A Day in the Life of a UX Practitioner 21 January 2013 Dr Chandra Harrison.

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  • A Day in the Life of a UX Practitioner 21 January 2013 Dr Chandra Harrison
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  • Who am I?
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  • Who are you?
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  • UCD/UX Community
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  • Jobs in UCD
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  • UCD/UX Debates Research Rigour vs. Quick and Dirty Usability vs. User Experience Qualitative vs. Quantitative Academia vs. Industry Client side vs. Agency
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  • What is User Experience?
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  • A Day in the Life (Agency) Business Development Research Preparation Data Gathering Analysis Presenting Deliverables Client Liaison Always short on time and resources Varied projects, but rarely end to end
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  • A Day in the Life (Client Side) Theoretical Research Research Preparation Data Gathering Analysis Presenting Deliverables Internal Client Liaison Lots and Lots of Meetings More time to do the work, but more politics
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  • Creating a Quote First contact is usually a RFP emailed through Its rare to get more detailed information Discussion with clients is vital, but difficult Trade offs are always needed Push back is not done often enough Timeframes to write a quote are usually short Agency are seen as gatekeepers, not partners
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  • Creating a Quote Many factors must be considered and documented in a quote Need to be clear of their objectives Business and Usability and Project Staff resourcing is complicated Clients often have fixed delivery times Important to confirm the fidelity of deliverables
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  • Participants Participants take time to recruit Recruit participants from an agency Screener from the client Typically 10 20 Demographic/marketing mix
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  • Typical Project Plan Kick offPrepare Equipment and Prepare test plan Analysis & recommendations Final Presentation and handover of materials Pilot Study User Research High level Findings Workshop
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  • Research Set up
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  • Quoting Brief Ecommerce website that sells cook wear Going through a complete redesign Want to launch end of February Clickable full resolution prototype Coding is incomplete and is being done in India Need to test user experience prior to release because of internal directives Need to deliver the results to the client by 17 February
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  • Quoting Task Research Objectives Participants/Recruitments Method Time Frames Deliverables Touch points Staffing resources Other costs
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  • Choosing Methods Aim for the ideal, settle for best practice Something is always better than nothing Integrating people with different needs Lab set up challenges vs. field work challenges Time and Budget restrictions Expert Review vs. User Testing Guerrilla testing friends & family testing High level findings rather than detailed analysis (Steve Krug)
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  • Ethnographic observation
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  • Diary Studies
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  • Card sorting
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  • Tieman Refreshable Braille Display Accessibility
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  • Heuristic Evaluation
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  • Lab based user interviews
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  • Methods Brief Large financial corporation Testing a consumer mobile phone app Evaluative testing prior to release Restricted working prototype through a url Client wants video highlights
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  • Methods Task What methods would you use? Client-side with limited time and limited budget fit within 2 week agile sprint Agency with 4 weeks and 20,000 Lab or Field Equipment set up Participants
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  • Methods Task Client-side guerrilla testing in lab Agency lab based user test Equipment set up (Mr Tappy) Participants (small business owners)
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  • Deliverables Clients very rarely read detail Want/need bullet points and check lists Format is important many different formats Cost implications of xls vs ppt Project stage will influence format Consultation is often not seen as a deliverable Provide evidence quotes, videos, photos, transcripts, notes
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  • Deliverables Communicating with clients Relationship building Push back Conflict resolution Deliverables to Inform Design Rich pictures Personas User journeys, story boards Audits (detail and summary)
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  • Deliverables Presenting to the Client Encourage a face-to-face delivery Explain the research Explain the deliverables Answer the questions Provide the stories Facilitate the solutions Encourage follow up work
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  • Workshop with the team to identify issues and generate ideas for possible solutions
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  • Get the client involved
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  • Recommendations: Recommendation 1 Recommendation 2 This is an annotation with a severity indicator This is an annotation with a severity indicator ! This is an annotation with a severity indicator !! This is an annotation with a severity indicator !!! This is an annotation without a severity indicator Communicating Problems
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  • Example Personas
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  • Deliverables Brief Large corporate client that has four different bands of clients Large Retail (Tesco) Retail Sales Online Sales Market Stall Sales Know little about their customers Little understanding of the value of UCD Early in site redesign Small budget, but good timeframes
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  • Summary There are pros and cons of where you work Its not always possible to apply best practice Business needs are very important Soft skills such as consulting are valuable I love my job
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  • Chandra_harrison@yahoo.com @DrKiwiGirl http://uxpa-uk.org