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A PowerPoint for the 9th grade students. How to write an interview.


  • 1. A job interview

2. Interviewer : Good morning, Ms Regina Sofyan. Interviewee : Good morning, Mr John Smith. Interviewer : You are applying for the position of a public relations officer, arent you? Interviewee : Yes, Sir. Interviewer : Could you tell me a little about your educational background? Interviewee : I have a degree in Public Relations from Oxford University. Interviewer : Can you tell me about your last job? Interviewee : Im a receptionist in a developing company. Interviewer : Could you tell me what your duties are? Interviewee : I receive guests and in-coming phone calls. Interviewer : I would like to know whether you know your responsibilities if you are accepted here. Interviewee : As far as I know, a PR officer is responsible for building a good relationship not only between the company and its employees, but also among employees and between the company and customers or colleagues. 3. Interviewer : How would you describe your relationship with your present company? Interviewee : Our relationship is very good. We communicate well. Interviewer : So, I would like to know why you are leaving your job. Interviewee : I want to get a more challenging job which is relevant to my educational background. Interviewer : I wonder if you could tell me something about what kind of person you are. Interviewee : Im diligent and sociable. Im also a good communicator. Interviewer : What would you say about your weaknesses? Interviewee : Some people say Im a perfectionist. Interviewer : What is your goal for the future? Interviewee : Working for a well-developed company like this company. Interviewer : OK, Ms Regina Sofyan. Thats all for the interview today. Ill call you for the results later. Interviewee : Thank you for the interview. 4. Helping handInterview steps: 1. Welcome /greetings 2. refer to the job advertised 3. ask about work experience 4. ask about qualifications 5. tell if he/she got the job 5. Activity: In pairs you will have to choose a job to apply for and write an interview. Then, you will have to role play it!! GOOD WORK!ADVERTISEMENTS