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  • 9.00 am Registration

    An opportunity to chat before the course begins.

    Tina Hartley & Lucy Beattie

    SCF Training Project Managers

    9.15 am

    Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar

    Why diversify?

    Patrick Krause

    SCF Chief Executive

    9.45 am Presenting Your Produce

    Introduction to FINDS

    Hazel takes a look at Food Law, Packaging, Labelling, Weights and Measures.

    Hazel Gordon

    Food Industry (North) Development


    11.15 am Refreshments

    11.30 am Social Media

    Rene introduces the role of Social Media in supporting your business.

    Rene Looper


    1.00 pm Lunch

    A quick 30 minutes to catch your breath before the afternoon session begins.

    1.30 pm Co-operation for Renewable Energy

    A look at crofting communities working together to promote renewable energy as a means

    of diversification.

    Jon Halle - Director

    Dingwall Wind Co-op

    2.45 pm Digital Inclusion – Cyber-Crofting

    Introduction to Citizens On-line

    Irene talks about an approach to digital inclusion that can be both powerful and

    sustainable giving consideration to the concept of Cyber-Crofting.

    Irene Warner-MacKintosh

    Digital Participation Co-ordinator

    4.00 pm End of Day 1 – Questions and Answers Session

    Time for Participants to ask any final Day 1 Questions.

    Patrick Krause

    SCF Chief Executive

  • 9.00 am Refreshments

    9.15 am

    Marketing Croft Holidays

    Russell introduces new Croft Holidays website and shares his experience of running

    a successful self-catering cottage.

    Russell Smith

    SCF Council Member for East

    Sutherland and Caithness

    10.45 am Marketing Produce Collectively

    Douglas has been involved in the local food sector for the past 15 years and is the National

    Development Officer for Farmers’ Markets, he is also Development Manager for “Community Food

    Fund” and “Think Local”.

    Douglas Watson

    Development Manager—Scottish

    Agricultural Organisation Society

    12.15 pm Lunch

    1.00 pm Care Farming

    Care Farming as a diversification opportunity.

    Toni Clark

    2.30 pm Refreshments

    2.45 pm Highland Folk Museum

    An introduction to the Highland Folk Museum

    Graham talks about the history of the Museum and how it has developed. He then introduces

    Crofter becomes Crafter Session.

    Graham Cross

    Operations Manager

    3.00 pm Crofter Becomes Crafter

    3 Examples of Croft based crafts.

    Graham, Lucy and Tina will take you to view and possibly have some “hands on experience”

    of 3 croft based crafts.

    Lucy Beattie, Tina Hartley and

    Graham Cross

    4.15 pm Question and Answer Session

    Final chance to ask Patrick any questions and an opportunity for the SCF to evaluate their first

    Intermediate Seminar.

    Patrick Krause

    SCF Chief Executive


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