6 Reasons Why You Must Vote

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  1. 1. 6 Reasons Why You Should Vote 1: It is your Constitutional Civic Responsibility as a Nigerian----BE A GOOD NIGERIAN. 2: You have the Power to Choose who Governs you----USE THAT POWER. 3: Your Vote is Your Right to Life----IMPROVE YOUR LIFE 4: The Politicians know how many Nigerians are eligible to vote and they will vote for you while you catch up on sleep, doing laundry, watching movies or following the news on election day...IT IS CALLED RIGGING.....STOP IT! 5: This is the only constitutional way to effect change....DON'T WASTE IT AND COMPLAIN FOR THE NEXT 4YRS WHEN YOU CAN CHANGE IT IN 4HRS BY VOTING. 6: You have complained enough to people around you and on social media now it is time to back your words with ACTION--- GO AND REGISTER TO VOTE. HOW A: Go to the INEC stand around you and register, follow through to collect your Permanent Voters Card (PVC). If registration is closed in your state find out when it is starting again. B: If you registered but have since relocated. Go to the INEC office in your current location to Request a Transfer to where you would like to vote. Your will need the follwing to get a transfer *Photocopy of your temporary voters card (front &back) * Application letter ( Ensure you have the Date, Current Home Address and Phone Number on the right side of the application and address it like the sample below) The Commissioner
  2. 2. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) (state) Through The Electoral Office (E. O) (Your location) Sir, TRANSFER OF VOTER'S CARD (e.g LAGOS STATE TO ABUJA) My name is , I registered in Lagos State and I have a temporary voter card. I will like to have a permanent voter card and want to transfer my card to Abuja to enable me participate in the 2015 general elections. Find attached the copy of my voter card. Yours Sincerely, (Your name) No matter how stressful the process is you must commit to voting. Our collective wellbeing as a Nation depends on our active participation as citizens in the electoral process. GET REGISTERED!!!! Florence Ozor TWITTER@vrmnigeria.org Convener/National Coordinator -Voting Right Movement wrote from Abuja.