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1. Can you go viral on your intranet?Ayesha GravesIntranet manager, ‘myfsb’@ayemorg 2. Key ingredients:1. Content2. Timing3. Opportunity4. Luck!...sort of!Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 3. Meet Norris• Or #Norris• How it started• Forum – ‘mymarket’• Fame!Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 4. Norris takes off• Wrote a blog –• Created a ‘treasurehunt’ for Norris -Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 5. Norris takes off• Used Norris to launchour Christmas activity...Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 6. Norris takes off• ...including an adventcalendar• But it wasn’t all funand games – rather amixture of:– social– business / staff info– intranet infoAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 7. Norris takes offAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorgFab idea. Off to stalk#Norris now!!...the advent calendarwas extremely popular,with hundreds of hitsin those 24 days beforeChristmas. 8. What was the impact?• Encouraged people tointeract – safe topic• Helped to showdifferentfunctions and areas• Helped people toengage withthe new intranet...Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg“If only Norris knew heis the star of myfsb” 9. What was the impact?... and discoversome of its key functions– Discussion forums– Document comments– Liking content– #taggingAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg“...as a new member ofstaff, found adventcalendar very helpful infamiliarising myself withthe intranet...” 10. What happened next?• Did Norris find a new home?– Yes• Does anyone use ‘mymarket’?– No• myfsb shown consistentgrowth since launch– from 75% to 95% todayAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayeshagk


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