6 Things You Should Not Do if Your Child is Autistic

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<ul><li><p>6 Things You Should Not Do If Your Child Is Autistic </p><p>Your world shatters when you hear your boy/ girl is suffering silently and you start to blame </p><p>a countless number of people; heres a list of what you should avoid doing. </p><p>For a counsellor/ child physiologist, its quite disheartening to break out the news about </p><p>the disability your bundle of joy is suffering from. From frantic series of queries that end </p><p>with will my son/ daughter dies, too long wails and tears, we must be prepared to deal </p><p>with the emotional mayhem in our clinics. And after such a day of stress, I find myself </p><p>asking God why he punished those children. </p><p>I must be wrong to think like that because I am no one to question Gods abilities and </p><p>His ways of working. While religions blame your previous sins for the troubles in your </p><p>present life, there are other fake prophets who will come up with weird sounding cures </p><p>to baffle and loot desperate parents. </p><p>Few tips to sail through this ocean safely. </p><p>1. While you are on the way towards your last months of pregnancy, know and </p><p>accept whatever form of life God blesses you with. If he has put you through a lot, </p><p>he will guide you through it too. Faith and prayer does work miracles for </p><p>everyone, let alone an autistic child. </p><p>2. Environment- Good eating habits, stress-free life and an environment of </p><p>productivity and wonderfulness will produce equal results. Ensure you maintain </p></li><li><p>a healthy pregnancy, eating right and tension free. Forgo the word tension from </p><p>your dictionary while you give the good news to your partner. </p><p>3. Birth- And you discover something wrong with your child, and your </p><p>paediatrician doesnt. Trust your instincts and look up online and consult a </p><p>higher medical authority. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better chances of early </p><p>recovery. </p><p>4. Children- All children are alike whether born with one ear or with a slight mental </p><p>disorder. Which means they love playing and talking. Your autistic child might </p><p>need a little more help than his brother, but he will get there. Dont ridicule or </p><p>shout at him and point his disability in a negative way. Education for autistic </p><p>children is quite a different path to take up and should be followed with a </p><p>specialised centre. </p><p>5. Education- Awareness of this disorder is necessary to every mother, and will </p><p>help you expect the worst. While the child needs special training, parents can </p><p>stay back and take lessons on motivational therapies and educational tools to </p><p>help their ward. Support for autistic individuals come in all forms of external </p><p>help- schools, therapy sessions and practise. </p><p>6. Uniqueness- Every child is unique, and dont despise your misfortunes or an evil </p><p>eye if your child is suffering. It is statistically written off that autistic kids have an </p><p>unusual ability or gift which normal kids lack of. Discover it and nurture this </p><p>uniqueness within him/ her. </p><p>Your kid will grow up and take care of you like any other, he will socially bond </p><p>and behave as normally as anyone, if you take the chance to understand the ways </p><p>of life. Patience is a virtue, and you will cultivate it eventually. Dont lose hope </p><p>yet. </p><p>http://saiconnections.com/http://saiconnections.com/http://saiconnections.com/</p></li></ul>