6 honest reasons why you procrastinate

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  1. 1. 6 HONEST REASONS WHY YOU PROCRASTINATE and what to do about them www.secondbreaks.com
  2. 2. secondbreaks.com 1. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FIRST.
  3. 3. Do you know enough about the project? Are you procrastinating because youre not clear about the rst step or what comes after it? secondbreaks.com
  4. 4. Quick things you can do if this is the case: Is there a checklist or some playbook somewhere (Hello Google!) that you can use to guide you? Use a lifeline and brainstorm with a friend. Its not important that your friend is or isnt an expert on the subject. Simply talking about the activity often generates an initial set of rst steps. Just do something. Putting yourself in motion towards the goal will help point you towards the right direction. Dont worry about the right sequence. Most everything (unless its surgery or a shuttle launch) can be reversed. secondbreaks.com
  5. 5. 2. YOU ARE OVERWHELMED. secondbreaks.com
  6. 6. Are you looking at a loooonnng list of tasks and feeling overwhelmed? (Psst, thats how I feel whenever I open a box from IKEA.) secondbreaks.com
  7. 7. Quick things you can do if this is the case: Stop feeding the monster and quit looking at the looonnng list. Take bite-size pieces of the project. Chunk it up into smaller groups of tasks. Pick a group and add only those tasks to your Daily or WeeklyTo- Do list. (Store the loongg list or that humongous project plan away in your desk drawer.) Focus on the ONE thing you have to do today. Only that. Remember that small steps add up to big giant ones. So, do just a small step today. And then another tomorrow.And another one again the next day.Youll be amazed where youll be by end of the week. secondbreaks.com
  8. 8. secondbreaks.com 3. YOURE NOT REALLY INTERESTED.
  9. 9. Oh boy. Are you having to do something in which youre not even the slightest bit interested? Or maybe, youve come to the least sexy, most boring part of your project? secondbreaks.com
  10. 10. Assuming you cannot delegate the project away, here are quick things you can do if this is the case: Can you buddy up with someone and do the activity/project together? If you cant do it it with someone, can you discuss the activity with someone or with a small team? Just talking about it may be enough to get the juices owing so you can get to work. Can you change it up a little to give it the oomph it may be lacking? For example, if youre having to write a long report, consider doing an interesting powerpoint slide instead. secondbreaks.com
  11. 11. secondbreaks.com 4.THERES TOO MUCH TIME LEFT 'TIL SHOWTIME.
  12. 12. Did you like cramming in school?Are you one of those people who gets pumped when faced with tight deadlines?Are you procrastinating because youre feeling the lack of urgency? secondbreaks.com
  13. 13. Quick things you can do if this is the case: Create the effect and give yourself tighter and stricter deadlines. Find an accountability partner and tell him/her about your deadlines. See if you can have daily or weekly calls (whatever makes sense for the activity that youre doing) to re-enforce the pressure of being answerable to someone about your actions. Dont fret that youre having to do this, nor lament about your inability to enjoy the long lead time.You have to honor your nature, and if this is how you roll, then this is how your roll. secondbreaks.com
  14. 14. secondbreaks.com 5. THE FEAR FACTOR
  15. 15. Are you delaying the work because youre secretly afraid of something? Afraid of messing it up? Or looking like a fool?Or maybe youre afraid itll be a huge success, then what are you going to do with your life?! secondbreaks.com
  16. 16. Quick things you can do if this is the case: Yoda said:Named must your fear be before banish it you can. Acknowledge it. Nod at it and give it a name. Do you have a mentor or a coach who can help you suss out your thoughts around this fear? If you dont have a mentor/coach, go get coffee with a trusted friend and talk about your fear. Listen to inspiring/motivating talks or podcasts around the topic that concerns you most.Write down your thoughts. Pinpoint whats triggering it.Ask yourself the question So, whats the worst thing that could happen, really? secondbreaks.com
  17. 17. secondbreaks.com 6.YOURE FEELING LAZY.
  18. 18. Honesty time! Are you just being plain lazy about it? secondbreaks.com
  19. 19. It happens to everyone.And hey, you deserve to be lazy- bones from time to time.Enjoy the book, or the series youre binge-watching on Netix, or the friends you decided to hang out with.And when youre done, go back fully indulged and get to it! secondbreaks.com
  20. 20. KICKINGTHE PROCRASTINATION HABIT IS EASY, ! as long as you know whats truly behind itso you can use the right attack plan. secondbreaks.com