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By James Morgan, Bilaal Dar, Kieran Vaughan and Arun Seniveratne Keeping Healthy App

Mini Elevator Pitch

We are developing a Healthy eating app to help children and teenagers learn how to be healthy. Well be different to other apps because we wont stress users and actually tell them how the regimes will help them. Our app will help solve the problem of keeping healthy.

Our Aim

Our aim is to show children why you should keep fit and how you can keep fit.We are developing an app for children and teenagers, it will show users exercise regimes and what to eat. We want our app to encourage children and teenagers to keep active.

Helping children keep fit and healthy

Users wanted useful information which was easy to understand

They also wanted information on diets, a useful exercise regime and information about healthy eating

They wanted information for their specific needs

People said they wanted an app which is easy to understand. They want proper information which can help become more healthy. 70% of people who took this test said they were interested in the app, while over 90% of people said they didnt have an app like the Keeping healthy app. Many of the people who took the survey were from the age of 10-17 which is the market we are going for.Who said they use the app and how popular the idea is

How can children keep healthy without feeling pressurised

We believe children shouldnt have to just do exercise and not know how this is helping them keep healthy. We dont want our app to force them to do a heavy exercise regime everyday

The problem we are solving

Our app is going to solve weight loss and help children keep healthy while having fun. Our app gets rid of the pressure and helps children have fun. The information given in the app is necessary and doesnt bore the user because it will contain interesting facts.

Use your key insights statements from your findings during Scoping to provide evidence that your app is solving a genuine problem in a different way for users.

Examples: Buzzer Buddiez: you wake up to hit snooze/ switch off the alarm, but dont get up. Friends and family i.e. social pressure can help to push you to actually get out of bed. Transit: parent- teacher conferences are not open-ended conversations. You can map the key areas of negative feedback around attendance, behaviour, results etc. to bridge the conversation between parents and teachers. Oyster on the Go: Oyster travel data can already be accessed online, the key trick is to make it easily accessible on the go. Cattle Manager: You can keep a simple record of your actions on your phone

Competitors or alternative solutionsthat already exist in the market

On the google play store there is no app that advertises to children or teenagers about weight loss. However on the apple app store there is an app called Kurbo. Our app is better though because it gives you more information and you dont have to subscribe to use the app.

How Feasible is the app

Our app is unique because there arent many like it. There is the problem of people not using it regularly but we can combat this problem by using user interaction on social media to see what our users want. We believe our app is feasible and can be set up

Summarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well. Our Marketing Strategy

We are going to get people into our app by using social media. We believe interacting with our users will help spread the word about our app and make our users go on the app more regularly. This will help the amount of people on the Keeping Healthy app.

Extra information

We created a website to give people more information about the app. We created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help us interact with people connected with the app. This is our survey link to get information from users on how we should improve the app. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7TSBMDN