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<ul><li><p>a missions study for students</p></li><li><p>INTRODUCTION AND IMPLEMENTATION</p><p>This curriculum is a five-session small group study ready to incorporate into a weekend retreat setting, such as Disciple Now. In addition to the five small group sessions, the curriculum also includes sermon outlines and optional activ-ity suggestions. The goal of this study is to expose students to the biblical call of missions and prepare them to reach every language, people, tribe and nation as a part of Gods global purpose. </p><p>This curriculum focuses on Matthew 16:24-27 and examines the call to follow Jesus. Over the course of the weekend, students will see that by denying them-selves, taking up their cross and following Christ, they will not only find life, but they will also have the privilege of participating in Gods work throughout the world. The curriculum challenges students to pray, to give and ultimately to go. </p><p>The curriculum can be used two ways:</p><p>Broad FocusUse this curriculum to build a broad-based heart for missions in your students. Over the course of the weekend, students will be exposed to Scripture and stories about what God is doing in the world and how He desires to use them as a part of His plan. The goal is to ignite students passion for missions and set them on the road to pursue missions individually. You can follow up with a 10 Days of Sacrifice Challenge. You may plan a special night, roughly a week and a half after the Disciple Now, where students pick a missionary, project or people group for whom they will advocate. Making students aware of individual mission opportunities is also beneficial. Students should be led to pray, give and go on their own. </p><p>Specific FocusGo beyond simply exposing your students to missions in general. Adopt a people group or project together. During your weekend event your group can:</p><p> focus on a specific project, pray for that project give (financially) to the project plan a mission trip to work with that project</p><p>This approach allows students to rally around one project and one goal and work together for the Gospel.</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Theme Verse Matthew 16:24-25 (NASB) Then Jesus told his disciples, If any-one would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. </p><p>Things youll need to purchaseCandy as a prize for small group session five</p><p>Materials available to you 10 Days of Sacrifice booklet you might want to use these after your retreat. OBEDIENT logo for use on t-shirts, banners, flyers. OBEDIENT student participant book OBEDIENT bracelets for students Email: studentteam@imb.org to order any needed materials or download from http://www.onelifematters.org/resources</p><p>MEDIA OPTIONS FOR EACh SMALL gROUP SESSIONS</p><p>Session OneVideo: Olwetus Hope https://vimeo.com/57147439 Music: Chris Tomlin I Will Follow</p><p>Session TwoVideo: Kingdom of Darknesshttp://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15375&amp;mvidext=flv Music: Chris Tomlin White Flag</p><p>Session ThreeVideo: One Cup of Water https://vimeo.com/43621049 Bracelets for purchase from imbStudents (see above in Materials available to you)</p><p>Session FourVideo: Let it Shine http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15464&amp;mvidext=flv Song: Lecrae Send Me</p><p>Session FiveVideo: I Cannot Be Silent http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15372&amp;mvidext=flv Song: Toby Mac Lose my Soul</p><p>2</p><p>https://vimeo.com/57147439http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15375&amp;mvidext=flv http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15375&amp;mvidext=flv https://vimeo.com/43621049http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15464&amp;mvidext=flv http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15464&amp;mvidext=flv http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15372&amp;mvidext=flv http://www.imb.org/main/downloads/embedvideos.asp?flashvars=mvid=15372&amp;mvidext=flv </p></li><li><p>OBEDIENT SERMON SUggESTIONS</p><p>SERMON ONE: Philippians 3:1-14Paul is a shining example of what God can do through a life completely surren-dered to Him. This passage is an excellent text for the first sermon of a Disciple Now weekend or for a weekend centered around missions. We, like the early Saul, are often consumed with our own pride, distinctions and abilities. However, once we encounter Christ, we realize that all things are trash compared to the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus. </p><p>Before students can deny themselves and take up their cross, they must have the same attitude and mindset as Paul. The desire to live a life of missions begins with a desire to know Christ. During this first sermon, challenge the students to focus on what Christ offers, not what they bring to the table. As Paul says in verse 12 I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Students must consider the reason Christ has taken hold of their lives and if they are willing to take hold of the task that He has given them. </p><p>SERMON TWO: Philippians 1:12-21The second sermon should build off the previous sermon and small group ses-sions. At this point in the weekend, students will have encountered the chal-lenge to live a life that seeks to spread the Gospel. The second sermon should bring this concept to life by illustrating how Paul lived out the Gospel.</p><p>Once we come to know and love Jesus, we become passionate about the things Jesus is passionate about, seeing the lost come to salvation. This passage does an incredible job of showing how Paul views his life through the lens of the Gospel. Pauls imprisonment is a benefit to the Gospel. Pauls opponents are serving to help him share the Gospel. Paul continues to rejoice no matter the circumstances because Christ is proclaimed. To live is Christ, and to die is gain.</p><p>During this final message, challenge the students to see their lives as Paul saw his. If he was living, then that meant fruitful labor. And if he died, he got to be with Jesus. What a perspective! Imagine what God could do with students who had this same heart!!</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>SAMPLE SChEDULE</p><p>FRIDAY NIghTRegistration/dinnerLarge group worshipSmall group (one to two sessions) Session 1: COME AFTER ME Session 2: DENY YOURSELF</p><p>SATURDAYBreakfastSmall groups in morning (two sessions) Session 3: TAKE UP YOUR CROSS Session 4: FOLLOW MELunchAfternoon activity (recreation, team building, missions)DinnerWorship (possible additional activity such as a prayer walk)Small group (one session) Session 5: LOSE YOUR LIFE</p><p>SUNDAYWake upHead to church (possible small group/possible debriefing of the weekend)</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>SATURDAY AFTERNOON SUggESTIONSRECREATION OPTIONSYou may want to break the seriousness or intensity of the weekend by using organized games, scavenger hunts or competitions between the small groups.</p><p>TEAM-BUILDINg OPTIONSAnother option would be to provide team building activities. This would add an element of fun but would also deepen the bonds between group members. The team-building element also forces group members to work together. The same teamwork aspect is an important part of missions and would be a great tie-in.</p><p>MISSIONS ACTIVITIESIf the focus of the weekend is missions, why not allow the students to partici-pate in local ministry during the weekend? Options for this are limitless: from partnering with churches, ministries or food banks, to doing yard work for indi-viduals in the community. Many times it is helpful not simply to teach students about missions but allow them to serve. This allows students to immediately live out what they are studying as a group.</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>SATURDAY NIghT OPTIONSBROAD MISSIONS PRAYERWALKOne way students could put into action the things they are learning is to partici-pate in a prayerwalk. For the broad prayerwalk, different stations could be set up for different OneLife or mission sites. During the course of their walk stu-dents could pray for different people groups, missionaries, or the general needs of various OneLife projects. www.onelifematters.org The set-up could be as simple as a pasteboard with facts or as complicated as a full set design.</p><p>FOCUSED PRAYERWALKAnother option is a focused prayerwalk. In this scenario, groups would con-duct a prayerwalk built around the needs of a specific OneLife project. www.onelifematters.org This will work well if the church or group has adopted a specific missions project. An example could be the One Cup of Water project. Students could travel a course of collecting water containers, gathering water, transporting the water, finding a fire to purify the water and finally distributing the water. At each station students could pray for specific requests related to that project. </p><p>PRAYER FOR STUDENT MISSIONARIESTake time to pray for students who are feeling the call into ministry.</p><p>COMMUNIONCompare Jesus ultimate act of obedience with our call to obedience.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>OBEDIENT SESSION ONE: COME AFTER MEICEBREAKERS</p><p>Option 1: Do As I Say ... Not As I DoThe group should get in a circle. The first person SAYS something that he/she likes (I like to dance), but DOES something else (shoots a basketball). The sec-ond person DOES what was just SAID (dances), but SAYS something he/she likes (jogging). The pattern then continues around the circle.</p><p>Lesson Tie-In: We have a hard time with this because we want to copy what people do not what they say. We tend to follow peoples actions more than their words.</p><p>Option 2: Name CircleThis option will work well with new groups whose members do not know one another. The group begins in a circle. The first person will say his/her name, an adjective and gives a motion.The next person must repeat the other persons name, adjective and motion, and then add his/her own. This process continues until everyone in the circle has gone.</p><p>Lesson Tie-In: Its pretty easy going at the beginning, but it gets more difficult by the end. Sometimes its harder to come after someone than it is to go first. During this study were going to talk about what it looks like to come after or follow Jesus. </p><p>INTRODUCTION TO LESSON</p><p> Who is a famous person or celebrity you think would be fun to follow around for a day?</p><p> Why do you think following that person would be enjoyable? Would you choose a different person to follow if you had to spend your entire </p><p>life with him/her? Why? What characteristics make someone worth following?</p><p>Read Matthew 4:18-22 Why do you think these men were so quick to follow Jesus?</p><p> What did these men leave behind to follow Jesus?</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>The situation is crazy to say the least. We have four different men who are going about their normal lives when Jesus shows up and changes everything. They leave their careers, they leave the comforts of home, they abandon security, and they follow Jesus. At first glance we may think there is something special about the disciples. Maybe they had an extreme amount of faith, so leaving their lives to walk with Jesus was simply an incredible act of obedience on their part. Or, we could think that these men were easily manipulated or simple. Maybe they had nothing better going on in their lives. </p><p>However, the more likely explanation is not that the disciples were simple or that they were incredible men of faith already, but instead that there was something drastically different about Jesus. Jesus taught like no one else, Jesus loved like no one else, Jesus was different, and Jesus was a BIG DEAL. And since Jesus was such a BIG DEAL, the invitation to follow Jesus was a BIG DEAL. This was huge! Someone so special was inviting these fishermen to follow Him and be His disciples. What a privilege! What an honor!! </p><p>It was more of a privilege and an honor than these men could even comprehend at the moment. They had been invited by the very Son of God to walk with Him, learn from Him and be a part of His master plan to rescue mankind. WOW!! But, heres the crazy thing that invitation wasnt only to those 12 disciples, its also extended to us. </p><p>Read Matthew 16:24-27 What requirements does Jesus place on us in order to follow Him?</p><p> What happened to the disciples who followed Jesus?</p><p>While the call to come after Jesus is an incredible privilege, notice how Jesus describes it. We must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. While the following Him part sounds nice, the idea of denying ourselves and taking up our crosses sounds less appealing. Few people get excited about taking up an instrument of their own death. And what about the original disciples? How did following Jesus turn out for them?</p><p>Tradition tells us that Peter, Andrew and James all suffered martyrdom, and while John appears to have died at an old age, his life was far from easy. In Revelation we find that John has been exiled to the island of Patmos due to his faith and following of Jesus. So, while this invitation at first appears to be an incredible opportunity, it is clear that the result of responding to this invitation can often be anything but attractive. </p><p>8</p></li><li><p> Why would you follow someone, no matter how great he/she was, if doing so could result in your own death? </p><p> Why did these men follow Jesus until the end? </p><p> Why should we even consider following Him?</p><p>ThE ONE WORTh FOLLOWINg</p><p>Read Colossians 1:15-20These days we become obsessed with people in an instant. Entire TV channels and websites devote themselves to following the famous people in society. Magazines publish what the stars eat, how they dress and how we can be like them. Whether its political candidates, movie stars or reality show cast mem-bers, we get obsessed, and we want to know whats going on in their lives. </p><p>One of the biggest obsessions took place not long ago. William and Kate were about to be married, and the entire world had to be in on the action. We had to know what Kate would be wearing, how the reception would be decorated and who would be in attendance. The question is: why was this wedding such a big deal? Why did anyone care about William and his soon-to-be bride? The answer is very simple. He is a prince! He was born into the royal line, and for that rea-son alone people feel the need to follow his every move. He has done nothing significant to deserve this fame, other than being born into a royal family. </p><p> How does Paul describe Jesus in Colossians 1:15-20?</p><p> What are some things that make Jesus unique?</p><p>Jesus is special. There has never before been anyone like Him, and there will never be anyone else like Him. He is the very Son of God, He was present and active in the creation of the world, He has always existed, He is all powerful, He holds all things together, and all the fullness of God dwells in Him. Why should we follow Jesus? Because there is no one like Him. He is the Son of God, and for that reason alone He is worthy to be followed.</p><p> Who is your favorite teacher?</p><p> What makes him/her a great teacher?</p><p> How does this teacher influence the work that you do?</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>(The small group leader should insert a perso...</p></li></ul>


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