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  • PowerPointDesign Hacks

  • DEMAND attention

  • 1. Attention-grabbing cover slideThey say you cant judge a book by its cover, but you have to admit that an off-the-wall title or outlandish image will definitely pique your interest and get you to pick up that book.

    The same holds true with a great PowerPoint presentation. Get your audience engaged right off the bat with a bold choice of words, extra large text or an intriguing image.

    Tip: Sometimes its easiest to create this slide last!


  • Bigger, bolder, BETTER

  • Really


  • 2. Bigger, bolder textWhat do well-designed slides from the best PowerPoint templates all have in common? They demand attention. The simplest way to do that? BIG. BOLD. TEXT.

    Make your slides simple and easy to read with big headlines and subheadings. The use of different font sizes or ALL CAPS can really make a word or phrase stand out.

    Tip: Sans-serif fonts generally work well for large titles, but go ahead and try out a few serif font faces too.

  • Let your visuals

    tell a story...

  • Or createintriguewith photos

  • 3. Choose great visuals We humans are visual creatures so make sure your slides cater to that tendency.

    Staged stock photos can make presentations look generic or corny. Instead, go for natural, high-quality shots that tell a story by depicting something beautiful, interesting or whimsical.

    Tip: Check out royalty-free photo resources such as PicJumbo or StockSnap.io.


  • Less ismore

  • 4. Give it some (white)space Presentation slides that are jam-packed with text while meant to inform end up overwhelming and distracting the viewer.

    Instead, give snippets of information on each slide and allow for plenty of whitespace.

    Tip: Aim for a few key blocks of text that leave the viewer craving more information.

  • Choose colors carefully

  • Or try using contrast

    with a pop of color

  • 5. Make good color choicesColor plays an important role in design and can be useful for evoking an emotion or setting a mood. Be deliberate with this when choosing your color palette.

    Use contrasting colors such as black and white with little pops of color, or pick two or three colors that play well together.

    Tip: Warm colors such as red and orange induce action, while cool colors such as blue and green suggest trust and calmness.

  • Have Fun withFONTS

  • 6. Find fun fontsThere are tons of free fonts available for download which can add a fun graphic element without the use of images. Theyre also handy for setting a tone or getting a point across just like the use of color.

    Check out resources such as Font Squirrel or FontSpacebut try not to get too font-happy. Use one bold font throughout your slides with a sporadic sprinkling of some other fun fonts that pair nicely.

    Tip: Make sure the fonts are installed on the computer from which you are presenting, otherwise default fonts will be substituted.


  • Use blocks

    to break up text

    instead of bullets

  • Or FRAME it up

  • 7. Think inside the boxIn lieu of tired old bullet points, use boxes or shapes to block off text and topics of information. Boldly-colored boxes and reversed-out text can be very pleasing to the eye. Try playing with ways to make text easier to read.

    Tip: Transparent boxes layered over a photo make for a cool effect.

  • Create clarity in your marketing...And help your clients move forward with confidence.


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