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Stay at home moms enjoy a fair share of being with their kids and being at home. That being said, it isn't exactly perfect for anybody because stay at home moms have their own set of challenges. Here are 7 secrets that moms with kids at home should be doing for themselves


  • 7 Things Stay at Home Moms should be doing The world of any Mom on this planet is usually the most challenging yet rewarding and exciting experience that cant be exchanged for anything. Having children and being responsible for their upbringing does require a lot of time and attention. Most parents realize how much their kids need them however because of the nature of what they do, sometimes there isnt any time to be with them. What really goes in the mind of parents, especially Moms? For one thing, the bills always come first in the list of things parents think about. Nobody can blame them, because if they dont pay the school fees, electricity bills, water bills and other important stuff, everything will just fall apart. It doesnt end there; Moms are usually more sensitive about the needs of their kids than Fathers are. When they see their child every day, they try to imagine what kind of person they will grow up into. Of course every parent wants their children to have a good life but in the minds of Moms, they take it further. They are so drawn to their kids having carried them for 9 months that the only thing they want for them is the best. There are two types of stay at home moms that will be discussed in this article. Firstly, you have those Mothers who are married while secondly; you have those Mothers who are single. This article will briefly discuss both and then give 7 things they should be doing which would make them a better person in dealing with challenges related to personal life and work. These are just suggestions and they are not meant to take anything away from you. But lets first analyze the world of both a single and married stay at home mom.

  • Married stay at Home Mom When a woman decides to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams, she certainly took a lot of time deciding whom she wanted to be with for the rest of her life right? But after the wedding, and after having a few children it is common for newly weds to have a series of discussions. In those discussions, it becomes obvious for the Mother to stay at home looking after the kids. Sometimes she may want to work or she may even have the right qualifications to do any Job, but after the married couple seats down they decide that the woman should remain home looking after the kids. Good or Bad decision? Well a lot of things do change drastically for this kind of Mom. For example, if this Mom was once upon a time a party girl or a career lady and then the kids appeared all of a sudden, it becomes obvious that working and changing dippers all at the same time just cant work. Most Moms find it easy to adjust but others are just not prepared for that sudden shift in life style and because of that, some people just dont fit into parenting. Here is another thing, Married stay at home moms are locked in their homes looking after the kids. If they have to go out, they have to take the kids along. Well it isnt always that bad but for those not used to it, it can be annoying. But there is of course a lot of happy moments as well such as playing with your kids and knowing that her husband will soon join the family to share in the occasion which really does steer up joy. However, sometimes a Mother becomes bored and certainly misses the good old times she shared with her friends and other workmates. If you are a Mother reading this, do you somehow identify yourself here? Lets see how single stay at home moms fare. Single Stay at Home Moms They certainly have a lot of similarities with the Married ones except they have to single handedly take care of parenting their kids. This is not an easy thing because they are now doing what they should have done together with their husband. If a single stay at home Mom is not working, it is certainly going to be the number one thing always on their mind. Whatever situation it was that turned them into becoming single stay at home moms, it really does add to their burdens each and every day. 7 Things Stay at Home Moms should be doing

    (1) Learn New things; You might be asking, I dont have time to learn anything, Remember the KIDS? Well of course, I forgot about the kids forgive me. However, with or without kids you have the opportunity to still learn new things. The point here is not to be bored. Being bored during those

  • boring moments at home can subject you to a lot of stress and anxiety. So try new things that are interesting and I am not talking about watching TV here. There are a few nice and exciting hobbies you could do such as exercising around the house, watering some flowers, baking some biscuits and cakes for the family or even cooking your husbands favorite meal. Exciting right? Well incase what I suggested was even more boring for you, why not come up with an exciting list of 10 things you should be doing while you are a stay at home Mom. After you have come up with that exciting list, share it with your husband and if you dont have a husband, share it with someone close to you. The point is to add a bit of sparkle to your life and start looking at your new circumstance as an opportunity to be a better person

    (2) Invite friends home; Remember those girlfriends you used to go out a lot with? Well you dont have to invite all of them but you could have a few over your place. There is totally nothing wrong having them over and its even better when they also have kids too. You can seat together on a round table and play monopoly or something similar. Or you can have a few cokes while you all watch your favorite movie. But do you see the point? It is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and brighten your day with colleagues who are positive thinkers and who have a positive influence on you and your family. If you are married, always remember you are married and if you are Single, always remember you are Single. Two different circumstances especially when it comes to making decisions. As a married person you may need to consult if you have to do something with friends but as a single person its totally different. (3) Confide in Someone; When the going gets tough, the tough get going as the saying goes. Well not everyone is made of steel especially in a womans world. Sometimes the pressure of parenting and raising kids can be so overwhelming and the mere fact that Moms have to do it themselves most of the times can add to the burden. Confiding in someone about your problems can really go a long way. Remember not just anybody could hear you out but it should be someone you trust and who sees your best interest at heart and who especially wants to see you and your family succeed. I personally think that a spouse qualifies if married, but if not, a close friend or parent can be a good listener to whatever problem you have. A problem shared is a problem solved, as another saying goes, but you will soon discover when this is actually put into practice the results can actually be worthwhile. (4) Get really close with the Kids; If you have kids it would be the perfect opportunity to really get to know your children. Ofcourse, many

  • Mothers actually do. Well in getting to know them, you dont want to be seen by your children as somebody who just commands them what to do, but you want to be a parent that listens. Have a Mother to Child conversation with your children and get to know what is at the back of their minds too. With the time spent with your children, you also have the opportunity to instill good values into them too. There may be things our kids say which we tend to ignore because we assume they are only kids, dont always overlook everything they have to say. (5) Check your Stress Levels; Sometimes we choose to ignore what is happening in our personal lives. You may be a single parent whos looking after kids, but also having some responsibilities over younger siblings or ageing parents. Even married stay at home moms may be going through stressful times with their spouses which can add up to more anxiety. If your stress levels are high you have to take action immediately. Theres a lot of advice from medical experts that explain how you can control your stress levels and lead a life that is calm and moderate. There are also certain foods that are highly recommended to keep your body healthy and lively. (6) Take plenty of Sleep; Many people assume that by being a stay at home mom, you automatically have plenty of sleep to yourselves. True or False? Well the answer is False, actually you will be amazed at how much little sleep some parents get per day including stay at home moms. I would like to assume that the major reason for not sleeping enough is because of the kids. Yes, there is just so much to do but also ontop of that, Moms have to give attention to their spouses. For those who are single, they probably are thinking where to find the extra bucks. But sleep deprivation is not the answer and in fact those who dont have enough sleep are usually very moody and are not high performers. Science has this to prove it (7) Work from Home; As was mentioned earlier in this article the majority of time we worry about how our children will grow up and the bills. Worries are a part of life but they shouldn't overwhelm us to the point you completely fail to function. If u are worried about what your children will grow up to become, you need to take action by instilling into them good morals. Every child needs to be taught both the good and bad side of life. What if it's the bills you are worried about? Well you probably know this already, finding a job is essential. There are a lot of Jobs out there some of them easy to find while others presenting a constant struggle. There are a couple of things you need to realize when on the search. Establishing the right networks can give you a head start when it comes to assessing market opportunities. It is usually recommended that you let everybody know that you a