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Baroque Music By: Alesha, Danielle and Sumin *Yes we are aware that this is Canon in D again but this is the rock version by Jerry C.

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Baroque Music

Baroque MusicBy: Alesha, Danielle and Sumin

*Yes we are aware that this is Canon in D again but this is the rock version by Jerry C.


Western European Art MusicLasted from 1600-1750Was followed by Classical eraMost diverse music period

What is Baroque Music?

Portugese baroccoTerm used in 19th centuryMeant oddly shaped pearlBach and Handels exaggerated musicIn Italian it meant bizarreWhere does the word Baroque come from?

Dramatic contrastsBasso continuoEnergetic rhythmsInstrumentationRepeated musical ideas bass linesCharacteristics of Baroque music

Musicians found a way to express emotions Melody with chord accompanimentExtreme emotions (stressed)OperaEarly Baroque (1600-1640)

Major and minor scalesInstrumental music was very popularViolin being the most popular

Middle Baroque (1640-1680)

Famous Baroque music made in this periodInstrumental and vocal music were very importantAffectionsVocal music had drastic changes

Late Baroque (1680-1750)

Famous Instruments

Sound is played by vibrating strings.The string may be plucked, bowed/rubbed or blown.Fact: animal guts are sometimes used to make stringsStrings

Long pipes with wide ends is an instrument familyMade of brassVery loudUses breath and vibration of lip to produce sound.Brass

Famous musicians


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685- 1695)Born : March 21 1685Died: July 28 1695Famous for: Minuet in G and Ave MariaNationality: German

Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706)Born: September 1 1653Died: March 3 1706Nationality: ItalianFamous for: Canon in D

Played in Orchestras and concertsHeard in solos of heavy metal guitaristsYngwie Malmsteem and Deep purpleAnother example is this songMusic in our daily lives

Rich and diversePowerful and inspiringShaped culture and music history forever


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