8 Secrets to designing viral inforgraphics

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<ul><li><p>8 secrets to designing viral </p><p>infographics</p><p>Plan</p><p>Prepare</p><p>Organise</p><p>Creating a captivating infographic that can charm and </p><p>inform simultaneously can sometimes be a bit like geo </p><p>tagging Dory. Where do you even start? Surely, youd </p><p>love it to be useful to your audience. But let's be real, </p><p>you wouldnt be devastated if it broke the internet. So </p><p>what are the design practices you need to know about </p><p>to give your infographic the best chance at megastar </p><p>virality?</p><p>The process of building an </p><p>infographic is somewhat like </p><p>constructing a building - its all about </p><p>the architect's preparation and </p><p>groundwork.</p><p>Make your visuals easy to </p><p>comprehend. Do this by </p><p>highlighting facts and statistics </p><p>throughout the piece. </p><p>Even the best designers cant do anything if they dont have a story </p><p>to tell. Try getting your team together to conceive an interesting </p><p>visual metaphor that blends two different ideas.</p><p>No.1 Start with a solid foundation</p><p>No.2 Crucial content </p><p>No.3 Easy on the eye </p><p>No.4 First impressions</p><p>600px width</p><p>Bullet points</p><p>Design a great headline and a stellar </p><p>first image. Try to incorporate the </p><p>theme of the infographic into the title </p><p>design.</p><p>The use of relevant diagrams and </p><p>data will help increase shares. Use </p><p>interesting facts to lure your viewer </p><p>into wanting to find out more about </p><p>the topic. </p><p>Tell a story through illustration. </p><p>Solve some kind of problem </p><p>your viewer is experiencing. </p><p>Answer a question by the end </p><p>of the infographic.</p><p>Avoid adding too many colours to your design. A good guide is to </p><p>not use any more than 4 colours, with 1-2 colours being the main </p><p>feature hues. Experiment by using an array of shades to </p><p>incorporate more tone and depth.</p><p>No.5 Diagrams and data </p><p>No.6 Colour trends</p><p>No.7 The narrative</p><p>No.8 Sharing is caring</p><p>Always offer clear call-to-actions and </p><p>social sharing opportunities. Its </p><p>especially important to place </p><p>a call-to-action at the conclusion.</p><p>Give your infographic the best chance at going viral by following the design tips weve covered here today. Dont worry if you dont know where to start. A good inbound agency will have abundant experience and useful insight that will help guide you through the whole process.</p><p>To learn more about inbound agencies visit:brandchemistry.com.au</p><p>SUCCESS!</p></li></ul>