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<ul><li><p>1/1/14 6 Ways to Give Feedback to Your Boss and Coworkers - CBS News</p><p>www.cbsnews.com/news/6-ways-to-give-feedback-to-your-boss-and-coworkers/ 1/3</p><p>CBSNews.com / CBS Evening News / CBS This Morning / 48 Hours / 60 Minutes / Sunday Morning / Face The Nation SearchLog In</p><p>Markets Investing Tech Leadership Small Business Saving Spending Retirement Video</p><p>DOW +72.37</p><p>16576.66+0.44%</p><p>S&amp;P 500 +7.29</p><p>1848.36+0.40%</p><p>NASDAQ +22.39</p><p>4176.59+0.54%</p><p>WILSHIRE +76.45</p><p>19254.15+0.40%</p><p>10Y YIELD +0.06</p><p>3.026+1.89% Quote </p><p>By SUZANNE LUCAS / MONEYWATCH / September 15, 2010, 6: 15 AM</p><p>6 Ways to Give Feedback toYour Boss and Coworkers</p><p>Last Updated Sep 21, 2010 7:30 PM EDT</p><p>Dear Evil HR Lady, </p><p>I recently started a new job at an amazing company. It's a really open culture</p><p>and it feels as if my opinion counts more here than it has before. </p><p>My boss often asks for my feedback on how things are going. I have a ton of</p><p>ideas that I think would be really helpful to my boss and our team. If I share too</p><p>much feedback privately will my ideas simply make him or colleagues look good</p><p>and keep me in the shadows? Will sharing too much feedback hold me back? </p><p>Feedback is one of my favorite subjects to wax on about. But unless you're careful,</p><p>feedback is just talk.</p><p>Here are 5 ways to make sure your feedback advances your career.</p><p>1. Make sure you know what you are talking about. Presumably, you</p><p>had some knowledge and skills that your manager thought would be</p><p>beneficial to the company. That's why he hired you in the first place. But, you</p><p>do need to learn what is going on before you start telling everyone how they</p><p>should change. Sure, it may have worked very well when people did X at your</p><p>previous company, but before you suggest your new company does X, make</p><p>sure it's possible. The new company's company's computer systems, for</p><p>instance, may not be equipped to handle it.</p><p>2. Give more positive than negative feedback. Often times, people only</p><p>want to tell others what they are doing wrong. This will not win you friends</p><p>and respect. People won't say,"Gee, Stephanie is so smart! She finds all the</p><p>problems." They will say, "Stephanie is such a whiner. Always complaining</p><p>about things." Your ideas may be fabulous, but so are other peoples'. Make</p><p>sure you point out the positive at least three times for each change you</p><p>suggest.</p><p>3. Don't just talk: Implement. You're concerned that your great ideas will</p><p>make others look good, rather than making you look good? Well, that</p><p> / Shares / Tweets / Stumble / Email More +</p><p>01</p><p>02</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>Most Popular</p><p>Miley Cyrus and more to rockNew Year's Eve 2013157129 views</p><p>Republicans' belief in evolutionplummets, poll reveals55828 views</p><p>"Duck Dynasty" saga: A&amp;Efacing more Phil Robertsoncontroversy29908 views</p><p>Did shark photobomb Calif.family photo?12416 views</p><p>Mark your calendars: Movies tosee in 20149596 views</p><p>play VIDEO</p><p>New Year's Eve may be best dayto buy a car</p></li><li><p>1/1/14 6 Ways to Give Feedback to Your Boss and Coworkers - CBS News</p><p>www.cbsnews.com/news/6-ways-to-give-feedback-to-your-boss-and-coworkers/ 2/3</p><p>happens when you sit on your heiny spouting ideas and other people carry</p><p>them out. Pick a couple of your fabulous ideas and implement them. If they</p><p>are too complex to implement on your own, write up your business plan</p><p>before you start talking about them.</p><p>4. Your job IS to make your boss look good. If the company has a nice,</p><p>positive feeling about it, and feedback is encouraged, then stop worrying.</p><p>Your job (even if your company stinks) is to make your boss look good. Smart</p><p>bosses want smart people working for them, because it makes them look</p><p>successful. Successful bosses get promoted. Promoted bosses leave vacancies.</p><p>And who goes into those vacancies? Often the employee who helped the boss</p><p>look good in the first place.</p><p>5. Accept feedback from others graciously. Presumably, you aren't the</p><p>only one who is encouraged to speak your mind. Others will be providing</p><p>feedback to you (unfortunately, mostly negative because a lot of people think</p><p>feedback=describing what you're doing wrong. You need to accept and</p><p>consider their feedback. (Unless it's from your boss, you don't have to</p><p>implement. And even then, there are things you can do when the boss is</p><p>wrong.) When someone tells you a way to improve your project, listen and</p><p>ask questions. You just may learn something.</p><p>6. Don't expect others to always implement what you suggest.</p><p>You're not the boss, you're an employee and a coworker. Don't get all bent</p><p>out of shape when your suggestions are ignored. Remember, you'll be</p><p>ignoring some other people's suggestions as well.</p><p>Got a workplace dilemma? Email your questions to</p><p>EvilHRLady@gmail.com.</p><p>Photo by Steve Rhodes, Flickr cc 2.0 2010 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>Suzanne LucasON TWITTER</p><p>Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years in corporate Human Resources. She's</p><p>hired, fired, and analyzed the numbers for several major companies.</p><p>She founded the Carnival of HR, a bi-weekly gathering of HR blogs, and</p><p>her writings have been used in HR certification and management training courses across the</p><p>country.</p><p> / Shares / Tweets / Stumble / Email More +</p><p>Around the web Recommended by</p><p>This Video Will Change How</p><p>You Think About WomenGoodnet</p><p>In Case You Havent Heard,</p><p>Megyn Kelly Is TotallyDowntrend</p><p>Dwell Home Venice: Part 24Dwell</p><p>I feel cycleNikkei Asian Review</p><p>Featured in Moneywatch Popular on CBS News</p><p>Miley Cyrus and more to rockNew Year's Eve 2013</p><p>Republicans' belief in evolutionplummets, poll reveals</p><p>"Duck Dynasty" saga: A&amp;E facing morePhil Robertson controversy</p><p>Most Shared</p><p>Most Discussed</p><p>www.simpletv.co</p><p>SimpleTV 7 dayFree trial</p><p>Watch TV on phone whentravelling. Get Free 7 day trial. 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