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  • 1. Can you go viral on your intranet?Ayesha GravesIntranet manager, myfsb@ayemorg

2. Key ingredients:1. Content2. Timing3. Opportunity4. Luck!...sort of!Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 3. Meet Norris Or #Norris How it started Forum mymarket Fame!Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 4. Norris takes off Wrote a blog Created a treasurehunt for Norris -Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 5. Norris takes off Used Norris to launchour Christmas activity...Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 6. Norris takes off ...including an adventcalendar But it wasnt all funand games rather amixture of: social business / staff info intranet infoAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg 7. Norris takes offAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorgFab idea. Off to stalk#Norris now!!...the advent calendarwas extremely popular,with hundreds of hitsin those 24 days beforeChristmas. 8. What was the impact? Encouraged people tointeract safe topic Helped to showdifferentfunctions and areas Helped people toengage withthe new intranet...Ayesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorgIf only Norris knew heis the star of myfsb 9. What was the impact?... and discoversome of its key functions Discussion forums Document comments Liking content #taggingAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayemorg...as a new member ofstaff, found adventcalendar very helpful infamiliarising myself withthe intranet... 10. What happened next? Did Norris find a new home? Yes Does anyone use mymarket? No myfsb shown consistentgrowth since launch from 75% to 95% todayAyesha Graves - Intranet Manager, FSB@ayeshagk