7 reasons why you should quit your job and start a business

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Here are 7 reasons you should quit your job and start a business. Forget your fear and begin living your life by your own rules. You do not need to sacrifice money or time in order to live how you want to. Taking responsibility and putting in the effort can change your life. Work for yourself and not the man.


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2. TheFreedomCode.net/blog 7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job and Start a Business There is no better time to quit your job and start a business than right now. Quit telling yourself you are too old or have too much time investing in your current career. Making the leap to running your own business that you enjoy and care about will change your life. People that find passion and enjoy their work soon find that they never work a day in their life again. When you do work you love, the money will come. It may not be immediate but eventually you will have all the money you ever needed and you will hate yourself for not doing this sooner. The pain of failing means you are that much closer to success so do not get discouraged along the way. If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions than you need to quit your job and start a business. 3. If you agree with any of these reasons than you should quit your job and start a business as soon as possible. 4. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #1 You hate your job or are bored with your current career. Find something you are interested in an figure out a way to make money doing it. Ask yourself, what would I do if money was not a concern 5. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #2 Your current work is useless and add no value to the world. Helping solve peoples problems or just simply selling a product or service can be very rewarding. Doing work that make sense and not just doing it because you were told too makes you feel important 6. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #3 You feel your skills are not put to work and you are under utilized. Take theses skills and put them to work for yourself. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs broke off from large companies to work on their own projects that later became wildly successful. Companies and people will always compensate you well if you have something of value to offer them. Always. 7. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #4 You compensation and title have hit a ceiling. Having your own business means there is no limit to how much money you can make and how large your business can grow. Having drive and motivation to work harder and be rewarded for it will make you feel alive again. 8. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #5 You want to move somewhere else but your job is here along with many others if you wanted.. More and more people are starting online businesses or virtual companies that are location independent. You could be living in the location of your dreams, and many times its cheaper than the city you live in now. Moving to a location that has a much lower cost of living is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a raise. 9. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #6 You work long hours, make good money but have no time for life. Would you rather live to work or work to live. Working long hours for huge sums of money sounds great but you will soon find out that life has passed you by. Spend time with friends and family and those memories will stay with you much longer than a new sports car or big house. Creating passive income streams where money works for you will allow you to have the time to do what you want, when you want while you still earn an income. 10. TheFreedomCode.net/blog Reason #7 I feel the economy is headed for a downturn so I want to stick with a stable job There is nothing more stable than working for yourself. Corporations will cut staff without any regard for their employees financial well-being. People at Enron, Nortel, Lehman Brothers all that they had stable jobs working for large corporations. You can only see the future if you are building the plan for it. 11. Subscribe to http://TheFreedomCode.net/blog