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  • 1. 7 Things
  • 2. About Dino Enterprise Dino Enterprise, LLC builds leads for businesses and manages their reputation online. We enjoy creating stories for brands through various platforms. ! Mission What keeps us up late at night: ! Companies that have huge potential but aren't creatively telling their story online. It's hard to get your story across in life, let alone social. We can help. We are extremely passionate about helping brands grow and we are looking forward to talking to you shortly. ! "When Reputation Matters."
  • 3. 7 Things You SHOULD Be Doing on Social Media Presented by:
  • 4. Start marketing like the year we live! We are going to give you 7 things that you should be doing on social media, RIGHT NOW! These arent your typical tidbits of information, these are hardcore ideas, proven by statistics and research that WE are doing! We are giving you our methods to success online and we hope you nd this valuable. You now have the blueprint to our success and how we make our clients successful. Of course not everyone can handle all aspects of marketing and for that we strongly encourage you to higher a company that you believe and trust in. If not us, than someone who you trust even further. Too often businesses are created without the proper research, development, and understanding of survival! We do not want you to become another statistic, Social media is important, it has changed the way we interact and consume information. Use it to your advantage!
  • 5. Here is another statistic: Dinosaurs are the single most dominant mammal the earth has ever experienced. They ruled the world for millions of years and their remains are being discovered on a daily basis by archaeologists. Before their demise many moons ago, they left their mark on this earth. So while you and your business are on this planet, we encourage you to dominate your land, claim your territory, and scare the pants off your competition. Dont be another small business statistic but instead, allow your legacy to be remembered the exact same way dinosaurs have been.
  • 6. Chapter 1: Choose The Right Network
  • 7. Choose The Right Network Lets be clear, you need to be on social media for your business. HOWEVER, you do not need to be on every social network. Because you're in business, there is a strong chance that you already know who your clients are, but may not know where they are located when they're online. Too often, businesses try to be trendy and update every social network in order to gain exposure. If you are doing this, you are quite simply hurting yourself, and more importantly, you're hurting your customers! A large majority of the world is on Facebook therefore you NEED to be on this network and are missing out on possibly reaching billions of people. Not only organic reach, but advertising on Facebook is huge (more detail on this later). Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest and so many more networks can be strategically chosen to benet your business.
  • 8. Let's Break Down Who is on Each Specic Network
  • 9. The majority of users are between the ages of 45-65. Consider Facebook like iPhones. When the iPhone came out, all the kids had to get it. Then the parents wanted it because their kids had it. Now the kids dont want iPhones, they want Droids instead. Consider the youth, Droid in this example. Kids are going to other networks. Facebook
  • 10. Primarily consumed and used by people ages 25-34 and a huge surge of individuals 55 and over. Use this network to actually speak to people instead of shouting at them with messages and promotions. This is the water cooler of social media. Dont just post like you do on Facebook; it wont be effective. Twitter
  • 11. Instagram is primarily used by kids. They normally aren't on Facebook, but use Twitter in connection with Instagram. Seles, tness, fashion, food, and music are huge on this network. If any of these are the industry you are in, here is your rst hint to get on Instagram now! Instagram
  • 12. A vast majority of the users are using Pinterest and most of these users are women. We believe, however, in the up and coming year more men will begin using this network. Pinterest
  • 13. 6 second looping videos. This is the future of marketing, get ready! Study this networking heavily! People have shorter attention spans now more than ever and can spend hours watching these short videos. Vine
  • 14. Linkedin: Its beginning to become even more important to connect with 1st, 2nd and even 3rd degree connections. If you see someone you know, friend them. A huge transition is coming. Google Plus: LOCAL SEO. Enough said. Your posts can be found in Google's search results. Use it and use it daily. SnapChat: To those who think this network is all about nudity and childish games you are wrong. Create an account, and wait till you receive a snap from a friend. Then watch how quickly it takes you to read it! Powerful stuff. YouTube: Second largest search engineSECOND LARGEST SEARCH ENGINE! Choose The Right Network
  • 15. Chapter 2: Tell Your Story
  • 16. We all come from different backgrounds, have different lifestyles, dress differently, look differently, and act differently. To understand your story, you rst need to know why you started the company and your goals you want to achieve. Many businesses that have the mindset of making money fail. Dont do anything for money, but instead do it to cure a common problem. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your strategies: Tell Your Story
  • 17. Why are you in Business?
  • 18. What do you Stand for?
  • 19. What do you want to Accomplish?
  • 20. What are you Solving by Being in Business?
  • 21. Write down these answers and give them to your partner, mentor, or friend. By giving them to someone you trust, you are immediately accountable to make sure you stay true to yourself. Once you have an understanding of exactly what your story is, you need to begin telling it. You can tell your story in many ways, but most importantly, you need to gure out what works for you. Dont allow you or your business to become something you're not. Think of social media as a canvas and your story is the paint. Use the paint to tell your story and nd ways to creatively tell your story to your customers. Here are a few examples that we use on a consistent basis to help us and our clients with our marketing: Tell Your Story
  • 22. Qzzr: Are you addicted to BuzzFeed Quizzes? Well Qzzr is that, without knowing an ounce of code and it is so simple to share these quizzes throughout your social networks.
  • 23. ! Pic Monkey: Need a way to create visual content in a pinch, this is the site for you.
  • 24. ! Piktochart: Infographs done, without even touching Photoshop!
  • 25. Place It: Showcase your website through every day natural settings! Place it
  • 26. PowToon: Videos done right. Creating a high quality video will take no more than 10 minutes!
  • 27. Slideshare: Powerpoint's that work towards your SEO!
  • 28. Chapter 3: Share Content
  • 29. This sounds so simple but some websites still dont have their social media links on their website. You're missing out on a huge opportunity to market yourself and your business if they aren't present. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your webmaster. If you want to do it yourself, here is a video that will show you exactly how to install a very basic social media plug-in to your website. Now that your Social Media icons are on your website, consider yourself one step ahead of the competition. The next step to social media stardom is allowing your customers to share your content! Share Content
  • 30. Sharing content is benecial in so many ways:
  • 31. By allowing the opportunity for your customers to share your content, you are gaining more exposure for the blog/web page itself. The more people that see your content on your social networks, the larger your overall reach Share Content
  • 32. Every time an individual shares and/or comments on your content on Facebook specically, it is known as People Talking About You. Based off of case studies from our clients, we have recognized that there is a serious correlation between user mentions and how it affects organic reach on Facebook. Simply put, the more engaged your audience is with your content the better your results will be. Share Content
  • 33. Here are some suggestions to create engaging content:
  • 34. You may not have a large fan base, but what you do know is what they like! Use the success of others and share their content until you get a good foundation and users to like your posts! Once you have some engagement from your fans, now you can start to create better content so it brands more for yourself. Share Content
  • 35. The edgier the better! Use content that is current but allows fans to voice their opinions. DISCLAIMER! Be careful because the more you allow people to voice their opinion, the raunchier they may get. Be strategic but understand that when asking for opinions, youll get them. Controversy
  • 36. Get them to engage by asking general questions; What are your thoughts, what would you do, how do you feel? etc This really brings everything together to help spread your brand awareness. Ask Questions
  • 37. Chapter 4: Communicate With Your Fans
  • 38. Social Networks have made it so simple to get alerts from your customers, yet people still dont use this to their advantage. Communicating with your audience allows you to become human. Connect with your fans and have a conversation by asking them how they are doing. If they have a question, be there to answer. It doesnt necessarily have to be right away, however you should respond at the latest within 24 hours; after that, you are irrelevant in the social world. If you're a big company, you better respond within an hour. A small mom and pop with not as many follows, however, can take a tad longer because the fan base knows your brand better than you may know it.
  • 39. Here are a few third party platforms we would suggest to use, if you are in a pinch:
  • 40. Buffer- Easy to connect with your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The analytics are fun to look at and the scheduling is made easy!
  • 41. Hootsuite- This platform is best used on a mobile platform. Much easier to use on the go!
  • 42. TweetBot- Specic to Twitter, but a great way search for prospecting clients and connecting with current fans.
  • 43. Sprout Social- Fantastic CRM software to really keep track and manage your networks.
  • 44. We at Dino Enterprise nd it very simple to use the native platforms to answer any or all questions. Facebook really likes Facebook, you will get much better statistics the more you use the internal app itself. Whereas the other social networks dont matter, because the analytics of the site itself is different.
  • 45. Use Different Mediums
  • 46. You have probably heard of the phrase "Content is King." True, but the way we consume information is more contextual. There is a lot of noise in this world and it doesnt just come into the form of a ooded inbox; It comes from social, alerts, and geo tagged alerts. Now more than ever, it is paramount to not only create good content, but to create shareable content. Using mediums like blogging, social media, video, podcasting, and designing will ultimately allow you to tell your story in a fun and creative way. Here are a few ways to share your story.
  • 47. Too often, people steal other peoples content online and make it look like it's their own. The results are broader and more meaningful if you are taking content that you have made yourself and allowing your fan base to then share it. Businesses claim they dont have the time, but blogging not only works for your brand, but also your SEO. It establishes credibility and brings brand awareness to your potential customers. Blogging doesnt need to be an everyday thing. A few posts a week does not take up that much time and you can even outsource some of it out, either to an intern or outside agency. The important part is to remain consistent. Take 15 minutes a few days out of your week and set it aside just for blogging. Set an egg timer (or use an app on your phone) to go off in 15 minutes. Make sure there are no other distractions like Facebook or Email. You'll feel more productive and focused when you do this! Blogging
  • 48. No more being camera shy. The way we all consume information in our world nowadays is from video and graphics. Lets face it, there is a large majority of the world that wont even get this far into our ebook. We understand that and we arent offended (even though we are crying on the inside) Everyone is busy and our attention spams are slowly dwindling. With that in mind, the way we create information needs to be centered around video to capture a larger audience. The world's second largest search engine is a video website called YouTube.com. Its critical to get in front of a camera as often as you can. Don't forget to optimize your videos by writing a detailed description and adding tags! These help people nd your great content. Video
  • 49. Podcasting is one of the relatively new ways to market your business. This is seeing a lot of steam due to the large increase in mobile use. Mobility is on the rise and it is here to stay. When users have downtime; ie. during the gym or driving, they are checking their phones. Users are listening to Podcasts as a sense of relief in their day whether it's about marketing, business, science, or whatever. If you're going to begin your own Podcast, make sure you have something people want to listen to! We highly suggest using Podcasts, but only if you are social and have a lot to say about something you're familiar with! Podcast
  • 50. Considering Paid Ads
  • 51. Our customers are sitting directly in front of us, literally at our nger tips. The problem is the majority of us have no idea how to even use the networks we have let alone the ad managers on social networks. You can now essentially buy an ad from just about every social network out today. Some of the best ways to create an ad are from Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Let's look at each in more depth:
  • 52. Pay Per Click (PPC) has been around for a while now. Its basically the rst 3 things you see on Google and on the sides and they're usually surrounded by a light yellow box. These are paid advertisements that other businesses purchased to get in front of you. You can buy these Ads directly through Google and tell Google exactly what keywords you would like to rank for. You rst need to set a budget and then yo enter a bidding system with your competition. It would be easy to just say you want to rank for "websites," but this is determined on your bid. If you set a budget of $2.00 per click and 10 other people set their budgets for $3.00 per click, they are more likely to get featured on the home page above your ad. Low budgets on your ad result in you being below the rst page and getting less impressions on you Ad, which gets less clicks on your ad, thus less people go to your website. If you're worried about spending hundreds in a day on Ads, you can set a maximum budget per day. This means if you're paying $2.50 per click and your max budget for that day is $5.00, Google will stop running your ads when 2 people have clicked on your advertisement. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck in an advertising campaign, Google is not the network for you. Although Google ads (depending on your industry) are benecial, in recent years the number of people that are converting and clicking those ads are declining. This brings us to our next way to advertise: Twitter. Google/PPC
  • 53. One of the newer platforms to market to is Twitter and I would implore you to learn the analytics on Twitter. You can verify your website on Twitter and gain some pretty neat statistics. Once you get the code to verify, I encourage you to give the code directly to your Webmaster to make sure your site doesnt crash or is harmed. The analytics in Twitter is very simple; it will tell you exactly where your users are and the topics that they love talking about. It is really good to know the demographic of who you're trying to reach and the bonus is that it looks awesome! Twitter has made the analytics very simple to read. Which makes it that much more enticing to market on this networking. Twitter
  • 54. Let's talk about the wrong way to reach your audience on Facebook. The large majority of Business users on Facebook automatically hit the Promote Page or Boost Post links on this social network, put in the demographic and interest expect to get engagement right away. This is exactly how you waste your money. Facebook has created so many different avenues to market your business page, posts, and website on Facebook. Let's look at more data: Facebook
  • 55. MORE DATA!!!
  • 56. Likes Are Fake
  • 57. Stop spending money on likes! No need to buy an ad to gain more likes. Yeah it looks cool but what is most important is if you can get fans to convert as customers.
  • 58. Pixel
  • 59. You might have to talk to your webmaster about this, but you are able to place a pixel on your website and it will collect data on the users that go on your site, you can then take the data from the users from your site and market to them specically! This is extremely valuable.
  • 60. Dark Post
  • 61. These are posts that arent on your actual newsfeed, but can be seen by your specic audience! You can target an audience based on specic patterns, specic pages, and best of all even your email audience. Head over to the Ads Manager TODAY!
  • 62. Location Based Ads
  • 63. When you buy an ad try targeting a specic town, city, or state. Here is what most people wont tell you: try to state that specic town, city, or state in a fun and/or creative way so it doesn't look forced.
  • 64. Pay to Play
  • 65. Social Media is a free tool, but many people think you have to pay in order to be seen at all. Social media doesn't have to be all about paying to play. One of the most under utilized ways to engage users is to share content from other users. Find some pages that you like, and share their content on your page. It may not expand your brand at rst, but more users will begin to trust you once you begin sharing other businesses content.
  • 67. Mobile is the most essential aspect to marketing today. If you do not understand how to use that thing in front of you, you better learn now because it is critical for your business. Dont use the excuse that you aren't young enough or your aren't familiar with phones so your customers won't use it because we guarantee you they are using it and they're using it everywhere. Learn the platform by downloading apps and exploring. Connect everything to your phone through alerts and notications and learn as much as possible.
  • 68. Marketing by other means than social networks and mobile websites is important, but not as important as it once was. Drivers are neglecting those expensive billboards they drive by that you may have put up; they aren't even paying attention to the road because they are on their phones so how can they see your billboard advertisement? Understand that mobility is here and its going to evolve even further into your customers' everyday lives. Every piece of content you come up with to market your business online, you MUST consider mobile in EVERYTHING you do!
  • 69. All of these ideas we are giving you are just scratching the surface. We could write 100 more ebooks, but we decided to give you the 7 most important to us at Dino. If you have any additional questions for us, we encourage you to talk with us on social media. Connect with us on.
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