to the user if the landing page it leads to helps them find what they are looking for. A hight quality landing page should:
    have relevant, original content
    be easily navigable
    have quick load time
    minimum (none, if you ask me) popups or popunders
    be transparent about the nature of the business
    privacy policy
  • 9. My experience
    Overall Campaign Click Through Rate of 10.91%
    Takes some careful planning, practice and creativity in testing ads
    Using Conversion Tracking helps me analyze my campaign from the click to the conversion. Set it up at the start of the campaign.
    Using Website Optimizer helps me tune landing page performance. Test, test, test