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A Brighter Future. By : Student C. What Will Be Discussed?. How America may end up to be. The consumption of fossil fuels and their disruption of the Ozone layer. The Rebuttal. Automotive companies, The Oil Industry, and Renewable Energy Sources. Let’s Start From The End. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A Brighter Future

A Brighter FutureBy: Student CWhat Will Be Discussed?How America may end up to be.The consumption of fossil fuels and their disruption of the Ozone layer.The Rebuttal.Automotive companies, The Oil Industry, and Renewable Energy Sources.Lets Start From The EndThebrispost.com

Could modern-day China become the United States of America?The Ozone Layer and Fossil FuelsThe Ozone layer is an area of the atmosphere which is, obviously, comprised of ozone, which helps block harmful light rays produced by the sun.Fossil fuel emissions are generally comprised of heavy amounts of CO2 and N2O. CO2 reflects head and N2O degrades the Ozone layer. Both are linked to serious negative outcomes. Renewable EnergyThe RebuttalThe Oil and Automotive IndustryThe oil and the automotive industries are backed up by advocates who try to weasel out of providing America with soluble excuses. They claim its far too expensive, and that technology doesnt provide the right tools.Is Renewable Energy Feasible For America? TurnerIs it possible to supply all of Americas energy needs with renewable energy?

Automotive CompaniesCurrent Automotive ExcusesTechnology does not support the switch to zero-emission vehicles.Its not worth investing into.Tesla Motors TeslaMotors.comThe Model S can provide a battery that can withstand an average of 265 miles in one full charge.Tesla has just recently announced that it has exceeded expectations for profits.The Oil Industry

The oil industry is a large market, but the alternative energy market can compete. Needing positions such as engineers, researchers, and scientists.Thedailygreen.comCan Renewable Energy Supply Americas Needs?

Of course it can. Wind power, Hydropower, and Solar power combined can take on the challenge.

Wind power uses fans that spin to generate energy, which is perfect for small towns. Hosansky

These two methods of obtaining renewable energy provide support for large scale and small scale consumption. Hydropower can power very large cities. Solar power can help with small scale projects, like homes.Hydropower and Solar Power

ConclusionAmerica has serious potential to become a wasteland for pollution.The automotive industry should follow in the footsteps of Tesla and create more zero-emission cars.The renewable energy market can compete with the oil industry with proper funding.When combined, hydropower, wind power, and solar power can help supply Americas energy demands.Works CitedTurner, John A. "A Realizable Renewable Energy Future." JSTOR. JSTOR, 30 July 1999. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. Hosansky, David. "Wind Power." CQ Researcher Online. CQ Press, 1 Apr. 2011. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.Go Farther. Features and Specs. TeslaMotors.com N.D. Web. 2013 April 12Renewable Energy Is Beneficial for the Environment. Renewable Energy. Ed. Jacqueline Langwith. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from Chapter 1: The Development of Energy. Science Clarified. 2007. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 22 Feb. 2013.