9 Silly SEO Mistakes That Can Affect Your Rankings

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<ul><li><p>9 Silly SEO Mistakes That Can Affect Your Rankings </p><p>Your website is Companys face to the world which represents your online reputation. The main </p><p>purpose of designing a website is to create the right impression on your clients. To generate more </p><p>targeted traffic to your website, it is important to optimize your website for search engine with </p><p>the right SEO Strategies. </p><p>Yet webmasters and business owners still made some silly SEO mistakes that can affect their </p><p>Ranking on Google and other search engines. Here are the 9 Silly SEO mistakes that you might </p><p>make and how to fix them. </p><p>1. Publishing duplicate content </p><p>Duplicate Content means the same content appearing on more than one web page. The issue with </p><p>duplicate content is that search engine cannot recognized or decide about the originality of </p><p>content. Content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO. </p><p>To avoid being penalized from Google Panda, it is important that your website pages must not </p><p>contain low quality content, thin or duplicate content. </p><p>2. Ignoring On- Page SEO </p><p>There are many things we can control in SEO; one of them is On-Page SEO. Ignoring on-page </p><p>SEO is basically leaving a lot of potential on the table. The main common mistakes that we see </p><p>in On-page SEO are Awful Title Tags, Improper Keyword use, Terrible anchor Text, Naming </p><p>images poorly, avoiding contact information on all pages etc. These On-page activities play an </p><p>important role in rankings. </p><p>3. Poor Link building </p><p>Back links are the important factor for Good SEO and also indicate about the content quality. </p><p>When some other website links to yours, you get credibility from various search Engines. But </p><p>getting a back links from low quality websites can penalize your website by Google Penguin. </p><p>To avoid being penalized from Google Penguin, you should focus on getting link from high </p><p>Quality or high PR websites. </p><p>4. Avoiding Social Media </p><p>Social media optimization has become as important as SEO. Some SEOs say social media does </p><p>not have a major influence on SEO and others it has. Getting social shares is beneficial from </p><p>SEO point of view. Social shares are more important in calculating rankings and avoiding social </p><p>media can affect your rankings as Google is putting a lot of emphasis on Social Signals since </p><p>2014 so it just makes more sense to put equal attention to your social media activities. </p><p>Contact Us for Real Results </p><p>http://innothoughts.com/seo-services-company-pune.htmlhttp://www.innothoughts.com/seo-services-company-pune.htmlhttp://www.innothoughts.com/social-media-marketing.htmlhttp://www.innothoughts.com/request-a-quote.html</p></li><li><p>5. Forgetting Competitive Analysis </p><p>The Competitive Analysis should begin when you have to start SEO for your client website and </p><p>when you are doing Keyword research and it should continue as your site improves in the </p><p>rankings. It is important to carefully study about your competitors performance that what they </p><p>are doing. </p><p>6. Avoiding site loading speed </p><p>Website speed can affect your rankings; website that loads fast has much greater chances to rank </p><p>better. Users expect a website to load in 1 second. Slow loading speed of a website can lead to </p><p>greater bounce rate. You can use the Google Page Speed Insights tool to analyze your website. </p><p>7. Not tracking site traffic and flow with Google analytics </p><p>Are you monitoring your site traffic and flow with Google analytics? Google Analytics is the </p><p>leader in web analytics and enables you to determine the weaknesses and strengths of your </p><p>website. For example, With Google Analytics, you can see the number of people that are visiting </p><p>your website and also where that traffic is coming from, how they found your website, Web </p><p>browsers used by your visitors and what keywords were used by visitors etc. </p><p>8. Not Being Mobile Ready </p><p>An increasing percentage of the user access content using mobile and there is no reason to not be </p><p>mobile ready. Having a mobile website or responsive website will help your content to reach </p><p>greater number of audience. </p><p>9. Poor Site structure </p><p>A well planned site structure improves your chances of ranking well in Google's results. Site </p><p>Structure is important to enhance your SEO because better your site structure, the better your </p><p>chance of higher ranking in the search engines. The advantages of Good Site structure are better </p><p>user experience, better crawling and provide your site with site links. </p><p>To boost SEO, it is important that not to make mistakes based off common misconceptions. The </p><p>above listed mistakes are the most common mistakes that people do when it comes to SEO. It is </p><p>important to avoid these mistakes to optimize your website On-page for Search Engines. </p><p>http://www.innothoughts.com/mobile-application-development-company.html</p></li></ul>