7 Reasons Why You Should Blog About Your Business Today

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Post on 31-Aug-2014




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  • If you have an online business and are not harnessing the great power of blogs in promoting it over the Internet, you are losing out on a very valuable promotional tool to expand your business. Most people shun the idea of blogging thinking that it is too juvenile and later repent for the lost opportunities of getting good business. Here are seven reasons why you need to look at blogging in a different light and use it to your advantage. 1. Blog are live. You need to constantly update them. This becomes like a constant news channel for your business through which you can update your existing customers. They can visit your blogs to know what new things you are introducing with your product. You can use methods like email marketing to bring them to your blog often so that you can sell your new products to them too. There is no customer base as good as an existing customer base. Blogging helps you tap into this excellently. 2. Blogs are loved by the search engines because of the fact that they are constantly updated. Also, since a lot of authors will be posting comments on your blog too, the SEO prospects increase. Just remember to put in informative content on your blog and you will see how the search engines actually fall head over heels in love with it.
  • 3. Blogs are free. You can make your own blog sitting at home right now and it can be up and running in ten minutes. Using blog sites such as WordPress and Blogger, making blogs has become extremely simple. 4. You can tie in your other marketing endeavors with your blog. For example, you can put in the link of your marketing article that you submitted on an article directory. Or you can lead your blog readers to your business website itself. If they are impressed by the kind of blog posts you are making, they will be very happy to visit these other locations that you author in order to get more information. This will enhance your credibility and your customer base will increase. 5. Another great advantage is that you become a part of the vast blogosphere that contains all the bloggers of the world. It really pays to know other bloggers that are in the same business as you. When experts post comments on your blog, your credibility skyrockets. Then there is also the link sharing efforts that you must consider. When these bloggers come on your blog and post their URLs, you can go and do the same on their blogs.
  • This increases the presence of your website link on the Internet (known as inbound links) and it can really step up the SEO of your website. 6. Blogs allow you to generate leads. Just post an ad on the blog that you are giving out a free eBook, which may be nothing else but a compilation of all the information present in the blog. Being free, people will want to have it. But make them give you their email ids by using lead capture pages before they can download it. You can then use these email ids for further efforts such as bulk email marketing. 7. Remember that you can use the blog to inform people anything about your business product. You can invite people to post reviews about the product and can clarify any negative comments. This is much better than having negative reviews about your product on alien websites. http://www.freeinternetprofits.info